NASA Introduces BioSentinel, the First Deep Space Biology Mission of Artemis I

NASA Introduces BioSentinel, the First Deep Space Biology Mission of Artemis I

NASA is already underway in launching the first leg of the lunar mission, Artemis.

With that, the space agency has introduced BioSentinel, the first long-term deep space experiment. The goal of NASA in launching the Artemis lunar program this time is to build a longer presence rather than just step on the moon just like it did a few decades ago.

Eventually, the agency will take this opportunity to advance space exploration further than the moon.

This will assist them in preparing individuals for travel on missions that are further away and last for longer periods of time, such as those to Mars.

NASA will do this using a new rocket called the Space Launch System (SLS) and a new spacecraft called Orion. The vehicle will be launched into deep space by the vehicle, which is intended to have the capacity to lift massive loads.

Furthermore, it also has the ability to carry CubeSats. CubeSats are low-cost space experiments that are about the size of a shoebox.

The SLS will carry 10 CubeSats with them to space, one of which is called BioSentinel.

Why Do They Choose BioSentinel?

It is floating in the weightlessness of microgravity around 250 miles above the surface of the Earth.

They depend on commercial cargo missions to provide new supplies and experiments around once every two months on average. Despite this, the area is shielded from the effects of space radiation to a significant degree.

According to NASA, the magnetic field of the Earth protects the crew of the space station from a significant portion of the radiation that has the potential to harm the DNA in our cells and cause serious health issues.

However, when future astronauts embark on lengthy missions that take them deeper into space, they will be entering radiation environments that are more hazardous than ever before, and they will require extensive shielding as a result.

Scientists are able to take a first step toward finding solutions by utilizing an experiment in biology that is housed on a small satellite known as BioSentinel.

NASA’s Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate funded this experiment, which was developed by more than 100 scientists and engineers.

Their efforts will assist NASA to achieve its objective of safeguarding astronaut performance and health during the upcoming space exploration missions.

NASA Artemis I: First Space Mission

NASA’s BioSentinel will carry out the first biological experiment in a long duration of time in space.

It will contain microorganisms, in the form of yeast, in order to fill key gaps in information about the potential threats to human health caused by space radiation in deep space.

The primary responsibility of BioSentinel is to keep an eye on the yeast’s vital signs to determine how well they do when they are subjected to radiation in space.

In addition to this, it will investigate the effects of radiation on the development and metabolic activities of yeast cells after they have been placed beyond low-Earth orbit.

As explained by NASA, “Because yeast cells have similar biological mechanisms to human cells, including DNA damage and repair, scrutinizing yeast in space will help us better understand the risks of space radiation to humans and other biological organisms and help us plan crewed exploration missions to the Moon and beyond.”

NASA’s chosen CubeSats experiments, including the BioSentinel, will be transported to the surface of the moon by the Space Launch System rocket as part of the secondary payloads.

These secondary payloads will carry scientific and technological research as well as technology demonstrations that will ultimately pave the path for future human exploration in deep space.

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