“Something relatively simple like driving electric and can therefore be of significance for the climate, why not?”

“Something relatively simple like driving electric and can therefore be of significance for the climate, why not?”

Being around 38ste Caspar Schoenmakers asked himself the following question: am I going to work for another thirty years or am I going to start a company in the field of sustainability and what will make the world a little better? Making all the decisions himself, that seemed wonderful to him. He has been running ChargeMakers for three years, renting and selling charging stations for electric cars.

Caspar actually wanted to do something with cars much earlier. “I like cars and driving.” Three years ago it was now or never for him. After years of working in the innovation department of a company, for which he did projects all over the world, it was time for the next step. He had a long list of options that seemed interesting to him and that also had something to do with sustainability. It was the combination of the current times in which we live and the associated move from fossil fuels to electric vehicles and his passion for cars that he opted for the rental of temporary charging points. “Electric is a logical next step. I am not an outspoken tree hugger, but something as relatively simple as driving electrically and therefore can be of significance for the climate, why not?”

“They know where to find us”

ChargeMakers ensures that at car events, conference centers, car brands or other locations where electric cars have to be charged temporarily, a trailer is installed with six charging points screwed to it. After the pilot at a conference center in Bussum, where Caspar lives with his wife and three children, things immediately went well. He now does both rental, thirty charging points in total, and sales. “It has grown quite a bit. I now also receive questions from abroad. I have a number of customers in Belgium and a film set in Germany wants to put up such a cart for six months. I don’t advertise in those countries and almost not in the Netherlands either. They know where to find us.”

He is happy that he has come up with something that makes other people happy. His wife now also works one and a half days a week for ChargeMakers. “I like the technical part, she is more of the sales. I also outsource some work. It is of course not the intention that it is a company with me for twenty years. I’m at a tipping point where we need to start hiring, not yet full-time. How do you handle that? It’s the next step, and I’m having a hard time with that. A nice problem to have.”

What subject would you like to teach at school that you missed yourself?

“Something with technology. I did get that myself in high school, but it only consisted of figure sawing and carpentry. Physics formulas meant little to me, but I could blindly disassemble my moped. Learning by doing I like it and I would like to do that in such a technique class. The first lesson I would do an experiment with electricity. If you bring such subjects to life, it becomes a little more tangible.”

What kind of advice do people ask you?

“When a friend calls me with a technical question, I’m often told I’m setting up a call center voice. They call me with questions about which computer to buy. The advice mainly concerns technical matters, such as cars and computers. And people want advice on starting their own business. They want to know how I did that, what they should pay attention to, but also practical matters, such as what kind of business structure they should choose.”

Who inspires you?

“Then I quickly get the feeling that this has to be a public figure, but that’s not much of an issue for me. Einstein was a brilliant man, but I’m looking a little closer. This might be a cheesy answer, but then I’ll go for my mom. The reason for this is that she raised me alone. I’m an only child, and now that I’m a little older and have three children of my own, I really appreciate how she’s done that. I never had the idea that something wasn’t possible before or that she had to take into account because I was there. She worked full time and I had a sweet babysitter and aunt around the corner. I find it admirable how she has handled that.”

What kind of reflection does the next generation of us need?

“Now I won’t talk too much about the sustainability drum, but the first thing that comes to mind is sustainability. But what I hear a lot at the moment is that eighteen-year-olds already have a burnout, partly because they have so many choices and experience pressure to perform. Whatever happens, it will be fine. I want to pass that on to them. That pressure to perform is a bit off from me. I believe that the next generation is doing great with sustainability, but they are ambitious and driven.” So what can we reflect, because many people of your and my age also have burnout complaints. “I don’t feel that pressure that much. I try to stick to the ‘it’ll be okay’ principle as much as possible, without getting too worked up.”

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

“That’s an old advice I got at the end of high school from a house painter friend, a friend of my aunt and uncle. He said: go travel when you are ready. I didn’t feel like it then, but during my student days I did an internship abroad twice. I really liked that and can recommend it. The experience of being completely on your own in another country, I thought that was very cool and I look back on it with great pleasure. In itself, this is not unique advice, but it was a trigger for me to do it.”

What does God mean to you?

I don’t believe in one God, that’s not how I was raised. I don’t adhere to any particular religion, but I do hope there is something more between heaven and earth. For example, if you talk to someone who has passed away, he or she still gets this. The idea that there is still something of a connection, without having to see each other. That you think of someone and that maybe this will come. I can’t put my finger on it, but I hope there’s something more.”

Suppose tonight is your last supper, what would you eat, with whom and what would you talk about?

I would like to eat pancakes with the family, and I would do that with my mother and her boyfriend. He is good at making pancakes. I don’t think it’s something to look forward to, a last supper like that. I wouldn’t want to make such an evening too heavy. I would then talk about things that you still have on your mind, but in a positive sense. So I would like to express my appreciation to everyone. And if I may add a little extra, I would like to meet up with some friends for a drink afterwards. Then there are lame jokes, as we always do.” And what do you want on your pancake? “Brown sugar.”

What do you value about yourself?

“Pooh, that’s not something I proactively do, appreciate myself. I like it that I’m British of the type ‘keep calm and carry on‘ am. I don’t get hunted down easily. The principle don’t worry is ingrained in me.” Is there anything else you appreciate about yourself? “I liked this a lot.” There’s probably more. “That I am sincere, what you see is what you get.”

Who is allowed in this section?

“A friend of ours, Kim Oostendorp, she has a company mind trainers. She helps children to become aware of their role and their behaviour. She has developed a method that is working well, also in schools.”

“Something relatively simple like driving electric and can therefore be of significance for the climate, why not?”
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