Stop blowing up your kiddie pool – my favorite one from Amazon is $25 and so much easier to set up and put away

amazon, stop blowing up your kiddie pool – my favorite one from amazon is $25 and so much easier to set up and put away

KIDDIE pools can be a great way to entertain your little ones and cool them off in the summer heat.

If the idea of blowing up an inflatable pool yet again puts you off, there's a cheap and easy alternative available.

amazon, stop blowing up your kiddie pool – my favorite one from amazon is $25 and so much easier to set up and put away

TikTok user Jessica showed her followers her hassle-free easily stored kiddie poolCredit: TikTok

Mom-of-two Jessica, who operates the TikTok account Life With The Gousies, shared the kiddie pool she uses which requires minimal setting up.

“For all you parents that buy blow up kiddie pools year after year, stop,” Jessica told her followers.

Showing her own pool, the TikToker explained: “This pool has hard sides, doesn’t pop, and folds up easily for storage.”

“We’ve had ours for two years now,” she concluded as she demonstrated how to fold the pool.

The foldable pool is available on Amazon for just $25, and is also advertised as a dog pool.

The PVC pool is fitted with a drainage system which can also be used to fill the pool by attaching your hose.

Jessica's followers took to the TikTok comment section to share their thoughts on the hassle-free kiddie pool.

“THIS. I LOVE THIS. I NEED IT ASAPPPPPP Two dogs and neighborhood stray cats pop everything!!!!” wrote one viewer.

Another user said: “I [got] this after having two popped ones. I got a large one from ALDI for 22 bucks this summer.”

“I have one!! I have issues with some staining on the bottom. Not mildew or mold. Also I hang mine upside down on the swing set to dry,” commented a third person.

amazon, stop blowing up your kiddie pool – my favorite one from amazon is $25 and so much easier to set up and put away

The TikTok mom demonstrated to her followers how to fold and store the kiddie poolCredit: TikTok

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