Most Ridiculous Traffic Rules Around The World

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Laws are typically meant to make sense. Traffic rules are necessary as they protect people from injuring themselves. But this is not the case, at least not always. Although laws are made to protect people, some laws never make sense. These types of laws are called “dumb laws.” No matter how dumb the law is, there are always repercussions for not following a law or breaking any traffic rule. Now, you don’t want to face any adverse consequences. Do you? So, let us enlighten you about some existing ridiculous traffic rules worldwide.

No unclean car is allowed in Russia

There can be no better start to this list other than Russia. Russia has this weird habit of always making noises. Russia and the limelight go hand in hand. Weird laws exist everywhere; Russia is no exception. In Russia, driving an uncleaned car will lead you to a fine of 30EUR. Although this law is good, it makes no sense. Like, what can be the logic behind this? However, the definition of “dirty” is questionable. According to the Russian Federation Monitoring rules, a car is dirty if the number plate and the registration number are unclean and not visible. Only such cars are fineable.

news, auto news, ridiculous traffic rules, cars, bikes, carandbike

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Slam the car door and pay the fine in Switzerland

Switzerland is a peace-loving country. And in Switzerland, it is unlawful to slam a car door. However, there’s more to it. You can’t slam a car door after 10 PM. If you do so, you will pay a heavy penalty. This law is imposed so that no one gets disturbed by the sound of slamming doors. If you don’t want to pay a fine after 10 PM, you need to be discreet while closing the car doors.

news, auto news, ridiculous traffic rules, cars, bikes, carandbike

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​Eating and driving are not allowed in France

We all know that drinking and driving are strictly prohibited in many countries. But, do you know that eating and driving are also strictly prohibited in France? You can’t even drink coffee while driving. You need to wait and pull over at an apt spot to have it. At what cost does the coffee get cold? Yes, if you don’t want to pay a fine of 35 EUR. What could be the reason? Do the traffic authorities want you to keep your clean? Of course not; they are least concerned about it.

Driving shirtless is illegal in Thailand

Thailand, the land of tropical beaches, has some ridiculous laws regarding traffic rules. This law is not limited to any particular gender; men and women in Thailand are debarred from driving topless. Driving shirtless is considered obscene exposure, and if you do so, you are likely to receive an on-the-spot fine. The reason for this law? Unknown. So, it’s better to be dressed than to be sorry.

Driving a car faster than a horse carriage is punishable in Canada

If you think all these laws are weird, buckle up for this weird traffic rule of Canada. Apparently, in Jasper Gates, Canada, there’s a rule that you can’t drive your car faster than a horse carriage. Like seriously? Why would even anyone make a law like this? We feel this law is made keeping in mind the safety of the horses and the drivers. Horses rule the road in Canada.

news, auto news, ridiculous traffic rules, cars, bikes, carandbike

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Were you unaware that laws like these exist? We can’t believe it, can you? This is not the end of the list, and the list goes on and on. There are several traffic rules like these that hardly make any sense. We hope you had fun reading these weird and wacky traffic rules around the world.


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