Should you get Just a Nibble Community Day Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?


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Pokémon Go features a Community Day event every month where players can spend six hours on a specific day to capture a specific Pokémon. That Pokémon’s spawn increases all over the world, and when you reach its final evolution, it learns an exclusive move it otherwise could not. For June 2021, Pokémon Go is celebrating Gible with the Just a Nibble Community Day. You have the option of putting down money to purchase the ticket, which is not a requirement. The ticket always comes with a handful of in-game items, such as Pokéballs, incense, and a Special Research project, making it easier to encounter more Gible. Is the Just a Nibble ticket worth it for the price?

The short answer for anyone on the fence about purchasing this item is that, yes, purchasing the Just a Nibble Community Ticket is worth it. It gives you a handful of useful items to capture more Gible on that day and gives you a few more encounters, increasing your chances of finding a worthwhile Gible with perfect IVs and even a chance to capture one with good stats that is a shiny version. Gible’s final evolved form, Garchomp, is an excellent Pokémon, one that regularly competes in the Ultra and Master League and hits the top of the tier list almost every season. You want to give yourself as many chances as you can encounter this Pokémon.

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Here’s everything that comes with the ticket, beyond the research tasks and rewards you’ll receive during the Community Day event.

  • 50 Ultra Balls
  • 5 Lucky Eggs
  • 5 Incense
  • 1 Elite Charged TM

The exclusive move Garchomp will be learning at the end of the day is earth power, an excellent Ground-type charged attack that pushes Garchomp ahead even more. Plus, at the start of Pokémon Go’s Battle League season 8, dragon tail, a fast move Garchomp can learn, was given a buff, making it an even better choice on this Pokémon.

The stars have aligned perfectly for any Pokémon Go player that has not received a good Gible. The June 2021 Community Day is a very generous opportunity for players to jump into the Master League.

The Community Day ticket, Just a Nibble, doesn’t cost too much. If you’ve never purchased a Community Day ticket before, this is the one to buy, and we hope other events are just as good for future Community Days in the future. Make sure to grab the Just a Nibble ticket to take part in Gible’s Community Day on June 6 from 11 AM to 5 PM in your local time zone.

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