Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Live Score, T20 World Cup: Asalanka, Nissanka inject momentum

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Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Live Score, T20 World Cup: Asalanka, Nissanka inject momentum
© Provided by Firstpost Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Live Score, T20 World Cup: Asalanka, Nissanka inject momentum

17:56 (IST)

Mustafizur into the attack now…

17:55 (IST)

After 6 overs,Sri Lanka 54/1 ( Pathum Nissanka 19 , Charith Asalanka 32)

A decent Powerplay for Sri Lanka, 54/1. They lost Perera early but Asalanka has kept the momentum going. Shakib bowled a good over giving away just five. Nissanka looked to loft one over mid on but mistimed it and it fell short and wide of the fielder. Shakib gave away just 5 runs. Nissanka then took on Mahedi as he swept one wide of short fine leg for a four and then lofted one over long on for a six. 15 off the Mahedi over. 20 off the last two overs. 

17:53 (IST)

SIX! 50 up for #SriLanka as Nissanka lofts it over long on, off Mahedi.

17:51 (IST)

Some news from the India vs Pakistan match later on…

For this #INDvPAK encounter, they will be playing on the same pitch that was used last night during the #ENGvWI game…

— Sandipan Banerjee (@im_sandipan) October 24, 2021

17:50 (IST)

Bangladesh only bowled two overs of Powerplay spin in their first three matches – already four of the first five from spin today. Big move away from Taskin’s pace. #T20WorldCup

— Ben Jones (@benjonescricket) October 24, 2021

17:49 (IST)

Shakib into the attack now…

17:48 (IST)

After 4 overs,Sri Lanka 34/1 ( Pathum Nissanka 5 , Charith Asalanka 27)

Asalanka has come out with an aggressive intent. He smashes one over extra cover for a six off Nasum and then clobbers one over deep backward square leg for a second six off the over. They take 16 runs off the Nasum over.

Saifuddin started the next over well with two dots. But then he strayed down the leg side for a WIDE! A single followed and then Asalanka flicked a low full toss through square leg for a couple. The next one is whipped behind square leg for a four. 8 runs off the Saifuddin over. 24 off the last 2 overs.

17:39 (IST)

SIXES! Asalanka taking on Nasum. Lofts one over extra cover and then hammers a slog sweep over deep backward square leg.

17:37 (IST)

After 2 overs,Sri Lanka 10/1 ( Nissanka 3 , Aslanka 6)

Nissanka survived a run out chance off the second ball. Perera flicked one to backward square leg and set off for a risky single. The fielder missed the direct hit as Nissanka made it. Two balls later Bangladesh had their first wicket at Nasum cleaned up Perera with a lovely flighted delivery. Nasum gave away just 4 runs in the first over. Mahedi started off well giving away just a single off the first three balls, but then Asalanka hit a powerful slog sweep and the fielder on the boundary makes a mess of it to concede a four. A single off the next two balls make it 6 runs off the over. 10/1 after 2 overs.

17:31 (IST)

OUT! The off stump is knocked down! It’s a length delivery on off, nicely flighted, Kusal gets down for a slog sweep but misses it completely. The off stump is knocked down as Nasum sets off in exuberant celebrations.

17:29 (IST)

Right! Back for the chase. Sri Lanka openers Kusal Perera and Nissanka are out in the middle. Nasum will start off proceedings.

17:24 (IST)

A maiden #T20WorldCup half century from Mushfiqur Rahim, a true masterclass in scoring behind the wicket with a mixture of sweeps against spin, as well as using both orthodox shots and ramps to divert the pace on the ball offered up by Sri Lanka’s pacers. #T20WorldCup #SLvBNG

— The CricViz Analyst (@cricvizanalyst) October 24, 2021

17:22 (IST)

Give me a team full of players with Mushfiqur Rahim’s fighting spirit and ability to make the most of his talent any day. Would win loads. What a fantastic cricketer. #SLvBAN #T20WorldCup

— Rob Johnston (@RobJ_Cricket) October 24, 2021

17:19 (IST)

After 20 overs,Bangladesh 171/4 ( Mushfiqur Rahim 57 , Mahmudullah (C) 10)

Bangladesh have posted 171/4! Brilliant batting at the death. 

An eventful penultimate over from Kumara. He runs Afif out off his own bowling. Then bowls a NO BALL by delivering a high full toss which Mushfiqur misses. The Free Hit brings a couple of leg byes. Kumara attempts another yorker but Mahmudullah converts it into a low full toss and smacks it over Kumara’s head to end the over with a four. Bangladesh get 11 runs off the over.

After just three runs off the first three balls from Chameera in the final over, Mahmudullah smacks one through extra cover for a four. And after a single, Mushfiqur scoops one to fine leg for the second four of the over to finish the innings in style. 

Mushfiqur remains not out on 57 off 37 balls.

17:17 (IST)

FOURS! Mahmudullah smacks one through cover point off Chameera and then Mushfiqur finishes the innings with a scoop over short fine leg for a four.

17:10 (IST)

OUT! Run out! A yorker from Kumara, Afif looks to flick but misses, Afif sets off but is sent back. Kumara was quick on his follow-through and scores a direct hit.

17:06 (IST)

FIFTY for Mushfiqur. He gets it off just 32 balls. Been a really good innings so far.

17:05 (IST)

After 18 overs,Bangladesh 149/3 ( Mushfiqur Rahim 49 , Afif Hossain 7)

Bangladesh may have lost the wicket of Naim but they have made sure that the momentum is maintained.

Fernando got the wicket of the set Naim off the first ball but Bangladesh made sure that they didn’t go into a shell as Mushfiqur and Hossain hit a four each to make it 11 from the Fernando over. Chameera gives a couple of singles off the first two balls but then bowls one short and wide and Mushfiqur cuts it over backward point for a four. 20 off the last two overs.

17:00 (IST)

FOURS! Mushfiqur waits and cuts a slower delivery powerfully through backward point for four and then Afif Hossain flicks a full toss to fine leg for the second boundary of the over.

16:57 (IST)

OUT! Fernando has Naim (62) caught and bowled. It’s that slower bouncer on middle and leg, Naeem stays in his crease and looks to pull but is done in by the lack of pace. He gets a top edge and Fernando runs to his left, settles under it and pouches it safely.

16:54 (IST)

After 16 overs,Bangladesh 129/2 ( Mohammad Naim 62 , Mushfiqur Rahim 37)

Mushfiqur is looking in really good touch. Naim too seems to have found back his rhythm. Mushfiqur went for that slog sweep against Hasaranga and hit two fours to get 11 off the over. Naim then got another four in the next over from Shanaka as he looks to slash at one but got an edge wide of the short third man fielder for a streaky four. They take 11 off the Shanaka over as well. 22 off the last two overs. Bangladesh 129/2 from 16 overs. They would be targetting around 170-175 from here on.

16:47 (IST)

FOURS! Mushfiqur has played that shot really well. Gets down and slog sweeps a couple of deliveries behind square leg for consecutive fours, off Hasaranga. 11 off the over.

16:45 (IST)

After 14 overs,Bangladesh 107/2 ( Mohammad Naim 55 , Mushfiqur Rahim 24)

Bangladesh getting some momentum now. Naim is still lucky to be out there in the middle. There was a huge mix up off the first ball of the 14th over. Mushfiqur patted one to point, Naim at non-striker’s end set off and didn’t stop. There was lack of communication. Mushfiqur sent him back late, the fielder charged in but missed the direct hit. Naim was no where near to making it. Earlier in the Fernando over, Mushfiqur started with a slog sweep six off the first ball but then Fernando bounced back to give just three singles off the next five balls. After getting a life in that Kumara over, Naim ups the ante as he lofts one straight down the ground for a four to bring up his 50 and then pulls one over mid-wicket for the second four off the over. 11 runs off the Kumara over. 20 runs in the last two overs.

16:43 (IST)

FIFTY! Naim lofts one straight down the ground for a four to bring up his 50 off 44 balls. He’s played a patient innings so far but would look to accelerate now. 100 up for Bangladesh.

16:40 (IST)

Tigers going nicely in Sharjah ⁦@BCBtigers⁩ , fans turning up in their numbers as per with these loyal cricket lovers. Not as loud as Mirpur but great atmosphere all the same.

— Niall John O Brien (@niallnobiobrien) October 24, 2021

16:37 (IST)

SIX! Fernando back on and Mushfiqur goes after him straightaway, slog sweeps a slower one outside off, over deep mid-wicket for a powerful six.

16:35 (IST)

After 12 overs,Bangladesh 87/2 ( Mohammad Naim 45 , Mushfiqur Rahim 14)

Bangladesh finally get a six in the innings as they veer away from singles and twos in the last two overs. Mushfiqur gets down and slog sweeps one powerfully over deep mid-wicket off Hasaranga. Bangladesh take five more singles in that over to take 11 off it. Shanaka then comes on to bowl, he is disciplined with his line and length, bowling it on good length on and around the off stump and gives away just 4 runs, all of them singles. 15 off the last two overs. The track is slow and it is going to be difficult to play attacking shots. Still, Bangladesh have maintained a decent Run Rate of 7.25.

16:29 (IST)

SIX! First of the innings, Loopy and full outside, Mushfiqur gets down and slog sweeps it over deep mid-wicket. 

16:25 (IST)

After 10 overs,Bangladesh 72/2 ( Mohammad Naim 40 , Mushfiqur Rahim 4)

Sri Lanka dealing in singles and twos.

Hasaranga mixed them up well and Naim found it a bit difficult to read them. However, Bangladesh made sure they rotated the strike and didn’t get bogged down. Five singles and a two in that over.

Naim then took a couple of twos followed by three singles off the next three balls of the Karunaratne over. He looks to cut the last ball but missed. 7 runs each of Hasaranga and Karunaratne overs. 8 singles and three twos in the last two overs.

16:18 (IST)

Hasarange into the attack….

16:16 (IST)

The wicket looks so well to bat on. Bangladesh should look at a score more than 160. Anything less than it only would ease Sri Lanka’s work. #Bangladesh #T20WorldCup

— Saif Hasnat (@saifhasnat) October 24, 2021

16:16 (IST)

After 8 overs,Bangladesh 58/2 ( Mohammad Naim 29 , Mushfiqur Rahim 1)

An eventful couple of overs. It’s turning out to be a topsy-turvey affair. Naim and Shakib attack Asalanka and hit three fours in his over to take 14 off it. Karunaratne then begs Bangladesh back as he cleans up Shakib in the next over and gives away just three runs.

16:16 (IST)

After 8 overs,Bangladesh 58/2 ( Mohammad Naim 29 , Mushfiqur Rahim 1)

An eventful couple of overs. It’s turning out to be a topsy-turvey affair. Naim and Shakib attack Asalanka and hit three fours in his over to take 14 off it. Karunaratne then begs Bangladesh back as he cleans up Shakib in the next over and gives away just three runs.

16:13 (IST)

OUT! Huge wicket for Sri Lanka! Karunaratne gets Shakib! It’s a good length delivery on the leg stump, Shakib backs away and looks to pull it, but misses it completely. The leg stump takes a beating. Karunaratne is pumped up.

16:10 (IST)

Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka rivalry always get spicy in the field.

— Johns. (@CricCrazyJohns) October 24, 2021

16:10 (IST)

4 1 4 1 0 4

Shakib and Naim upping the ante. 

Shakib attacks Asalanka straight away, lofts one over extra cover for four. A ball later, Naim cuts one muscularly through backward point. And two balls later, Shakib gives himself room and cracks it through point. 14 off the over.

16:07 (IST)

After 6 overs,Bangladesh 41/1 ( Mohammad Naim 22 , Shakib Al Hasan 1)

Good comeback by Sri Lanka in the last two over.

Chameera didn’t get his lengths and lines right in that over. Offered too much width and was on the shorter side. After four runs off the first three balls, Chammers drops one short and wide, Liton Das slashes it through point for four. The next two balls yield just a single. 9 runs off the Chameera over. 

Kumara then continued the next over. He concentrated on bowling fuller. Both Das and Naim went hard for the first couple of deliveries but didn’t get them off middle. Kumara then darted in the yorker which Naim failed to dig out and followed it up with a slower one which Naim got an edge along the ground wide of the keeper for a single. Kumara then gets his man as he has Das caught at mid off. 3 runs and a wicket off the over.

16:05 (IST)

OUT! Kumara gets the first breakthrough. It’s full outside off, Liton Das charges down and looks to clear mid off, doesn’t connect it off the middle and Shanaka at mid off leaps to grab the catch. There are some heated words exchanged after that wicket. And the umpires and players had to intervene.

Shakib is the new batsman.

15:58 (IST)

Chameera continues

15:54 (IST)

After 4 overs,Bangladesh 29/0 ( Mohammad Naim 18 , Liton Das 9)

Bangladesh upping the ante a little bit. Two fours in the last two overs and a bit of indiscipline from SL. Chameera started off well, ramped up decent pace and gave away just three singles off the first four balls. But then he overstepped and bowled a NO BALL! Naim miscued his flick off the Free Hit ball but it fell safely over mid-wicket. But there is a delayed call of a NO Ball, once again. This time Naim doesn’t miss out and whips a full delivery through mid-wicket for four. A single off the last ball made it 12 off Chameera’s over.

Kaumara bowls the next over. Naim looks attack straightaway as he slices one over point for three. After a single off the next three balls, Naim clears his front leg and hammers it over mid on. Naim jams one straight back and Kumara shows aggression throwing it back, it whizzes wide of Naim and the keeper collects it. Kumara didn’t looked too impressed with the four earlier.

15:48 (IST)


This is the first Men’s T20 World Cup for Sri Lanka without Tillakaratne Dilshan.

Dilshan is the only Sri Lankan to play in all the first 6 Men’s T20 World Cups.#T20WorldCup #SLvBAN

— Kausthub Gudipati (@kaustats) October 24, 2021

15:44 (IST)

Emotions running high on the big stage

Always found Mahmudullah to be very classy as a player and as a person. And he’s been classy this last week in handling all the criticism that’s come his team’s way & the emotion on his face post the #Bangladesh anthem says a lot about him too #T20WorldCup #SLvBAN

— Bharat Sundaresan (@beastieboy07) October 24, 2021

15:42 (IST)

Chameera into the attack now…

15:41 (IST)

After 2 overs,Bangladesh 9/0 ( Mohammad Naim 3 , Liton Das 6)

It’s a good start from Sri Lanka. Karunaratne bowled the first over and was disciplined with his lines. Concentrated on bowling it just outside off and stump to stump. Hit the good lengths repeatedly and gave away just two runs. Fernando then started off well with three Dots, bowling good length outside off. But then off the fourth ball, he strayed in line and drifted it on Liton Das’ pads who flicked it fine to fine leg for thef first boundary of the innings. After a single, Naim drove one through extra cover for a couple. 7 runs off the second over. There was a hint of swing on offer for Binura Fernando.

15:36 (IST)


Brave decision by SL to bowl first on a slow , low and tricky pitch.Both teams haven’t really got their batting firing until now.147 will be a challenging score if BAN can get there.They need a brisk start in powerplay.They need to be 47/1 after powerplay

— Prasanna (@prasannalara) October 24, 2021

15:32 (IST)

The Bangladesh Openers Mohammad Naim and Liton Das are out in the middle. Chamika Karunaratne will start off proceedings.

15:29 (IST)

A really crucial game this!

Sri Lanka-Bangladesh an absolutely massive game.

Whoever wins will be dangerous contenders for a semi-final place. If you make the Super 12s, having played the first round might well be an advantage making teams more battle-hardened

— Tim Wigmore (@timwig) October 24, 2021

15:24 (IST)

The teams are out for national anthems….

15:20 (IST)

BAN XI: Mohammad Naim, Liton Das, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudullah, Afif Hossain, Nurul Hasan, Mahedi Hasan, Mohammad Saifuddin, Nasum Ahmed, Mustafizur Rahman

15:12 (IST)

SL XI: Kusal Perera, Pathum Nissanka, Charith Asalanka, Avishka Fernando, Bhanuka Rajapaksa, Dasun Shanaka, Wanindu Hasaranga, Chamika Karunaratne, Dushmantha Chameera, Binura Fernando, Lahiru Kumara

Live Score Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Live Streaming T20 World Cup 2021: A decent Powerplay for Sri Lanka, 54/1. They lost Perera early but Asalanka has kept the momentum going. Shakib bowled a good over giving away just five. Nissanka looked to loft one over mid on but mistimed it and it fell short and wide of the fielder. Shakib gave away just 5 runs. Nissanka then took on Mahedi as he swept one wide of short fine leg for a four and then lofted one over long on for a six. 15 off the Mahedi over. 20 off the last two overs.

Preview: Sri Lanka begin their T20 World Cup Super 12 campaign against Bangladesh on Sunday.

Skipper Dasun Shanaka has said that  “every team has to look at us” after an impressive run through qualifying.

The 2014 champions suffered through an indifferent form, but are suddenly being mentioned as potential title winners.

They have a well-balanced side, with two express fast bowlers, a mystery spinner and a few reliable run-getters, who performed well in the qualifiers.

“It’s a simple message. The boys have done well, and they have shown their skills, and they have shown what they really can do in this tournament,” Shanaka said on Saturday.

“They have made their mark in this tournament already, so every team has to have a close look at them, so it’s really good for us.”

They dismissed Namibia for 96, Ireland for 101 and then the Netherlands for just 44.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh lost their opening match of the qualifiers by six runs to Scotland before beating Oman and Papua New Guinea.

Shakib Al Hasan will once again be the key for Bangladesh.

Here’s all you need to know about Group 1 match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh:

When will the Group 1 match of the T20 World Cup 2021 between Sri Lanka and the Bangladesh take place?

The match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will take place on 24 October 2021.

What is the venue for the Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh match?

The match will take place at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

What time will the Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh match start?

The match will begin at 3.30 pm IST. The toss will take place at 3 pm IST.

Which TV channels will broadcast the Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh match?

The match will be telecast on the Star Sports Network. The live streaming of the match will also be available on Disney+ Hotstar. Besides, you can browse for live updates and over-by-over commentary.

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© PA Images Roy Keane, Jamie Carragher Sky Sports in a row – pic via Sky Sports Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher almost came to blow after a furious row ... Read more »
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