Pep Guardiola: My ego is responsible for on-pitch confrontation with Jack Grealish

Can I ask you about Jack Greenish? After the game, you obviously had a chat with him on the pitch. I just wonder, We’ve seen you do that sort of thing with players before. What’s the thinking behind speaking to a player on the pitch was obviously with the cameras around the crowd around versus waiting for the dressing room. Yeah, do it for the cameras, for my ego. I know you don’t do it for the cameras. I’m just asking what what you’re thinking is, why it’s important to get a message in. No, I’m the famous person of the team and I don’t recognize and I need the cameras to my ego go to sleep with an incredible satisfaction. So that is the reason why. So. Always I try to criticize the players there and let them feel that how bad they are and and especially when Erling has scored three goals, the compliment has to be with me know with them. That’s why I use the cameras to to do it there. So my advice next time don’t feel much, it will not be a problem.

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