Reed's Regret god roll and best perks in Destiny 2

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Reed’s Regret is the latest Trials of Osiris weapon, a Linear Fusion Rifle that boasts the Stasis element and an impressive perk pool. To get it, players must dive into Trials Of Osiris, Destiny 2‘s endgame PvP activity, and get lucky with Trials Engrams from Saint-14 or with post-match drops.

Reed’s Regret is a deadly weapon, however, especially due to the Artifact mods in Season of the Lost. Unstoppable Fusion/Linear Fusion Rifles would be incentive enough, but Particle Deconstruction, which grants a stacking bonus to LFR damage, makes Reed’s Regret pack a punch.

With Reed’s Regret being a coveted addition to any guardian’s arsenal, players are bound to look for a god roll. And, luckily for them, Reed’s Regret has a perk pool that can roll several valuable combinations. Even though finding a god roll is a personal process, this Linear Fusion Rifle has a few perks that are clear contenders above the rest. Here’s our god roll for Reed’s Regret:

  • Barrel: Smallbore, Fluted Barrel, or Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Magazine: Ionized Battery or Liquid Coils
  • First Perk: Triple Tap or Clown Cartridge
  • Second Perk: Firing Line or Vorpal Weapon

Like in most weapons, the parts in Reed’s Regret are secondary, and the two perks will be the most crucial aspect of any roll. Even though the ones we listed are easily the best contenders for Reed’s Regret, here’s a breakdown of this Linear Fusion Rifle’s perks so you know what to keep in your vault and what to dismantle.

First Perk

Triple Tap

Triple Tap is one of the best perks for weapons that deal a ton of sustained precision damage, such as sniper rifles and LFRs. Triple Tap adds another round to the magazine after three critical hits in quick succession, which vastly extends its DPS output. It works wonders with Reed’s Regret, earning it an easy spot at the top of our god roll alongside the next contender.

Clown Cartridge

Like Triple Tap, Clown Cartridge randomly reloads a weapon’s magazine beyond its normal capacity. With Reed’s Regret, this means that players can get up to nine shots in the mag (compared to the base magazine size of six), granting them a free DPS increase. Clown Cartridge has a more universal trigger than Triple Tap, however, and activates upon every reload, making it more user-friendly. Landing critical hits on vex bosses can be tricky, especially if they move a lot (like Atheon in the Vault of Glass raid), so Clown Cartridge provides a similar benefit to Triple Tap with less risk.


Surplus increases handling, stability, and reload speed for every charged ability. It’s usually an extremely solid perk, particularly for primary ammo weapons. Reed’s Regret can roll with either Triple Tap or Clown Cartridge, though, and the two of them will benefit you far more than Surplus. If this is your first perk, odds are you’ll decide whether to keep the gun or not based on other aspects of its roll.

Heating Up, Quickdraw, Killing Wind, Hip-Fire Grip

Like Surplus, none of those perks can live up to Clown Cartridge or Triple Tap. Quickdraw, Killing Wind, and Hip-Fire Grip can come in handy for PvP, but for regular PvE damage, you’ll want Clown Cartridge or Triple Tap, with Surplus as a consolation prize. Anything else can’t hold a candle to it.

Second Perk

Vorpal Weapon

If it hits hard, you usually want Vorpal in it. Reed’s Regret is no exception to this principle, and the damage increase makes Reed’s Regret even more lethal. Firing Line can be better in specific contexts, but for the most part, Vorpal Weapon is a free, universal damage boost that can come in handy to up your damage output against bosses or Champions. It works in basically any context, too, making it far more suitable than Firing Line for solo play. Either of them will be part of a god roll, however.

Firing Line

If you’re raiding or doing an activity with at least two other guardians, you’ll want Firing Line. It provides a 20 percent buff to precision damage when near two or more allies (over Vorpal Weapon’s universal 15 percent), making it perfect for situations when you play with friends. Choosing between Vorpal and Firing Line is ultimately a matter of what activity you’re planning to do: if you’re solo, go with Vorpal Weapon. If you’re raiding, Firing Line will get the most bang for your buck.

Players reported that Firing Line has been bugged throughout Season of the Lost, however, and its damage increase is approximately the same percentage as Vorpal Weapon for now. If you’re thinking about the future, though, Firing Line might suit your playstyle better (though having one of each can’t hurt.)


Every other damage buff in Reed’s Regret perk pool will come with more caveats than Vorpal Weapon or Firing Line. Harmony, however, is a cheap and fairly free way to boost your damage output with the gun, since it requires a kill with a different weapon to proc. None of the other damage perks will provide the sustained DPS that Vorpal or Firing Line do, however, so they’ll be at the top of our contenders for a god roll. Harmony can still be handy for taking out Champions in Nightfalls, however.


Adagio also faces the same issue as Harmony. It increases damage and charge time after scoring a kill with the weapon, but Firing Line and Vorpal Weapon provide similar boosts with far less setup. It could work against Champions, however, so don’t rush to dismantle it just yet.


Rampage is usually in a god roll for a primary weapon such as an Auto Rifle or an SMG. With a Heavy weapon, however, this means that activating the perk to its fullest potential will require you to kill three enemies before unleashing damage, and Rampage will run out shortly unless you score another kill. With a little bit of luck, it could work for bursting down champions, but both Vorpal Weapon and Firing Line will deliver similar (or better) results with fewer stops along the way.


Celerity’s buff to reload speed makes it better than it used to be, but the boost is still not enough to contend with Vorpal Weapon or Firing Line. Besides, Holster and Loader mods exist, so any rolls with Celerity likely won’t be the best.


Headstone is an excellent perk to have on Vulpecula or even on Peacebond, but with a perk pool like the one on Reed’s Regret, you’ll usually get more benefit out of other damage perks. Headstone makes for a fun and gimmicky, although circumstantial, perk choice.

Headstone sacrifices a slot that could go to a damage perk to add some crowd control. If you like Headstone on other weapons, then you could try it on Reed’s Regret for your average, low-stakes play. For other tasks, however, you’ll usually want to get the tried-and-true Vorpal Weapon or Firing Line.

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