Regulations on foreign employees transferring within enterprises

Foreign employees have been hired for at least 12 months prior to such transfer by the foreign enterprise are allowed to transfer within an enterprise. Question: What are the regulations on foreign employees transferring within enterprises in Viet Nam? Answer: Clause 3, Article 1, Decree 11/2016/ND-CP (Decree 11), dated February...

Does the investor have to record supervision records?

When adding business lines, do businesses need to adjust investment certificates?

Basis for calculating wages for workers on public and New Year holidays

Should company consult with union whenbuilding wage scale andpayroll?

Researching and completingprocesses, procedures for receiving aid

Conditions for appointment of bidding packages for design verification

Apartment has not received the acceptance result and has not been handed over the house yet

Food that must register content before advertising

Project management costs include the cost of monitoring and evaluating the works construction investment project

Project management costs are necessary expenditures on project management, including preparation, execution and inauguration of the project (including costs of monitoring and evaluating the works construction investment project) Through the receiving and responding system to businesses ‘recommendations, the investment- construction project management unit of Phu Yen Province requests the authorities to resolve this following issue: […] Read more »

Working overtime

The Labor Code 2019 increases the number of overtime working hours for employees which does not exceed 40 hours/month instead of 30 hours/month as stipulated by the Labor Code 2012. Question: What are regulations on working overtime as stipulated in the Labor Code 2019? Answer: The Labor Code 2019 stipulates cases that the employees are […] Read more »

Age of retirement

The age of retirement for employees in normal working conditions is adjusted according to the roadmap until they reach 62 years of age for the male employees by 2028 and 60 years for the female employees by 2035. Question: What are fresh regulations on retirement ages as stipulated in the Labor Code 2019? Answer: The […] Read more »

Are distribution enterprises qualified for insurance agents?

Through the receiving and responding system to recommendations of businesses, Seoul T&S Vina Co., Ltd. Would like to ask: “Is a foreign-invested company operating in the field of distribution qualified for a non-life insurance agent of an insurance enterprise? If possible, what conditions are required?” In addition, the Company wishes to know how the insurance […] Read more »

Sales promotion program worth VND 100 million values must be notified to the Department of Trade and Industry

When conducting sales promotion programs of which the total prizes or gifts are valued more than VND 100 million, traders must notify sales promotion activities to all Departments of Trade and Industry of localities, regardless of the location where the sales promotion program is conducted. The Minh Quang Dang Limited Law Company refers to Article […] Read more »

Preferential policies for solar power projects

The government encourages the development of solar power projects, including rooftop solar power projects. The incentive mechanism for the development of solar power projects was issued by the Government’s Prime Minister in Decision No. 11/2017 / QD-TTg dated April 11, 2017. Through the receiving and responding system to businesses’ recommendations, The CDI Vietnam E-Commerce Co., […] Read more »

Does it require exploiting reservoir water having a permit?

All works that have been exploited and used water from water sources (including irrigation works) before the effective date of the Law on Water Resources 2012 (January 1, 2013) must have exploitation permit on using water resources. The Ninh Thuan Irrigation Works Exploitation Limited Company currently exploits and manages 21 reservoirs. Pursuant to Decree No. […] Read more »

Should the welfare fund be used for paying phone service charges?

Ms. Pham Thi Ha is working in a public secondary school located in Da Nang City. When building the internal spending regulations, the school has been using the Welfare fund to pay monthly phone service charges of the principal, vice principal and the accountant at VND 200,000/ per person and provide the accountant with financial […] Read more »

Direct contracting or bidding for selection of investors on land use projects?

List of projects of investment using land shall be made on the basis of socio-economic development plans; annual land use plans; lists of approved projects that need land withdrawal, and overall planning on a scale of 1:2000 spatial planning on a scale of 1:500 (if any). Through the receiving and responding system to businesses’ recommendations, […] Read more »

Enterprises propose to remove problems of plant protection drugs

Through the receiving and responding system to business’s recommendations, the Thuy Kim Sinh Co., Ltd. (in Ho Chi Minh City) reflects problems related to testing the active ingredients in plant protection drugs of the Company and would like to request authorities to have measures to solve and remove difficulties for businesses. The Thuy Kim Sinh […] Read more »

What is the paperwork for declaration of conformity?

Through the receiving and responding system to enterprise’s recommendations, The Aeon Vietnam Co., Ltd. Would like to ask, According to Clause 7, Article 16 of the Consolidated Document 05 / VBHN-BKHCN, products are required to be certified as conformable. The certificate of conformity is valid and does not need additional notice of receipt, is this […] Read more »

Does information evaluate the proposal documents disclosed violating the law?

The disclosure of the results of evaluation of the proposal prior to the announcement of the decision to approve the contractor selection results is a violation of the prohibited acts stated in the Bidding Law. Violating organizations and individuals are handled according to Clause 3, Article 122 of Decree No. 63/2014 / ND-CP. The Tan […] Read more »