Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Gambling in Thai Casinos

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Gambling in Thai Casinos may not be right for you. For over the years, Thailand becomes a famous country for declaring casinos as a form of illegal gambling.

Many foreigners love to be in the country because of the fantastic beaches, majestic landscapes, intriguing history, and festive celebrations, but gambling is not something that they enjoy while in the country. Read on and find out why.

Thai Anti-Gambling Laws and How They Affect Foreigners

First, it is worth noting that there are no casinos that are legal in Thailand. Basically, online casinos in Asia isn’t something that any local government would like. The entire country does not have a land-based casino because it is considered illegal based on the Gambling Act. B.E., 2478. The law stipulates that only horse racing betting, as well as a national lottery, are the forms of gambling allowed in the country. Thus, playing casino games with or without monetary exchange is considered gambling. Moreover, under the law, anyone caught gambling on these forms are subject to fine and imprisonment.

On the other hand, some locals operate underground casinos. A significant percentage play the games in confined and private offices or funerals. In short, there are many gambling dens in Thailand. Apart from it, online casinos also exist. Although both are illegal, some Thais still practice them that lead to imprisonment and fine. Anybody that is caught gambling is subject to a penalty of ฿1000 then imprisonment.

Since Thailand is a single country that was not colonized in Southeast Asia, it is evident that there is no foreign influence. So, casino games in Thailand are not known to foreigners and tourists. In the same way, the locals are not familiar with the international casino game like Poker. Thus, in Thailand, Hi-Lo is the most notable game they play. It is a dice game that does not require a skill to win. Similar to Baccarat, winning is based on pure luck. The player bets on the outcome of the dice, but there is a ban on the manufacturing and distribution of the playing cards. So, there is no freedom to purchase these cards. Given the government’s effort to stop illegal gambling such as casinos, foreigners in the country do not risk to gamble.

Can You Get into Jail for Gambling in Thailand

Yes. It is a real and truthful answer to this question. In fact, more than 1000 people have been arrested during the crackdown that leads to the 2014 World Cup.

Casinos are illegal in the Thai government. So, it is a sad truth that many locals still play it. Although some locals are considered gamblers, the games that they usually play are different than the table games that most of the international gamblers are familiar with. Roulette, Baccarat, and Craps are not famous for the local bettors.

Even though underground casinos are rampant in Thailand, not all the bettors are being imprisoned since not all of them are being caught. So they patronize the illegal operation of casinos. Nevertheless, betting on these underground casinos come with a high risk. There is a possibility to get caught and bookmakers are known to withhold the winnings of the players. The players do not have any choice but accept the loss since the transaction is illegal. There is no avenue to report the bookmakers to authorities.  If they report, they can be charged with violating the act. They may end up paying for fines and imprisonment. Moreover, the Thailand Civil and Commercial Code, section 853, and 855 stated that any debts arising from gambling are never acceptable.

Is There A Safe Online Casinos to Bet in Thailand

Betting in an Online Casino in Thailand is safer than going physically in underground casinos. But if you are going to realize it, since gambling in a casino is considered illegal in this country, there is really no safe online casino bets in Thailand. Remember that Casinos are unlawful and thus prohibited in the country. Although the legality of the online casino is not expressly stated from the Gambling Act of 1935, the activity is considered illegal. So, even if you bet on casinos online, you will face the consequence of the illicit gambling if you get caught. Criminal gambling acts have a corresponding penalty from the law. However, taking into consideration that policemen do not search private homes to check whether the homeowners are betting in online casinos or not, you can consider Online Casinos a bit safer compared to the underground casinos.

Although some policemen overlook underground gambling in some parts of the country. Policemen conduct investigations and raids. Some people are very sneaky that they maintain underground gambling or even online casinos regardless of the strict implementation of the law. So, if you look for a safe casino, go to the nearby countries in which casinos are considered legal or acces any of online analogues such like G-club and SCR888 casinos. You may cross the border and visit Laos. Foreigners that live in Thailand consider going Laos, specifically in Savan Vegas, to enjoy casino games. This way, they don’t have to run nor worry about becoming arrested because of illegal gambling. 

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