Small Details You Missed In The Final Matrix Resurrections Trailer

Small Details You Missed In The Final Matrix Resurrections Trailer
Warner Bros./YouTube

The final trailer for “The Matrix: Resurrections” has finally arrived, and thankfully, fans only have to wait a few more weeks to see this long-awaited sequel.

Ahead of the film’s release on December 22, 2021, Warner Bros. just released the last look at the highly anticipated fourth “Matrix” flick — directed by original “Matrix” mind Lilly Wachowski — which features some pretty in-depth looks at returning favorites as well as the film’s impressive roster of new faces. Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne-Moss, who are returning to their roles as Neo and Trinity, respectively, feature pretty prominently in this new trailer, and fellow alum Jada Pinkett-Smith makes her first appearance as well; meanwhile, new players like Jonathan Groff (“Hamilton”) and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (“Watchmen”) get way more face time, with some seriously intriguing clues about their characters scattered throughout.

“The Matrix” is one of the most intricately designed science fiction movies of all time, so it’s no surprise that there are tons of surprises hiding in this trailer that only die-hard fans would be able to spot. From changing color schemes to an expanded role for an old favorite, here’s everything you might have missed in the final theatrical trailer for “The Matrix: Resurrections.”

A new version of Agent Smith

Small Details You Missed In The Final Matrix Resurrections Trailer
Warner Bros./YouTube

Since the first trailer’s release, speculation has circulated as to what Jonathan Groff’s involvement in “The Matrix: Resurrections” would be. Seen near the end of the initial preview welcoming Neo “back to The Matrix” mic dropping moment, the character certainly gave off a huge “bad guy” vibe. Now, following this all-new preview, there’s a lot to suggest that the former “Mindhunter” could well be an upgraded version of an all-new Agent of chaos that our hero once faced before.

Firstly, there’s the near pitch-perfect impersonation of Hugo Weaving’s straight-faced baddie in a necktie, Agent Smith. “Billions of people just living out their lives,” Groff’s unnamed antagonist says, with a flicker of old Smith footage cut in for good measure. He also refers to Neo as Mr. Anderson, the commonly used title Smith used, who is again not only briefly seen but has Groff deliver it in a far more enraged manner. Could his part in this new chapter of “The Matrix” be an advanced version of the Smith program? One that saw the real world (following his escape in “Reloaded”) and managed to make his way back to the prison he couldn’t stand the smell of? If so, it suits Groff perfectly.

Trinity gets an expanded role

Small Details You Missed In The Final Matrix Resurrections Trailer
Warner Bros./YouTube

Neo may be the chosen one, but Trinity gets a fair amount of attention in the final trailer for “The Matrix Resurrections.” One would assume she’s the main character, or at the very least, it’s her decisions that will ultimately influence the final outcome of the film.

This is best exemplified in the line, “The most important choice of Neo’s life is not his to make.” During the last half of that line, we get an image of Trinity, suggesting Neo’s fate rests in her hands. This is followed by Neo stating, “She believed in me. It’s my turn to believe in her” in reference to Trinity. The remainder of the trailer centers heavily on her, and we don’t think that’s an accident.

The trailer seems to focus heavily on recontextualizing the past. Perhaps that involves giving Trinity a larger role, like the one she should’ve had in the first three movies. It’s merely speculation though, and the main thing that should get “Matrix” fans excited is the prospect of seeing Carrie-Anne Moss suit up as Trinity once again.

A possible glimpse of a grown-up Sati

Small Details You Missed In The Final Matrix Resurrections Trailer
Warner Bros./YouTube

Among the others, one character in the new trailer is played by the enigmatic Priyanka Chopra Jonas in “The Matrix Resurrections.” Seen briefly in the last teaser with a copy of “Alice in Wonderland,” this time around, she has a few more things to say on the film’s current events and, more importantly, Neo’s involvement in it all. But who is this person to have a say in our hero’s future? Is she new to the scene, or could she be someone from his past?

The common theory is that Chopra Jonas is playing an older version of Sati, who originally appeared in “The Matrix Revolutions” and was played by Tanveer K. Atwal. Sati was a program that looked like a child, built without purpose by her parents who were smuggled into The Matrix by the Oracle. For her part, the Oracle believed Sati would play a massive part in the future for both the machines and humanity. Her part could very well have taken over from the wise elder that put Neo on his path in the first place, particularly with her cryptic quote. Speaking to someone off-screen, she says, “the most important choice in Neo’s life is not his to make.” Could this oblique observation relate to Trinity — who in the first films knew he was the One because she loved him — and may have to decide if she still does this time around, as well?

Jada Pinkett-Smith reappears as a much older Niobe

Small Details You Missed In The Final Matrix Resurrections Trailer
Warner Bros./YouTube

As you probably know, Jada Pinkett Smith played Captain Niobe in the original “Matrix” franchise. Debuting in “The Matrix Reloaded,” Niobe played a critical role in the events that led up to the culmination of “The Matrix Revolutions.” Although she was a supporting role in the movies, she was featured predominately in the video game tie-in “Enter the Matrix,” which was released on Playstation 2, Xbox, PC, and the Nintendo GameCube. This video game fleshed out the character, a long with her co-pilot Ghost (Anthony Wong), and showed how critical their actions are in making sure Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity’s plans come to fruition.

Niobe was able to survive the onslaught of the machines at the end of “Matrix Revolutions,” and her character embraced the new found peace between machines and humanity. In the new “Matrix Resurrection” trailer, we see an aged woman who bares a striking similarity to the aforementioned Captain, with Twitter user Leo K stating, “99% sure that’s Niobe. She aged in the real world while the Matrix rebooted into its next version number. Some kind of Error occurred, so while it is Cycling, it’s doing so with numerous glitches, marked by the System-Wide ‘Deja Vu.'” At the end of “Revolutions,” humanity is finally afforded a reprieve from the machine’s repeated culling-event, so it would make sense that some of those original characters would still be alive in Zion, although slightly older to mark the passage of time.

Some new technology makes an appearance

Small Details You Missed In The Final Matrix Resurrections Trailer
Warner Bros./YouTube

While much of the final “Matrix Resurrections” trailer revolves around some pretty serious “deja vu,” as events from the previous films play throughout the trailer, there is some intriguing new technology in the footage for fans of the franchise to speculate on before the film opens in theaters on December 22.

For one, an unknown character’s mechanical robotic hand is seen about to unplug Neo from his connection to the Matrix (and possibly “pull the plug” on him for good). It would be a first in the series to see a possible cyborg or someone with mechanized parts, so it’ll be exciting to see how that plays into the overall plot.

We also see a character in the background behind Bugs (Jessica Henwick) at one point who appears to be wearing a high tech helmet with an eyepiece, similar to a virtual reality device. Is it possible that during the time jump between movies, technology was developed so characters could be able to function in both the real world as well as the Matrix? It would certainly fit into the themes here of multiple realities and timelines collapsing into each other, most likely thanks to a glitch in the system.

Could there be a new One?

Small Details You Missed In The Final Matrix Resurrections Trailer
Warner Bros./YouTube

One thing the new trailer makes clear is that this is more than a soft reboot. It’s a new cycle of the Matrix, which, as the Architect explains in “The Matrix: Reloaded,” went through five iterations prior to Neo, and was supposed to end after he faced off against Agent Smith in “The Matrix: Revolutions.” Up until now, each cycle of the Matrix has its own “One,” and if that is true in this case, then we may have already seen Neo’s successor in this iteration.

The first possibility is that Bugs, the blue-haired fighter played by Jessica Henwick, is the next One. Throughout the trailer, Bugs displays some high-flying feats that seem impossible for anybody but Neo or the Agents. If Henwick does turn out to be the new One, it would fall in line with her stance that Bugs serves as “the audiences’ eyes” (via Entertainment Weekly), as stories are typically told through the protagonist’s perspective.

The other option is that the new One is Trinity. After all, the trailer heavily emphasizes the idea that Trinity, like the One, has an important decision to make. Trinity also fits the One’s status as a Christ-like messiah, as she has been resurrected after her death in “Revolutions.” Finally, Trinity displays some of her own powers, experiencing prophetic dreams and duplicating herself. Surprisingly, some of these duplicates resemble Henwick, implying a deeper connection between both potential One candidates.

Pay attention to the color schemes

Small Details You Missed In The Final Matrix Resurrections Trailer
Warner Bros./YouTube

In the original “Matrix” films, scenes taking place within the Matrix are tinted green, whereas scenes set in the real world are largely dark blue and grey in color. The majority of what’s showcased in this latest “Matrix Resurrections” trailer, meanwhile, foregrounds a particularly bright shade of blue. Rather than recalling the real world of the original three “Matrix” films, this color seems more representative of the blue pill famously presented to Neo in the first “Matrix” film.

A bright red, meanwhile, pops up with some frequency too, including in shots of Trinity plugged into a pod in the real world. The choice between the red pill and blue pill presented to Neo in the first “Matrix” is effectively a choice between accepting the harshness of reality or retreating into blissful ignorance. If red and blue still represent these same two polarities, then the newly-constructed Matrix of “Matrix Resurrections” could very well function as a state of blissful ignorance, which tracks with Neo’s apparent lack of memory of the events of the prior “Matrix” films. Trinity, meanwhile, appears to be linked to the red of unfiltered reality.

The green so inextricably tied to the first three “Matrix” movies features into the trailer to an extent, though it’s primarily in footage lifted directly from its predecessors as well as the film’s branding. Green, then, remains evocative of the past, whereas blue and red appear to be key to the Matrix of the future.

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