Reaching 1,200 points, the VN-Index plunged

Reaching 1,200 points, the VN-Index plunged

After nearly 3 years, the VN-Index returned to the 1,200 point mark at the beginning of the morning session on January 13 before plunging in the afternoon session due to the negative movements of the Vingroup stocks.

At the end of the session, the VN-Index fell 6.23 points to 1,186 points, or 0.52% lower. In which, VIC lost 2.88% of market price, VHM dropped strongly by 2.42%, VRE also followed with a decrease of 1.36%.

The most impressive thing is definitely GVR when this stock hit the ceiling price, making the most positive contribution to the index on the HoSE. For quite a long time, GVR has often “captured waves” of the market when it has increased strongly. In the past 1 month alone, this stock has increased by 52%; in 1 quarter, the rate increased to 133%; in 1 year, the increase is double.

Banking transactions are differentiated. VPB increased by 2.29%, TCB increased 0.14%, VIB increased by 0.73%, HDB increased by 0.37%, CTG increased by 0.39%. On the other side, VCB, BID, MBB, ACB, and STB lost 0.76%, 0.62%, 0.57%, 0.83%, 1.52% of the market price, respectively.

Manufacturing stocks were quite negative. 2 stocks in beer industry SAB, BHN recorded the green color with 0.78% and 3.21% increase. Most of the rest were in that color, typically VNM (down 1.55%), MSN (down 0.74%), HPG (down 0.45%), and SBT (down 1.31%). TCH reversed and dropped 3.4% after a series of “hot” increases.

Energy stocks were in red. Meanwhile, GAS, POW, PPC, NT2, GEG decreased by 0.64%, 2.74%, 2.68%, 1.75%, and 1.92% respectively. Similar to the airline group, VJC lost 0.15% of its market price, while HVN lost 2.81%.

Retail stocks were not really positive when MWG stood still at reference price, PNJ decreased by 0.24% and PLX decreased by 0.52%.

Despite the general market downturn, many IT stocks still impress. Typically FPT with a gain of 1.06%, but especially, ELC and SGT when it hit the ceiling price.

The matched liquidity on HoSE reached more than 15,600 billion dong.

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