News alarm: Children's stamp campaign starts + Bonfire is allowed again

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Good morning! Grab your breakfast and sit down. Here you can read what news you missed last night and what will happen this Tuesday.


It is dry in most places and occasionally the sun comes out. Rain can only fall in the northwest. It will be 17 or 18 degrees.

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This happened while you were sleeping:

– At a restaurant in Utrecht it was very restless last night. Dozens of people had come to the restaurant to prevent the police from closing the restaurant. The restaurant had to close because the owners did not want to check their guests for a corona pass. You get such a pass if you have been vaccinated, have had corona or can show with a test that you are not sick.

– It bonfire in Duindorp during New Year’s Eve may continue this year. The organization has received permission from the municipality to make a pyre of up to 10 meters high. It is tradition to make big fires. The fires were not allowed to continue in the past two years because, according to the municipality, it was not safe.

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The bonfire in Duindorp in 2016 AP

This is in the news today:

– The new movie from James Bond will premiere. The film was supposed to be released in March 2020, but that was canceled due to corona. Since then, the premiere has been postponed very often. Cinemas are reopening in many places around the world, which is why the film can finally be seen. The movie is called No Time To Die. Billie Eilish sings the soundtrack.

Billie Eilish – No Time To Die

– Today begins the Children’s stamp campaign. Children from groups 7 and 8 then go door-to-door to sell children’s stamps. They can also sell stamps by sending a video message to family and friends. The proceeds go to charity. This year the money will go to children who have had a hard time due to the corona crisis.

You obviously need stamps to send a card or letter. What do you think about that?

Sending a card is old-fashioned.

make favorite

Reply to the statement: Sending a card is old-fashioned.

And then this:

This weekend was the cliff diving World Cup. Participants jump from a high rock into the water with impressive tricks.

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News alarm: Children’s stamp campaign starts + Bonfire is allowed again
Source link News alarm: Children’s stamp campaign starts + Bonfire is allowed again

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