Roblox Doors Walkthrough – How to solve and escape level 100

Roblox Doors Walkthrough – How to solve and escape level 100
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Following the success of The Mimic and Apeirophobia, another horror/survival-style experience has joined the Roblox platform—Doors. In this experience, players must maneuver throughout, and ultimately escape, a haunted hotel by sneaking, sprinting, evading enemies, and even solving a few puzzles along the way. The final puzzle in the experience, the one in room 100, can be a bit difficult to figure out, which is why we’ve created this brief guide. To learn all there is to know about this puzzle, including the entity that guards it, continue reading below.

How to solve level 100 in Doors and escape

Once you’ve opened the level 100 door, walk forward and pull the lever in front of you. Once you pull this lever and open the warehouse door, Figure will immediately charge at you—run back into room 99 and hide in one of the closets until Figure loses interest in you. Once Figure is out of your sight, head back through the warehouse door, up the stairs, and through the exit door.

Roblox Doors Walkthrough – How to solve and escape level 100

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In the next room should be a pile of boxes with a key on top—grab this key and leave the room, heading back down the stairs to the main area of the warehouse. On your right should be a door labeled HIGH VOLTAGE that you can now unlock with said key.

Roblox Doors Walkthrough – How to solve and escape level 100

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Hurry through this door and approach the circuit breaker that’s inside the next room. Upon doing so, a puzzle will automatically start that requires you to flip certain switches in a limited amount of time. To solve this puzzle, pay attention to the numbers that appear at the top of the breaker. Each number that appears will also have a box next to it; some of these boxes will be filled in while others will be empty.

Roblox Doors Walkthrough – How to solve and escape level 100

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As a number appears that has a filled-in box next to it, flip its corresponding switch. In order to complete the puzzle, all of the numbers with filled-in boxes need to have their switches flipped to ON. For example, if our pattern reads 9◼, 4◻, 10◻, 3◼, 6◻, 2◼, 1◻, 5◼, 7◼, 8◼, then switches nine, three, two, five, seven, and eight need to be flipped on so that they light up. Repeat this process two more times to fully complete the puzzle.

Roblox Doors Walkthrough – How to solve and escape level 100

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

With the puzzle completed, the power will be restored to the elevator, meaning it’s time for you to escape! Quickly run out of this room, up the stairs, through the exit door, and into the elevator where you picked up the key.

Roblox Doors Walkthrough – How to solve and escape level 100

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Inside of the elevator is a large red button—press this button to close the elevator door, lower yourself to safety, and successfully beat the Doors experience! Congratulations!

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