National Lottery draw LIVE: £8.7million Lotto jackpot up for grabs tonight after EuroMillions numbers revealed

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National Lottery draw LIVE: £8.7million Lotto jackpot up for grabs tonight after EuroMillions numbers revealed

TONIGHT's National Lottery jackpot will be an estimated £8.7 million after no-one bagged the top prize on Saturday evening.

No-one matched all six main numbers, although one lucky player matched five plus the bonus ball to take £1 million, Camelot said.

The draw will take place at 8pm, with a Thunderball draw taking place shortly after at 8.15pm.

It comes after no one bagged Tuesday's EuroMillions top prize last night – meaning Friday's jackpot rolls over to a staggering £46MILLION.

The winning numbers for last night's draw were 12, 15, 20, 42, 44 and the Lucky Stars were 1 and 2.

Unfortunately, there were no winners of the top prize – but 3 ticket holders bagged £151,000 each after matching five numbers and one Lucky Star.

Read our EuroMillions live blog for the latest updates…

  • Joseph Gamp12 minutes ago

    Tonight's Lotto game closes at 7.30pm

    Make sure you get your tickets NOW – as tonight's Lotto draw closes at 7.30pm.

    The draw will take place at 8pm.

    Keep those fingers and toes crossed.

  • Joseph Gamp27 minutes ago

    One hour to go until tonight's Lotto draw

    The jackpot for tonight's National Lottery draw will be an estimated £8.7 million.

    It comes after no-one bagged the top prize on Saturday evening.

    No-one matched all six main numbers, although one lucky player matched five plus the bonus ball to take £1 million, Camelot said.

    Good luck!

  • Joseph GampToday, 18:21

    That's your lott

    CJ UJAH has been stripped of domestic athletics funding following his Olympics drugs violation.

    The sprinter is suspended from the sport after testing positive for banned substances at the Tokyo Games in August.

    The case has gone to the Court of Arbitration for Sport and the GB team that won 4x100m relay silver behind Italy could be stripped of their medals.

    That would mean heartache for Ujah's Tokyo team-mates Zharnel Hughes, Richard Kilty and Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake.

    Londoner Ujah, 27, was on Olympic Relays funding – between £21,000 and £28,000 – over the past 12 months.

    He insists he is not a cheat and denies any wrongdoing.

    National Lottery draw LIVE: £8.7million Lotto jackpot up for grabs tonight after EuroMillions numbers revealed

  • Joseph GampToday, 18:07

    What is UK Millionaire Maker?

    For every EuroMillions line played, players automatically receive a UK Millionaire Maker code printed on their ticket.

    The draw guarantees one lucky player will win a sum of £1million.

    A code consists of four letters and five numbers.

    It’s then entered into a raffle and selected at random.

    There used to be two guaranteed millionaire raffle winners per EuroMillions draw, but this was reverted to one in January 2019.

  • Joseph GampToday, 17:58

    The coupe who lost their winning Lottery ticket

    Couple Martyn and Kay Tott were overjoyed when finding out they had bought the winning Lottery ticket back in 2001… however, their joy quickly turned to “torture”.

    They soon discovered the ticket was missing – and a 30-day window to report it had passed.

    Martyn said the near-win “quickly highlighted our differences” and lead to bickering, with the married couple mutually agreeing their relationship had run its course.

    But he now feels the loss was a good thing, saying “there is no guarantee it would have brought me happiness”.

    Read the article in full here.

  • Joseph GampToday, 17:26

    Can I still buy a Lotto ticket?

    The deadline for purchasing tickets for tonight’s Lotto draw is 7.30pm.

    But don’t worry if you miss out on tonight’s deadline.

    You’ll be able to buy a ticket for the next draw after 9pm – when both the Lotto and Thunderball draws have taken place.

  • Joseph GampToday, 17:00

    ….and Thunderball is back at 8.15pm

    If the Lotto draw wasn't enough to feast upon, Thunderball also takes place tonight.

    The draw commences at 8.15pm this evening, and you could be in with a chance of bagging £500,000.

    Good luck!

  • Joseph GampToday, 16:46

    Lotto returns tonight with estimated £8.7m jackpot

    The jackpot for Wednesday's National Lottery draw will be an estimated £8.7 million after no-one bagged the top prize on Saturday evening.

    No-one matched all six main numbers, although one lucky player matched five plus the bonus ball to take £1 million, Camelot said.

    The draw takes place at 8pm this evening – so hurry and get your tickets NOW.

  • Milica CosicToday, 16:00

    Do Lucky dips ever win?

    Ultimately, there’s no real statistical advantage to choosing your own numbers or using a Lucky Dip option – both are good for different reasons.

    The most important thing is to go with the method that suits the way you like to play the lottery, so whichever method or numbers you choose are the right ones for you.

  • Milica CosicToday, 15:45

    The couple who won lottery twice after losing their son to Covid

    A couple have won two lottery prizes in two weeks, just months after tragically losing their son to Covid.

    Susan Slater and her husband won more than £30,000 on the People’s Postcode Lottery twice in July.

    They now want to use the cash to remember their son Steve, who died with coronavirus.

    Susan, 74, said she couldn’t believe it when she found out that she had won again: “When I got the phone call for this, I’d told quite a few people that I’d won £1,000 and I thought ‘this is a wind-up, someone is winding me up!’

    “Nowhere in my imagination did I think I was going to be lucky enough to win £30,000.”

  • Milica CosicToday, 15:30

    Explained: Where the lottery money goes to

    Of all money spent on National Lottery games, around 53% goes to the prize fund and 25% to “good causes” as set out by Parliament. 

    Although some of this is considered by some to be a form of “stealth tax”, levied to support the National Lottery Community Fund, a fund constituted to support public spending).

    Further to this, 12% goes to the UK Government as lottery duty, 4% to retailers as commission, and a total of 5% to operator Camelot, with 4% to cover operating costs and 1% as profit.

  • Milica CosicToday, 15:15

    Pieces, are you really that lucky?

    Dreamy Pisces is the luckiest sign of the zodiac when it comes to winning the lottery, according to research from Lott and MailOnline.

    The data, which was based on those winning the top lottery jackpot, found that 11.6% of the winners were Pisces – meaning, on average, they were more likely to pick the golden ticket.

    Go-with the-flow Pisces will stumble upon extraordinarily lucky breaks and often find themselves effortlessly attracting most things on their wish list.

    So, Pisces, if you’re reading this maybe you should get down to the shops and buy a lottery ticket…

  • Milica CosicToday, 15:00

    'No guarantee Lottery would have bought happiness'

    “BRITAIN’S unluckiest couple” unfortunately split up after missing out on a huge £3million Lottery jackpot.

    Martyn and Kay Tott were overjoyed when finding out they had bought the winning Lottery ticket back in 2001.

    But their joy quickly turned to “torture” upon discovering the ticket was missing – and a 30-day window to report it had passed.

    Martyn said the near-win “quickly highlighted our differences” and lead to bickering, with the married couple mutually agreeing their relationship had run its course.

    But he now feels the loss was a good thing, saying “there is no guarantee it would have brought me happiness”.

    The couple, who lived in Watford at the time, realised they had won an unclaimed prize six months after buying the ticket in 2001.

    National Lottery draw LIVE: £8.7million Lotto jackpot up for grabs tonight after EuroMillions numbers revealed

  • Milica CosicToday, 14:45

    How to collect your lottery winnings

    Usually, if you played online, the money will be paid directly into your National Lottery account.

    For the most part you can also claim your prize from a designated post office, regional National Lottery centre, or by post. You may have to complete a claim form and provide ID.

    For winnings of £50,000 and over, you should call the National Lottery to arrange for your claim to be processed in person.

  • Milica CosicToday, 14:30

    Can lottery winners remain anonymous in the UK?

    Absolutely! Lottery winners can keep their anonymity in the UK.

    There is also a common myth or misconception that remaining anonymous affects the amount of money you win.

    However, this is absolutely false and your decision about whether or not to go public has no bearing on your jackpot.

  • Milica CosicToday, 14:15

    The valid forms of ID when claiming your ticket

    As proof of identity, you will need one item of identification from the Proof of ID list and also one item from the Proof of Address list.

    Identification should be provided for all claims over £500.

    Here are some of the forms of ID you can bring with you. It should be noted that you should check the Post Office website for the full list:

    • Passport (any nationality)
    • Photo Driving Licence (UK and EU)
    • UK original birth certificate issued within 12 months of birth
    • UK biometric residence permit
    • HM Forces/Police Photo ID Card
    • UK adoption certificate
    • Valid EU photo ID card
    • P45 statement of income for tax purposes on leaving a job dated and issued in the last 12 months

  • Milica CosicToday, 14:00

    What prizes can be claimed with Post Office?

    Prizes up to £500 can be claimed at the Lottery terminal in store.

    For prizes over £500 and up to £50,000, you must take your winning ticket to the Lottery terminal for scanning and then go to the PO counter.

    AND, if you've been really, really lucky and won over £50,000, you will need to claim your prize in person.

  • Milica CosicToday, 13:45

    Explained: Do lottery tickets expire?

    Don't wait too long as draw-game tickets expire 180 days after the drawing.

    Scratchcard prizes must be claimed within 180 days after the game closes.

  • Milica CosicToday, 13:30

    The six luckiest numbers

    The day we win the lottery would be the most magical day ever, but until then we've actually got to play the lottery.

    Here are the six luckiest numbers globally: 6, 7, 33, 38, 40 and 49.

    These numbers come from data collected from draws that happened in the UK, Spain, Canada, Poland, Germany, South African and Greece.

    Imagine your luck if these exact numbers are the winning numbers one day…

  • Milica CosicToday, 13:15

    Pictured: The National Lottery weekly timetable

    Here’s a timetable for all UK lottery games including Lotto, EuroMillions and Set For Life.

    There is a draw six nights a week, and we reveal the winning numbers on the blog here each night.

    There, however, is no draw on Sundays.

    National Lottery draw LIVE: £8.7million Lotto jackpot up for grabs tonight after EuroMillions numbers revealed

  • Milica CosicToday, 13:00

    UK’s biggest unclaimed win

    The UK’s biggest unclaimed win was from June 2012, when a Euromillions prize worth £63.8 million.

    The prize money was never picked up by its unfortunate owner.

    The ticket was bought in the Stevenage or Hitchin areas of Hertfordshire but, after the allowed time period to claim expired, the money was instead distributed among charitable causes.

  • Milica CosicToday, 12:45

    The man who won the lottery seven times

    American man, Richard Lustig, is the only person in the world who has won the lottery seven times.

    In an interview with ABC News, Lustig explained that his method wass to re-invest all of his winnings back into the lottery, and also recommended using hand-picked sequential numbers, as well as using the same numbers repeatedly.

    Lustig's total wins amount to a value of $1,052,205.58, which is about £766,736.95.

    • Win 1: January 1993 (scratch-off ticket) – $10,000
    • Win 2: August 1997 (Florida Fantasy 5) – $13,696.03
    • Win 3: June 2000 (“scratch-off ticket “2nd chance drawing”) – $3,594.66
    • Win 4: October 2001 (“scratch-off ticket “2nd chance drawing”) – valued at $4,966
    • Win 5: January 2002 (Florida Mega Money) – $842,152.91
    • Win 6: November 25, 2008 (Florida Fantasy 5) $73,658.06
    • Win 7: August 9, 2010 (Florida Fantasy 5) – $98,992.92

  • Milica CosicToday, 12:30


    According to a CPA review, people are more likely to do the following than win the lottery:

    1. Die from an asteroid strike: 1 in 74,817,414
    2. Become a movie star: 1 in 1,505,000
    3. Get struck by lightning: 1 in 1,101,000
    4. Bowl a 300 game: 1 in 11,500

  • Milica CosicToday, 12:15

    Tips to help you win the lottery

    Do you want to boost your probability of hitting the jackpot price in lotto? Here are some tips on how to increase your chances of winning.

    1. To increase your probability of winning, you need to buy more tickets. 
    2. Form a lottery syndicate where you gather money from lottery players.
    3. Don’t choose consecutive numbers.
    4. Don’t choose a number that falls in the same number group or ending with a similar digit.
    5. Look for more unpopular games played at odd times.
    6. Better if you will play less popular lottery games with fewer players, so you will have less competition.
    7. Some people tend to play lotto based from the numbers of their birthday, or the birthday of a family member. 
    8. Keep in mind that every number in the lottery has an equal probability of being chosen as the winning number.

  • Milica CosicToday, 12:00

    What is the Double Rollover?

    This is a draw following a draw where the jackpot prize pool wasn't won.

    It's a common mistake to call that previous draw a “rollover”, but in fact it's just a draw where the jackpot prize was rolled over to the next draw.

    If a jackpot has rolled over two, three or even four times, it's pretty easy to describe; you would refer to it as a double rollover, triple rollover or quadruple rollover.

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