PS5 Restock Predictions Suggest Pre Orders Now Available | Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and More

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(Photo : Screenshot From PlayStation Official Website) PS5 Restock Predictions Suggest Pre Orders Now Available | Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and More

PS5 restock predictions can be very hard to follow since they usually provide a very narrow leeway for buyers to purchase the console. However, things might change if only there were a way to pre order the console! Well, the solution might already be available.

PS5 Restock Online

According to a PS5 restock tracker twitter account, pre orders are now available on every single big retailer. The tracker then makes a list of different popular retailers telling buyers to move fast in order to increase their chances of buying the PS5 new stock online.

A new wave of GameStop PS5 restock has just arrived and for those that have missed their chance at buying the console, should the pre-ordering be available, this might help increase the buyers’ chances of getting the next one. Of course, this still has something to do with three factors in the market.

Buying PS5 at SRP

As of the moment, buyers have to deal with other buyers, the global chip shortage, and scalpers buying up available stock and selling the console at higher prices. While the initial two factors are expected, scalpers have been making the already difficult situation much harder for buyers that want to purchase the console hopefully at SRP.

With scalpers buying out and wiping out any available PS5 restock on online retailers, things have been getting more difficult for those that want to purchase the console directly from online retailers through the use of bots, according to Bloomberg. However, another problem has started to arise as well.

PS5 Buyers Face Bundles

As of the moment, not all restocks seem to be desirable for buyers as some are being sold in bundles. Sometimes, these bundles include products that buyers aren’t too thrilled about.

Some buyers even note that sometimes, it might be more beneficial to buy from scalpers instead of buying from online retailers that sell the PS5 stock online as a bundle with inclusions that they might need. For those that might think the consoles are selling inclusions that they would enjoy, however, the price might be just fine.

Global Chip Shortage

While the global chip shortage has definitely affected the PS5 restock, other electronics are having it worse. Although the Xbox Series X restock is also having the same problem as the PS5 restock, the world of PC parts still faces a serious problem.

A recent finding saw that CPU parts have improved and are once again selling at SRP but when it comes to GPUs, the situation might not have improved that much. For those that think the PS5 and Xbox Series X scalper prices are bad, it is actually worse for GPU prices.

An AMD Radeon RX 6900X was found selling for a little over $1,900. Although this is an improvement from its previous $2,000 price point, the gap is still considerably massive given the original AMD Radeon RX 5900X SRP is supposedly at $999.

Written by Urian B.

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