Student gives birth to surprise baby on toilet after mistaking labour for her period

Student gives birth to surprise baby on toilet after mistaking labour for her period

Jess Davis had no idea she was pregnant until she gave birth to her surprise baby on the toilet. (SWNS)

A woman got the surprise of her life when she went to the toilet and ended up giving birth to a baby.

Jess Davis, from Bristol, who welcomed her baby boy the day after her 20th birthday, had no idea she was pregnant and put her abdominal pains down to her period.

The history and politics student, in her second year at University of Southampton, says she had no obvious pregnancy symptoms and didn’t have a bump.

Davis is now adjusting to motherhood after the surprise arrival of Freddie Oliver Davis on June 11 2022 at 4:45pm weighing 5lbs 5oz.

“My periods have always been irregular, so I didn’t really notice,” she says. “I sometimes felt nauseous, but I had started taking a new prescription so I just put it down to my new medication.”

Student gives birth to surprise baby on toilet after mistaking labour for her period

Davis only realised she had given birth when she heard the cries of her newborn. (SWNS)

The mum describes her son’s arrival as “the biggest shock of my life”.

“I thought I was dreaming at first,” she says. “I didn’t realise what had happened until I heard him cry.”

While it took Davis a little while to get over the initial shock and to adjust and bond with her baby, she says she’s “over the moon” about becoming a mother.

“It took a little while to get over the initial shock and adjust and bond with him, but now I’m over the moon.

“It suddenly hit me that I really need to grow up now!

“He is the most chilled baby ever,” she adds. “He was known as the quiet baby on the ward.”

Student gives birth to surprise baby on toilet after mistaking labour for her period

Davis pictured 12 days before giving birth. (SWNS)

When Davis woke up in severe pain the day of Freddie’s birth, she assumed it was the start of her period and walked to her local Asda to buy a hot water bottle.

“I could barely walk and couldn’t even lie down on my bed when I got home,” she says.

“I was supposed to be having a house party that night for my birthday the next day, so I had a shower and a bath to try and make myself feel better, but the pain just got worse and worse.”

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Davis says she suddenly felt an overwhelming need to go to the toilet, so sat down and started to push.

“At no point did I think I was giving birth – I just knew I needed to push,” she explains.

“At one point I felt tearing, but I didn’t know what it was. I just knew I needed to get it out. Hearing him cry, then realising what had actually happened was just so surreal.”

Unsure what to do, Davis, who was home alone, rang best friend Liv King, 20, the inspiration behind Freddie’s middle name ‘Oliver’.

Initially King believed Davis was making an elaborate excuse to get out of the upcoming night out, but after Davis sent a photo of her newborn son to prove it wasn’t a prank, she advised her friend to call an ambulance.

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Student gives birth to surprise baby on toilet after mistaking labour for her period

Davis and her baby Freddie, pictured with friend, Liv King, at Princess Anne Hospital, Southampton. (SWNS)

Davis was taken to Princess Anne Hospital, Southampton, where baby Freddie was put straight into an incubator.

Doctors estimated he could have arrived at around 35 weeks, but despite his dramatic entrance into the world, both Freddie and his mum are recovering well.

News of Freddie’s arrival was broken to Davis’ mum by King, who telephoned her and asked: “Are you sitting down?”

Student gives birth to surprise baby on toilet after mistaking labour for her period

Doctors believe Freddie was delivered at around 35 weeks. (SWNS)

But Davis’ mum was hugely supportive about the surprising turn of events and is excited to become a grandmother.

“My mum is the best person in the world, she’s been so supportive and she’s over the moon to be a grandma!” Davis says.

“Being a mum is a huge life change, but it feels natural. The love I have for Freddie is hard to explain, but it’s incredible. I just think about him all the time.

“I’m transferring to a local uni to continue my studies; I’ll be closer to home which makes childcare easier. I’m looking forward to watching him grow up and being there for him every step of the way.”

Additional reporting SWNS.

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