How do foreign enterprises open bank accounts in VN?

Banks and foreign bank branches are responsible for instructing their customers on the sequence and procedures for receiving and handling application files for opening payment accounts and place of signing... Read more »

Confirming the one-time subsidy profile with an expert to help Laos

The biological father of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao (in Phu Tho Province) enlisted in January 1956 in the North Vietnamese Military Region. In September 1965, her father was sent... Read more »

Construction contractors must pay natural resources tax, environmental fee?

Where production and business establishments purchase sand materials, land for leveling works (with sale and purchase contracts and legal value-added invoices) to perform construction bidding packages, they are not liable... Read more »

Transfer or donation of land use rights must be authenticated

Mr. Trinh Huy Tung’s family (in Thanh Hoa Province) has 4 brothers and sisters who are married and living separately. Before his, his parents’ death, his parents had to process... Read more »

Why is the red book not a valuable asset?

According to article 105 of the Civil Code 2015, Property comprises objects, money, valuable papers and property rights.However, this Code does not specify what valuable papers are or what types... Read more »

Is there any red book adjustment required to change personal information?

Mr. Pham Duc Khuong (in Hai Duong Province) reflects some inadequacies of Circular 23/2014 / TT-BTNMT on land change registration when land users change personal information and request the agency... Read more »

How is it safe to use disinfectants at food companies?

There are no regulations on the permitted use of rat poisoning, insecticides and pests in food production areas. However, in cases where the establishment has evidence proving that the production... Read more »

How to calculate travel days when on vacation to visit the countryside

Ms. Luong Thi Van Anh works in the city. Phan Rang -Thap Cham, Ninh Thuan Province. She took her leave to visit her hometown in Thanh Hoa Province. The agency... Read more »

Tax refund for exported goods which is natural resources and minerals

Based on product characteristics and product manufacturing process to determine exported products as natural resources and minerals processed or not yet processed into other products, declaration shall be made according... Read more »

There is only one premium for voluntary social insurance participants

Only one contribution rate for voluntary social insurance participants is 22% of the income that participants register to pay. This income level is chosen by the participant depending on the... Read more »

Foreign experts with short-term Viet Nam stay exempted from centralized quarantine

Viet Nam has lifted the 14-day quarantine for foreign experts, investors, managers, and diplomats entering the country for less than 14 days. Question: (Ms. Le Thu Trang from Hai Phong)... Read more »

Determination of disadvantaged areas entitled to land use tax exemption or reduction

The determination of geographical areas with difficult socio-economic conditions or extremely difficult socio-economic conditions in order to grant exemption or reduction of non-agricultural land use tax shall comply with regulations.... Read more »