Netflix Gamertags Have Arrived, Here’s How You Can Nab Yours

In a bid to provide a more personalised mobile games experience, Netflix is letting users create/change their Gamertag (in-game names) across all its mobile games. The feature is now live on both Android and iOS devices and will give players a chance to stand out from the crowd and flex their creative usernames.

Experimenting with the idea of in-game usernames for some time now, the streaming giant initially rolled out the feature in multiplayer games and online leaderboards. However, in a recently published blog post, Netflix finally rolled out the Gamertag feature for all its subscribers.

While announcing the new feature, Sophia Yang, Product Manager of Netflix Mobile games, stated, “As we continue to expand our mobile games catalogue to span many genres and categories, we’ve been thinking about how we can improve the mobile games experience for members too. Today, we’re rolling out the ability to create game handles for a more personalised gameplay experience.”

android, netflix gamertags have arrived, here’s how you can nab yours

Netflix games

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How to Setup a Netflix Gamertag

Setting up your own Gamertag on Netflix Games is pretty straightforward, but, the process varies, depending on your mobile’s operating system/platform.

On Android

If you’re on Android, then all you need to do is fire up the Netflix app and head over to the games tab in Netflix’s navigation bar. Once there, simply click on the banner that reads “Create your Netflix game handle” to get started with setting up your username.

On iOS

It’s a little tougher to set up your Netflix Gamertag on iOS. Here, users will need to do some legwork as the iOS version of the Netflix app doesn’t have a dedicated games tab. To set up your Netflix Gamertag on iOS, you’ll first need to download a game such as Rival Pirates or Lucky Luna and then follow the in-game prompts to create your gamer handle.

Why You Should Setup a Netflix Gamertag

In-game usernames are something most of us take pride in as they act as our virtual identity, which adds a personal touch to the game or the character/avatar we play as. “This feature is only the beginning in building a tailored game experience for our members around the world,” Yang further added.

The company will also “continue to adapt and evolve” its offerings to meet the ever growing demands of audiences. Netflix is clearly betting big on video games and has been making huge strides in expanding and strengthening its game catalogue. Just recently, the company revealed that it’s establishing an internal games development studio in Helsinki, Finland. However, this is just a stepping stone and Netflix still has a long way to go. It’s too early to say if it will be able to replicate the success it achieved as an OTT service provider.

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