Municipality of Amsterdam asked women to avoid alderman Ivens

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The municipality of Amsterdam has asked female officials who had complained about inappropriate comments by alderman Ivens to stay away from meetings and gatherings where Ivens was supposed to be present. This is apparent from an external investigation that the municipality had carried out into the cross-border behavior of the alderman who resigned in July.

The report was made public after an appeal by Het Parool to the Government Information (Public Access) Act. In the report, the researchers write that several women who indicated last year that they no longer felt safe in their work contacts with Ivens, were told that it was better to avoid him.

“The actual result was that the women’s daily routine was limited, while nothing actually changed for the person concerned,” the researchers write. And that led to “resentment and displeasure” among the officials. “They did not feel taken seriously and believed that insufficient action was being taken by the managers and the director.”


When Ivens resigned on July 5, both he and Mayor Halsema spoke of a “pattern of undesirable behaviour”. The SP member, who has been Alderman for Housing since 2014, called his misconduct “light in an objective sense” and said that they “did not relate to sexual contact”. However, according to him, they were experienced as “overwhelming, transgressive or even sexualizing”. He apologized to the employees involved.

According to the external investigators, Ivens was guilty of undesirable behaviour. They also call the behavior “light in an objective sense”. The researchers do call it a considerably aggravating factor that the behavior has continued over a longer period of time.

Large parts of the report have been painted black, making it unclear what exactly Ivens said or did. According to the municipality of Amsterdam, this happened to protect the privacy of those involved.

Municipality of Amsterdam asked women to avoid alderman Ivens
Source link Municipality of Amsterdam asked women to avoid alderman Ivens

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