My 5 favourite things about the new Range Rover

My 5 favourite things about the new Range Rover

The new Range Rover has landed in South Africa for a starting price of R2,947,000.

This SUV strives to be one of the most luxurious and capable vehicles on the market and in order to do so, it must perform impressive feats.

While there are many things it can do better now than before, these five we think are the coolest.

Active noise cancellation

The 35-speaker Meridian surround sound in the Range Rover not only brings incredibly immersive audio, but also incorporates active noise cancellation through the use of microphones in the wheel wells.

These devices measure road and ambient noise from the outside world as you travel, and play the opposite frequencies directly into your ears through speaker units in the headrests resulting in one of the quietest driving experiences of any car on the road.

My 5 favourite things about the new Range Rover

All-wheel steering

The new Range Rover achieves agility that belies its size thanks to all four wheels turning with steering inputs.

When rounding a corner under 50 km/h the rear wheels now turn up to seven degrees in the opposite direction of those at the front, thereby rotating the SUV in a shorter distance and substantially decreasing the amount of space needed to manoeuvre it.

Another benefit is that at high speeds, the rear wheels turn with the front wheels and provide more stability.

This clever system gives the 5m-long SUV a minimum turning circle of 11 metres, the smallest of any Range Rover ever. For comparison, the Toyota Fortuner at 4.8m long turns around in 11.6 metres.

My 5 favourite things about the new Range Rover

Predictive air suspension

The Range Rover was the first luxury SUV to feature electronic air suspension in 1992, and in this latest iteration, it’s no different.

However, the system is now much more clever than it was 30 years ago, working in conjunction with the onboard navigation and driver assistance systems to bring you the flattest-cornering Range Rover ever.

The “Dynamic Response Pro and pre-emptive suspension” setup uses front-mounted radars and “eHorizon Navigation data” to know where you are driving and scan the road ahead to check how it leans and bends.

It then calibrates the air suspension to be as hard or soft as need be before you get to that point, resulting in this Range Rover staying almost completely level around corners.

It also works with adaptive cruise control and steering assist to fine-tune the smooth ride.

My 5 favourite things about the new Range Rover

Reclining rear seats

If the Executive Class rear seat option is ticked, the Range Rover sees two reclining rear seats with a media control centre that makes the rear of the cabin the best place to be in this big SUV.

The seats are heated and ventilated as standard and can also be ordered with a massaging feature, while the eight-inch tablet gives passengers controls over dual-zone climate control, the panoramic roof, ambient lighting, seats, and 11.4-inch HD touchscreens with HDMI and WiFi support.

If the front passenger seat isn’t in use, it can also be moved all the way forward at the push of a button allowing for even more room in the back.

My 5 favourite things about the new Range Rover

Tailgate event suite

The new Tailgate Event Suite takes the versatile loadspace floor of the halo Range Rover to the next level.

The floor can be lifted and fixed in place to form a backrest while the lower edge of the dual-level tailgate functions as a seating area for up to two adults.

Added to this are two Meridian speakers in the top section of the tailgate that offer two hours of playtime and additional reading lights when the SUV is turned off.

Tailored cushions are also included to “create the perfect vantage point for outdoor relaxation.”

My 5 favourite things about the new Range Rover

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