Tesla FSD Beta: 100 Safety Score But No Feature Yet? Elon Musk Says You May Need a ‘Camera Upgrade’

Tesla FSD Beta is already rolling out to users with safety scores of 80 and above, and this means that more are getting the autonomous driving feature from the clean energy company. However, some complain about not receiving the feature despite ranking high in their safety scores, and it may not be a problem with their system but their cameras.

Tesla FSD Beta: High Safety Score, No Upgrade?

Tesla FSD Beta: 100 Safety Score But No Feature Yet? Elon Musk Says You May Need a ‘Camera Upgrade’

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Earlier this week, Elon Musk confirmed that the Tesla FSD would receive the Beta upgrade to version coming for many users, as it adds to lower safety scores of 80 and above. It is also coming to the Canada region, expanding the North American upgrade for the autonomous driving feature to more users.

However, one Tesla owner claimed that the company is not rolling out its features to more users despite already getting the perfect safety score from the EV’s systems. Additionally, his hardware is up to date to receive the new FSD, as well as his vehicle is already eligible to get the feature.

Joe Tegtmeyer said that the Tesla team was also unresponsive to his queries and asked him to wait for the FSD to arrive.

Your car needs a camera upgrade, which is free of charge. There are a few thousand cars in a similar situation. Replacement cameras will be available early next month.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 22, 2022

Elon Musk: EV Needs Camera Upgrade for FSD

Here, the Tesla CEO stepped in to address his query, saying that it might not be the feature and hardware’s fault for not getting the FSD, but the car’s camera needs an upgrade from its service. Musk claimed that there are a few thousand that are in the same situation as Tegtmeyer, and the new replacement cameras will arrive early next month.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Feature

The Full-Self Driving feature from one of the most revered clean energy companies in the world is a significant driving system that brought its users a chance to use an autonomous driving feature for all needs. However, users need to buy the software in addition to their EVs, but not all are eligible to get the beta if they do not have an adequate safety score.

The latest release of the Tesla FSD Beta is version, and it brings a significant update to all, as it delivers not only a safe autonomous driving experience but also more users to join the beta. Musk said that it had already expanded the feature for more users with safety scores higher than 80 but not lower than the said score.

The new beta version delivers all sorts of new features for all, including unprotected left turn capabilities, being overly cautious around pedestrians, and assessing the traffic better compared to previous ones.

Users with safety scores that rank high did not all receive the Tesla FSD Beta yet, and they are already awaiting the feature as they already paid for it and proved to the system that they are responsible users. So if your Tesla EV did not yet receive it, there is no need to panic as it may need a camera upgrade which will come next month.

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Written by Isaiah Richard

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