Sage appoints Arlene Wherrett as Vice President and Managing Director for Asia Pacific

Wherrett will be responsible for managing Sage’s growth trajectory and expansion in the cloud enabled and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software market across Asia Pacific.

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Sage has appointed Arlene Wherrett as its Vice President and Managing Director for the Asia Pacific region.

Previously Vice President and Managing Director for Sage Asia, Wherrett will take on an expanded role following the sale of Sage locally developed solutions in the region to The Access Group.

Based out of Sydney, Australia, Wherrett will work with customers and partners to maintain Sage’s growth trajectory and drive its expansion in the cloud enabled and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software market across Asia Pacific.

With over 30 years’ experience in leading organisations through transformative change, Wherrett is renowned for her strong leadership skills in the IT and Services industries across Asia Pacific.

Upon joining Sage in 2017, Wherrett has led a growing business, first leading the company’s Services team across APAC, then being appointed as Vice President and Managing Director for Asia in 2018. Before joining Sage, Wherrett held director-level roles at Salesforce partner, Bluewolf, an IBM company, SAI Global, Marsh and Mercer.

“I am thrilled to lead our talented team and collaborate with our strong partner ecosystem as we forge ahead capturing new opportunities in Asia Pacific,” said Wherrett.

“SMEs will be a driving force in the recovery of the economy and ensuring they have the right technology to build for the future is an essential foundation for that growth. Together with our partners, Sage is trusted by our customers to deliver the best SaaS technology and to support them to achieve their business goals.”

“Asia Pacific is an emerging ERP market that is expected to achieve an exponential annual growth rate in the coming years, offering Sage a prime opportunity to help customers achieve operational efficiency and transparency across their business processes,” said Executive Vice President and Managing Director, AMEA, Pieter Bensch.

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