Studio Onoma, otherwise known as Square Enix Montreal, is set to delist four of its games including Deus Ex GO in a few weeks

Studio Onoma, otherwise known as Square Enix Montreal, is set to delist four of its games including Deus Ex GO in a few weeks

Studio Onoma, which was previously Square Enix Montreal, has announced the shutdown of four of its released titles, all due to be delisted as of December 1st. Some of these were real hits, and it’s quite shocking to see them go. There doesn’t seem to be a set reason for these removals, but all of them are fairly aged so it’s possible that they might just be a bit too old to stick around this long.

The full list of what we’re losing is Arena Battle Champions, Deus Ex GO, Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, and Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes. All of these games will be removed from both the App Store and the Play Store on December 1st, and current players (or anyone who downloads them before then) will not be able to access them past January 4th. — Onoma (@StudioOnoma) November 22, 2022


As of the time of the published Tweet featured above, all optional in-game purchases are fully unsupported as well. Any of your already purchased items such as premium currency should probably be used up before January 4th, as those purchases will not be refunded.

It’s always a bummer to see games get delisted, as that’s a loss of a full mobile title! When this list includes what were some pretty big hits upon their launch like Deus Ex GO and Hitman Sniper, it’s tough not to be a little sad to see them all go, especially given that Deus EX GO has no other port as of this article, meaning it’ll be fully lost to history once it’s delisted.

Regardless, these things happen, and it’s at least nice that they’ve given us a solid date and made sure nobody is purchasing currency they won’t be able to use. For now, if you’d like to play any of these games, be sure you get your time with them before December 1st!

Looking for more excellent games to try out in lieu of losing these great titles? Check out our best mobile games of the year (so far)!

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