On This Day: 18 June 1997

In 1997, Nicolas Cage and John Travolta joined director John Woo for the world premiere of their hit action thriller “Face/Off” in Los Angeles. (June 18)

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Law & Order star ‘Elliot Stabler' (60) undresses for men's magazine | show

photosActor Christopher Meloni (60), known for his role as Elliot Stabler in Law & Order: Special victims unit, has stripped for a men’s magazine. His name is right away trending ... Read more »

Italian fashion house takes Kendall Jenner to court | Stars

Liu Jo signed Jenner for two assignments in early 2019, for which she would receive one and a half million dollars. The reality star appeared in the spring and summer ... Read more »

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be presenting the Emmy Awards

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, are reportedly being lined up for the Emmy Awards. Bosses for the glitzy event are said to be keen on getting the Duke ... Read more »

Jennifer Aniston distanced herself from people over COVID-19 vaccine: 'It was unfortunate'

As the coronavirus pandemic persists largely among unvaccinated individuals, Jennifer Aniston is cutting ties with those in her life who haven’t gotten behind the vaccine. During an interview with InStyle ... Read more »

A town without cell phones? 'The Quiet Zone' explores West Virginia's 'magnet for weirdos'

When journalist Stephen Kurczy began traveling from New York City into the West Virginia backcountry in 2017, he was convinced he had found a modern-day Walden – an oasis unspoiled ... Read more »

How Rihanna became a billionaire without singing a note | show

Rihanna (33) is officially billionaire and the richest singer in the world, according to business magazine Forbes. And that while she hasn’t made a new record in five years. How ... Read more »

How Rihanna became a billionaire thanks to her lingerie (without singing a note) | show

Rihanna (33) is officially billionaire and the richest singer in the world, according to business magazine Forbes. And that while she hasn’t made a new record in five years. How ... Read more »

'The Suicide Squad' star John Cena makes the most of his 'second chance' in Hollywood: 'I failed big'

After two decades in a pro wrestling ring, John Cena’s no stranger to uniform commitment. For years he entertained thousands wearing jean shorts, ball caps, throwback sports jerseys, Reebok Pump ... Read more »

John Cena on 'beautifully absurd' 'Suicide Squad' sequel and 'burden' of WWE championship

John Cena chats with USA TODAY’s Brian Truitt about the “beautifully absurd” “The Suicide Squad” and traveling with the WWE championship belt. Read more »

Herald morning quiz: August 5

Test your brains with the Herald’s morning quiz. Be sure to check back on nzherald.co.nz at 3pm for the afternoon quiz. To challenge yourself with more quizzes, CLICK HERE. Read more »

What is a 'CODA'? Filmmakers discuss acronym that stands for Child of Deaf Adults

“CODA” filmmakers explain the acronym behind the movie’s title – Child of Deaf Adults. “CODA” is released on Apple TV+ and theaters Aug. 13. Read more »

Living legend Paul Anka (80): ‘I refuse to retire' | News

The Canadian, who conquered the world in the late 1950s with hits like Lonely Boy and Put Your Head on My Shoulder, is far from intending to hang up his ... Read more »

Taylor Swift gushes over Simone Biles' Olympics return: ‘We all learned from you'

Taylor Swift and Simone Biles had an emotional exchange on Twitter, with Swift praising Biles after her triumphant comeback at the Tokyo Games. The singer narrated an NBC promo marking ... Read more »

Immersive tech locks 'Guimoon' audiences in abandoned building

(From left) Actors Lee Jung-hyung and Kim So-hye, director Shim Deok-geun and actors Hong Jin-gi and Kim Kang-woo pose for a photo after an online press conference held on Tuesday. ... Read more »

Friend Emma Heesters had to get used to ‘party every time' in bed: ‘I take the suspenders with him' | show

Emma Heesters’ (25) boyfriend has had to get used to the fact that it’s ‘a party every time’ in bed with her. The singer already likes to wear luxurious lingerie ... Read more »

Eurovision winner Måneskin joins forces with Iggy Pop (74) | Culture

I Wanna Be Your Slave hitched a ride on the success of the winning song immediately after Måneskin’s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in May Zitti E Buoni. The ... Read more »

Emma Heesters surprised friend with ‘party every time' in bed: ‘I take the suspenders with him' | show

Emma Heesters’ (25) boyfriend has had to get used to the fact that it’s ‘a party every time’ in bed with her. The singer already likes to wear luxurious lingerie ... Read more »

Yola is a sonic shapeshifter on 'Stand For Myself,' one of 2021's essential Nashville-made albums

With her new album “Stand For Myself,” British-raised Nashville artist Yola crisscrosses classic pop with a rock ‘n’ roll spirit, country twang and undeniable disco grooves. She graduates from the ... Read more »

Grammy Awards will have inclusion rider to 'ensure' diversity in 2022

LOS ANGELES — The Grammy Awards will adopt an inclusion rider, an important step toward making the premier music awards show more diverse. The Recording Academy announced Wednesday that next ... Read more »

Shima Kaes on appeal after loss of summary proceedings against Johnny de Mol | show

Shima Kaes will appeal against the judgment of the District Court of The Hague regarding her report of assault and attempted murder against her ex-fiancé Johnny de Mol. That is ... Read more »

Duchess of Sussex launches initiative on her 40th birthday, with help of Melissa McCarthy

Duchess of Sussex launches ’40 x 40′ initiative on her 40th birthday, with the help of Melissa McCarthy Read more »

Naomi van As (38): ‘I thought I would be a strict mother, but it's not that bad' | Family

Before becoming parents, former hockey player Naomi van As (38) and her boyfriend, speed skater Sven Kramer, had a list of things they would never do. “I have to laugh ... Read more »

Sex & The City's John Corbett married Bo Derek | Stars

“We are quite private in our relationship, so we didn’t publicize our marriage. Our families and friends knew about it, but this is only the first time either of us ... Read more »

Rihanna officially becomes a billionaire: Forbes names her the 'richest female musician'

Rihanna shines bright like a diamond, or several diamonds: The multi-hyphenate star is now a billionaire. Forbes announced Wednesday that Rihanna joins the ranks of Oprah Winfrey as one of ... Read more »

ID&T stops summary proceedings about festivals | Coronavirus

“In the intended preliminary relief proceedings, the starting point was that the decision of 9 July was taken unlawfully and carelessly, because the cabinet had not included the Fieldlab results ... Read more »

British royal family wishes Meghan a happy birthday | Stars

“I wish the Duchess of Sussex a very happy birthday today!”, the British royal family writes under photos of Meghan with the Queen, Prince Harry and their baby Archie. Prince ... Read more »

Garth Brooks rethinking stadium tour due to uptick in COVID cases: 'It breaks my heart'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Country star Garth Brooks said he will be reassessing whether to continue his stadium tour because of the rising number of COVID-19 cases. In a statement issued ... Read more »

Duchess Meghan turns 40: How she's starting a 'liberating' new chapter after years of turmoil

Duchess Meghan is going to have a royal good time for her 40th birthday. The Duchess of Sussex said goodbye to her thirties and officially ushered in her forties on ... Read more »

ShowBiz Minute: R. Kelly, Brooks, Sundance

Lawyer: R. Kelly gained weight, lost money ahead of trial; Garth Brooks reassessing stadium tour because of COVID surge; Sundance Film Festival sets vaccination requirement for 2022. (Aug. 4) Read more »

'Pray Away' details trauma of LGBTQ conversion therapy – and new leaders are still emerging

You may think you know everything about LGBTQ conversion therapy because you read disturbing headlines and cringed at movies like “Boy Erased.” But you don’t even know the half of ... Read more »

The Offspring drummer Pete Parada banned for refusing corona vaccine gossip

Parada has been drumming for the American punk rock band since 2007. “Because of my medical history, the doctor advised me not to take the shot,” writes Parada, referring to ... Read more »

Book by Peter R. de Vries in top 10 bestseller list | show

The murdered crime journalist Peter R. de Vries is listed in the Bestseller 60. With his book A murder costs more lives from 1994, it came in seventh this week. ... Read more »

British royal family wishes Meghan a happy birthday | show

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth wished Meghan a happy birthday. Today the Duchess of Sussex celebrates her 40th birthday. ‘Happy birthday to the Duchess of Sussex today!’, the British royal family writes ... Read more »

'Be bold and woo me,' Taiwan starlet Kuo Shu-yao tells men aged 20 and up

Kuo said she would not mind dating a guy much younger than her. TAIPEI – Taiwanese actress Kuo Shu-yao, also known as Yao-yao, has a message for men aged 20 ... Read more »

Reynolds on Deadpool trailer: 'We didn't think Disney would say yes'

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively walk red carpet for “Free Guy” world premiere; Reynolds talks Deadpool trailer critique. (Aug. 4) Read more »

On This Day: 4 August 1958

In 1958, Billboard started its Hot 100 all-genre singles chart. (Aug. 4) Read more »

‘Losing honorary titles is a psychological blow to Prince Harry' | Royals

“It is a psychological blow to him because it emphasizes the break with the royal family,” Dampier tells The Sun. “It is now very definite. The Queen had left the ... Read more »

Fetty Wap in tears for support after daughter's death | show

American rapper Fetty Wap has thanked his fans for all the support he received after the death of his 4-year-old daughter Lauren. In a video on Instagram, the artist told ... Read more »