New book about Amalia with photos of her private life

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Princess Amalia turns 18 in December and that is why a special book about her life will be published. The book is titled Amalia. In the book, Amalia talks about what it is like to be a princess. She also shares a number of photos that have never been seen before.

It is not the first book about Amalia, but it is the first book that the princess herself has been interviewed for.

Horse riding

The book is written by comedian Claudia de Breij. She visited the princess a few times this summer to talk about all kinds of things. It was about her dreams for the future and her time in high school.

Amalia also showed Claudia her favorite place around the house. Those are the stables where the horses are kept. Amalia loves horseback riding.

When King Willem-Alexander turned 18, a book was published about his life. And a book was also written when Princess Beatrix, Amalia’s grandmother, turned 18.

Pocket money

Amalia can probably be seen more often at official events after her birthday. From then on she will also receive pocket money from the Dutch state. Amalia wrote in a letter that she does not want that money. That’s why she will return it.

New book about Amalia with photos of her private life
Source link New book about Amalia with photos of her private life

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