Sampling lotus cuisine of northern Vietnam

Parts of the lotus, including the stamen and seeds, are used to create a number of unique Vietnamese dishes. Let’s head to the northern province of Ninh Binh to discover the locality’s lotus delicacies.

Sampling lotus cuisine of northern Vietnam
Many beautiful images showcasing a lotus pond close to Mua cave in Ninh Binh province have been widely shared on social media. Indeed, many viewers note their surprise at seeing the lotuses start to blossom in early winter as opposed to during the summer.
Sampling lotus cuisine of northern Vietnam
This lotus pond amazes plenty of people as the lotuses being in full bloom even during the winter.
Sampling lotus cuisine of northern Vietnam
The seeds of the lotus originate from Japan, allowing the flowers to blossom throughout the year, as opposed to only during the summer months as is common in other varieties.
Sampling lotus cuisine of northern Vietnam
The site has quickly developed into a famous check-in location among young travelers.
Sampling lotus cuisine of northern Vietnam
Visitors this year are offered the chance to discover a wide range of lotus cuisine.
Sampling lotus cuisine of northern Vietnam
One unmissable specialty on offer is lotus tea.
Sampling lotus cuisine of northern Vietnam
Producing food from lotus seeds requires highly-skilled chefs.
Sampling lotus cuisine of northern Vietnam
Visiting Ninh Binh province during the winter and experiencing authentic lotus cuisine serves as an unforgettable memory for each tourist.
Sampling lotus cuisine of northern Vietnam
Sampling lotus cuisine of northern Vietnam
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