The main contractor may be allowed to use special subcontractors

When participating in the bidding, where the bidding dossier stipulates the permission to use special subcontractors, contractors may use special subcontractors and must fill in form No. 18 (b). Chapter... Read more »

How to send electronic invoices to customers?

If the seller chooses to use the electronic invoice when selling goods or providing services, the seller is responsible for informing the buyer about the electronic invoice format and method... Read more »

Conditions for trading in agricultural preservatives

Nhat Viet High Technology Co., Ltd (in HCMC City) operates in the field of agriculture and plans to provide post-harvest preservation solutions for domestic companies. Through the System of receiving... Read more »

Is there an appendix of contract to change the model of goods?

In the content of the bid as well as the contract signed with the investor, Van Don D & T Joint Stock Company (in Quang Ninh Province) will provide model... Read more »

Conditions for foreigners to study in universities in VN

In the past few years, Viet Nam has been chosen as an ideal budget destination by international students over Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand for numerous reasons such as international-standard education,... Read more »

Regulations on foreign employees transferring within enterprises

Foreign employees have been hired for at least 12 months prior to such transfer by the foreign enterprise are allowed to transfer within an enterprise. Question: What are the regulations... Read more »

Does the investor have to record supervision records?

Mr. Le Nguyen Hieu (hieu.qldayte @ …) referring to Decree 46/2015 / ND-CP and does not find that it is required the investor (representative of the investor) must keep a... Read more »

When adding business lines, do businesses need to adjust investment certificates?

In case the enterprise supplements its business line without changing the objectives of the investment project specified in the investment registration certificate, it is not necessary to carry out the... Read more »

Basis for calculating wages for workers on public and New Year holidays

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hue (in Ha Nam Province) would like to ask: In case of payment of salaries on public holidays, New Year holidays, vacation days, personal leave, will the... Read more »

Should company consult with union whenbuilding wage scale andpayroll?

A reader has email nhanvanx @ xxx would like to ask: My company is building a scale and, payroll. Does the company have to consult with a union? What happens... Read more »

Researching and completingprocesses, procedures for receiving aid

The Ministry of Planning and Investment would like to acknowledge Mr. Nguyen Anh Duc’s proposal (Faculty of Law, Hanoi National University) to research and improve processes and procedures for receiving... Read more »

Conditions for appointment of bidding packages for design verification

If the contractor has won the bidding package of project management consultancy, the bidding is organized widely, after that the contractor is appointed to appraise the construction drawing design, then... Read more »