Saigontourist mid-autumn cakes are part of the dance

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Cakes Mid-Autumn Festival at the Dông Khanh Hotel. Photo: Saigontourist /CVN

The mid-autumn cake brings the whole family together. It has become a precious gift, a sign of deep feelings. These cakes, prepared with passion, are fragrant and refined. They remind us of this beautiful legend: Once upon a time, in the month of August, on a moonlit night, when it was mild, there were peasants who prepared majestic dishes in honor of the Dragon.
The dishes sent to Earth and Heaven included images of dogs made with the flesh of grapefruits, around which were arranged fruits, bánh nuong (stuffed cake baked in the oven) and bánh deo (sticky sweet rice paste cake).
The bánh nuong was covered in cassava flour, golden in egg yolk and stuffed with mung beans, pork and salted eggs.
The bánh deo was, on the other hand, prepared with glutinous rice flour, stuffed with sugar, grapefruit flower essence and molded into small round wooden frames. Its filling consisted of lotus seeds or mung bean puree, smooth and mellow.
These family tradition cakes and ancestors of today’s mid-autumn cakes have taken root in the hearts of many generations of Vietnamese.
Over time, the Mid-Autumn Festival has grown into a joyous holiday for children and families who gather around these cakes. This tradition, which parents must celebrate, is dedicated to children. It is also an invitation for those who have moved away from their families to join her. Significant gifts, they are also of great spiritual value.
Great promotions at hotels.
Dông Khanh
2 Trân Hung Dao Street, 7 e neighborhood, 5 e district, Ho Chi Minh City.
Phone: + 84-283923 4409

The party is coming soon. The mid-autumn cakes at the Dông Khanh Hotel are splendid and tasty. They are packaged in beautiful red boxes flanked by the logos of the Saigontourist and Dông Khanh group. They symbolize luxury and Vietnamese identity.
For over sixty years, the Dông Khanh brand has been praised by consumers. These cakes appear in new guise for every Mid-Autumn Festival.
Majestic Saigon
1 rue Dông Khoi, district of Bên Nghé, 1 er district, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone. (+ 84-28) 382955 17

The hotel has many great promotions on its mid-autumn cakes. The same goes for the Hotel Majestic Saigon. Four flavors are available, for example the mixed flavor of chicken wings, green tea or a mixture of cereals and the famous egg yolks. Each 225g cake costs 330000 VND and the box, 1100000 VND.
Saigon - Morin
30 rue Lê Loi, city of Huê, province of Thua Thiên-Huê (Center)
Phone. (+84) 090511 7097

years, approaching, Khanh, Majestic, Saigon, Morin, Yasaka, Festival, Trang, Saigontourist, group, present, their, specialties, around, hotels, Autumn, Giang, mellow, smooth, puree, seeds, lotus
Hotel Saigon Mid-Autumn Cakes - Morin . Photo: Saigontourist /CVN

The recipes for the mid-autumn cakes at Hotel Saigon - Morin are jealously guarded. If the traditional flavors are well respected, there are also variations for people who follow a diet.
Saigon - Morin, one of Vietnam's five oldest hotel establishments, offers 25 categories of mid-autumn cakes, catering to a variety of consumer needs. Their prices vary between 65000 and 320000 VND /piece. Cakes are on sale at the hotel reception, rue Lê Loi, in Huê. Promotions are applied for large orders.
Yasaka - Saigon Nha Trang
10 Trân Phu Street, Nha Trang Town, Khanh Hoà Province (Center)
Phone: (+ 94-258) 38200 90

In the seaside town of Nha Trang, Hotel Yasaka - Saigon Nha Trang offers three options for mid-autumn cakes: savory, sweet or vegetarian. They are made by around fifty experienced chefs. Their prices range from 69000 to 929000 VND /piece. Truong Giang /CVN
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