Minecraft Receives A Sizeable New Update, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

Spectator mode, skins and more

Minecraft Receives A Sizeable New Update, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

Image: Mojang

Mojang has released the full patch notes for the latest update in Minecraft and this one is a biggie. What’s more, it’s available to download right now!

Amongst all of the usual bug fixes and improvements, the ver. 1.19.50 update introduces Spectator Mode into the game. This feature has been in an experimental stage for a while, but its new full implementation will allow you to watch over a world, gliding through blocks without the fear of taking damage.

Also joining the party is a whole host of new default skins. No longer will it be a case of choosing simply between Steve and Alex as a further seven cosmetic outfits have been added to the game.

Ver. 1.19.50 – Bedrock (Released 29th Nov, 2022)

New Features:

Spectator Mode

Spectator Mode has made its way into Minecraft: Bedrock Edition! This feature has been experimental for a little while but has now made its way into the game with no experimental toggle required. Here’s a quick write up of this new game mode and how it can be used:

  • When cheats are enabled, players can go in and out of Spectator Mode using the Personal Game Mode option in World Settings or the ‘/gamemode spectator’ command
  • Spectators have a reduced HUD that does not show the crosshair, hotbar, XP, health, hunger, or armor
  • Players’ inventory, health, held items, etc, are unchanged when switching in and out of Spectator Mode
  • Spectators are always flying and cannot be grounded
  • Spectators pass through solid blocks and entities without collision
  • Spectators can see out of solid objects when inside blocks
  • Spectators cannot take damage and are not affected by any blocks, mobs, items, portals, or effects
  • Spectators cannot use items or interact with blocks or mobs
  • Spectators cannot open their inventory or interact with block screens, like Chests or Furnaces
  • Spectators cannot be seen by mobs or other players, except other players in Spectator Mode
    • Spectators appear as a transparent floating head to other players in Spectator Mode
  • Spectators are not needed to sleep to pass the night
  • When playing in first person perspective, spectators do not see their arm or held item
  • Spectators generate chunks, if they fly to new chunks
  • Spectators do not spawn any mobs
  • Non-persistent mobs around spectators will check for distance to any non-spectators when deciding if they should despawn
  • Commands can select and act on spectators

A list of fixes since the last release can be found below in the Vanilla Parity section below.

New Touch Controls

  • New touch controls are now enabled on touch devices by default
  • Players can choose between “Joystick & tap to interact”, “Joystick & aim crosshair”, or “D-Pad & tap to interact”

A list of fixes since the last release can be found in the Fixes section below.

New Default Skins

  • New characters have joined Steve and Alex! These character skins can be selected in the Dressing Room


  • Updated the model and texture of the Vex
  • The Vex retains a slightly larger hitbox to make it easier to fight

Vanilla Parity:


  • While playing tag, baby Villagers will now run at a quicker speed that matches Java Edition


  • Wooden Doors, Iron Doors, Wooden Trapdoors, Iron Trapdoors, and Fence Gates now use the same opening and closing sound effects as Java Edition
  • Updated Pressure Plates to have different pitches based on their behaviour to match Java Edition
  • Added unique button click sound for Wooden Buttons to match Java Edition
  • Crimson and Warped block sets now have a unique set of sounds
  • Mud and Soul Sand Block bounding boxes now matches their visual bounding boxes for when a player places the blocks (MCPE-162252)
  • Lily Pads now pop with sound and particles when run into by a Boat (MCPE-65138)
  • Most blocks destroyed from lack of support now have visual particles, audio effects, and cause vibration events
  • Fixed a bug where placed Light Blocks were invisible even while selecting a Light Block

Spectator Mode

  • Open container, Command Block, or Structure Block screens now close when players enter Spectator Mode

Experimental Features:

  • Introducing the next major update experimental toggle! Enable the “Next Major Update” toggle in world settings to enable this content
  • These features are a work in progress and are still in active development. The design and functionality of these features will likely change before they’re released
  • Please remember: Worlds that have used experimental toggles will always be flagged as “Experimental”. We recommend keeping these experimental worlds as separate copies from your main saves. More information can be found in this article

Bamboo Wood Blocks

  • Added the Bamboo family of blocks as a wood type and use for Bamboo
  • Added Bamboo Raft


  • Added Camels, which can spawn in desert villages
  • Two players can ride Camels together
  • Camels are tall animals and riders are high enough off the ground, out of range from mob melee attacks
  • Camels can walk and sprint, or dash with a short burst of speed
  • Camels randomly sit down for short periods of time and flick their ears about

Chiseled Bookshelf

  • A new, chiseled variation of the Bookshelf
  • Can store Books, Book and Quills, and Enchanted Books
  • Holds up to 6 Books. Keeps the stories and lore of your world safe
  • Comparators can detect the last book placed/removed. Perfect for hiding secrets in your spooky library

Hanging Sign

  • A new type of Sign that can be placed beneath and on the side of blocks
  • Hanging Signs are available for all wood types
  • Hanging Signs can also be placed under narrow blocks with center support, like Fences


Stability / Performance

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when navigating down in the Villager screen with the keyboard
  • Fixed an issue where game would crash when Ender Dragon breath attack hadn’t hit blocks or fell into the void (MCPE-161204)
  • Navigating through the Recipe Book when the player had items that contain mobs in their inventory (like Bees in Beehives) no longer causes significant drops in performance (MCPE-146462)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when actors with a non-player owner went through End Portals
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading into some Marketplace worlds on low memory devices (MCPE-161866)


  • When stuck inside a block, players will now be pushed towards the nearest open area
  • Maps corrupted by black pixels can now be repaired by revisiting corrupted areas. Previously affected maps can now be repaired by holding in main or off hand (MCPE-162421)


  • Fixed an issue where breeding mobs with applied effects would result in the offspring having the effect bonuses permanently applied (MCPE-81890)
  • Fixed Bat resting location being offset when at negative world height
  • Armor Stands now drop their offhand item upon destruction (MCPE-158228)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Ender Dragon to not load if the world was saved and loaded while it was alive (MCPE-156528)


  • Bubble columns are now properly generated above underwater Magma Blocks
  • Swimming above Mud blocks no longer causes the screen to get blocked (MCPE-153737)


Touch Controls

  • Re-enabled the new stack splitting functionality for touch devices
  • “Split Control” option will only appear in Classic control mode and only affect the Classic control scheme
  • Fixed an issue where hotbar slots could not be touched in Crosshair and Touch control schemes in certain situations
  • Scrolling the inventory screen is easier as the dwell time has been increased to 180 milliseconds (was 120 previously). The dwell time is the length of time an item must be held before a drag action begins
  • Untangled the connections between “Lock Joystick”, “Joystick Always Visible”, and “Joystick Visible When Unused”
  • Added toggle “Delayed Block Breaking (Creative Only)” in Touch Settings to control this functionality
  • Fixed an issue where double tapping touch control buttons can be difficult on high refresh rate screens (MCPE-156351)
  • Improved the way that button presses and camera movements work in tandem in the new Touch Controls
  • Fixed an issue which prevented items from being discarded in the extended Creative Mode inventory by dropping them on another item (MCPE-162124)
  • Fixed an issue with touch controls when swimming and charging a Bow, Crossbow, or Trident no longer launch the weapon immediately (MCPE-136625)
  • Resolved an issue where quickly tapping “Ascend” and “Descend” would cancel flying in the new touch controls. Going forward, double tapping “Descend” is how flying is cancelled (MCPE-162240)
  • Status icons now follow the screen safe zone when in touch mode
  • Adjusted status icons to form in one row across width of screen when in touch to account for new touch controls
  • Removed the action delay from Attack and Interact buttons (MCPE-158143)
  • When the joystick is unlocked, the draggable range has been changed to be the same as the when the joystick is locked. In both modes, if auto-sprinting is enabled, it will start when the joystick is dragged slightly above the background. The auto-sprint will disengage if the joystick control is subsequently moved back into the joystick background area
  • A tap gesture will now fire a charged Crossbow. Previously, it was necessary to hold the gesture for 400ms before the bolt would fire
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t drag/drop on the Anvil screen


  • Added D3D12 support for Intel Integrated/Dedicated Graphics for compatible drivers


  • Shortened text when uploading worlds and add-ons so it fits in the dialog prompt
  • You will no longer get an error message when joining a Realm that has been empty for several minutes

User Interface

  • Added a new Mobile Data Blocked screen on Android/iOS when mobile data is available but disabled in-game and Wi-Fi is not connected
  • Players can now rebind the copy coordinate keys with Full Keyboard Gameplay and the Enable Copy Coordinate UI settings enabled (MCPE-163082)
  • Fixed a bug where the boss bar name would not update when the boss name changed until the bar was reloaded by the player (MCM-1100)
  • Fixed a bug on the Pocket UI Inventory screen where items could not be dropped back into the inventory in Creative Mode
  • Fixed a bug on the Pocket UI Inventory screen where the ‘Craftable/All’ toggle could only be changed in the Search tab but not in any other tab
  • On Xbox, camera movement with mouse no longer changes mouse position when the inventory screen is reopened (MCPE-162890)
  • Text color for a selected item stack count is now white instead of yellow
  • A warning now appears when the player is about to lose changes when moving away from the Create New World screen
  • Changed the error handling of copying worlds to display a modal pop-up instead of a toast notification
  • Fixed a bug causing the HUD to not rotate with the player’s direction while riding in a Boat in VR
  • Changed the color of the description text for the “Allow mobile data for online play” option to be more readable (MCPE-162459)
  • Fixed a contrast issue of the little arrow in dropdown components on hover, the unselected toggle components and the toggle/sliders in chat settings

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs

Structure Block Import

  • Structure Blocks can now import structures from ‘.mcstructure’ files on Windows


  • Actor (Entity) Properties are no longer experimental (This includes Molang queries and property filters, but not Permutations)
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if the texture_index of a spawn egg was out of bounds. Now a content log error will be presented instead
  • Min/Max distance values in sound events now only affect the sound event and not all events using the same sound (MCPE-154376)
  • Added client-side-chunk-generation-enabled toggle to server.properties
  • Fixed an issue where changing the subpack of Resource Packs that have subpacks would not apply changes until the game was restarted (MCPE-162002)
  • Recipes that have the same inputs but have different outputs will now display content errors (excludes Crafting Table and Stonecutter recipes)

New ‘/execute’ Command Syntax

  • Removed the Upcoming Creator Features requirement for the new execute command syntax
  • Version 1.19.50 is now required to run the new command syntax
  • Creators currently using the new execute command syntax in command blocks will have to go modify those command blocks in order to update those commands
  • Creators currently using the new execute command in behavior packs will need to change the min engine version to 1.19.50
  • The previous execute command syntax can still be used by using version 1.19.40 or less


  • Using the ‘/enchant’ command to apply the same level of enchantment no longer results in a higher level being applied (MCPE-153204)
  • Fixed an issue where hasItem wouldn’t correctly detect an item with a data value if hasItem wasn’t provided a data value (MCPE-162460)
  • Running ‘/execute as’ from Command Blocks no longer inherits rotation from entity (MCPE-162680)
  • Fixed a bug where Chain Command Blocks would not activate when Delay in Ticks was greater than 0
  • Running ‘/execute align xyz entity’ now produces a command error instead of crashing (MCPE-162733)

Data-Driven Blocks

  • Released BlockCollisionBoxComponent outside of experimental toggle in JSON formats 1.19.50 and higher
  • Released BlockCraftingTableComponent outside of experimental toggle in JSON formats 1.19.50 and higher
  • The Crafting Table UI now updates when a block changes to a permutation with a different “minecraft:crafting_table” block component
  • Removed the functionality of the “minecraft:breathability” block component. Component will have no effect on the custom defined block

Data-Driven Items

  • Blocks using the “minecraft:placement_filter” component now produce particles, sounds and vibrations events when they are removed due to their placement condition failing


  • “input_ground_controlled” no longer implies increased auto step when controlled by player. The “variable_max_auto_step” component can be used instead. To have consistency with previous versions, use “base_value”: 1.0625 and “jump_prevented_value”: 0.5625


  • Added server property ‘enable-lan-visibility’ to disable the explicit LAN discovery by clients. This will prevent unexpected port conflicts when running multiple dedicated servers on a single host. Clarified port use in server logs and made error messaging more clear (BDS-1094)

AI Goals

  • Exposed new data parameters for the “minecraft:offer_flower” AI behaviour to specify such things as the time that the mob offers the flower for, the chance that the goal will start, and the dimensions of the AABB used to search for a mob to offer a flower to
  • The “minecraft:offer_flower” AI behavior can now be used by any mob, not just the Iron Golem
  • The “minecraft:offer_flower” AI behavior will now search through all mobs in the specified range rather than just the closest one, meaning that this goal has the potential to be used more consistently than before
  • Exposed new data parameters for the “minecraft:take_flower” AI behavior to specify such things as the conditions to be met to start the goal, the min and max wait times before taking the flower, and the dimensions of the AABB used to search for a mob to take a flower from
  • The “minecraft:take_flower” AI behavior can now be used by any mob, not just baby Villagers


  • Fixed has_property to return 1 when a property exists and 0 when not, rather than the opposite of that

Scripting, APIs, and GameTest Framework (Experimental)

  • Fixed velocity property not returning correct values in certain situations (MCPE-152715)
  • Added function canPlace – Returns if it is valid to place the desired block type or block permutation at a specified location (and optional face of the block)
  • Added function trySetPermutation – Attempts to place the desired block permutation at a location by first checking canPlace
  • Entity
    • Removed function runCommand. Consider runCommandAsync as an alternative
  • Dimension
    • Removed function runCommand. Consider runCommandAsync as an alternative
  • Converted BlockRaycastOptions to an interface
  • Converted EntityEventOptions to an interface
  • Converted ScoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions to an interface
    • Location type updated to IVec3
  • Vector
    • add – updated aand b arguments to accept an IVec3 interface type
    • cross – updated aand b arguments to accept an IVec3 interface type
    • distance – updated aand b arguments to accept an IVec3 interface type
    • divide – updated aargument to accept an IVec3 interface type
    • lerp – updated aand b arguments to accept an IVec3 interface type
    • max – updated aand b arguments to accept an IVec3 interface type
    • min – updated aand b arguments to accept an IVec3 interface type
    • multiply – updated aargument to accept an IVec3 interface type
    • slerp – updated aand b arguments to accept an IVec3 interface type
    • subtract – updated aand b arguments to accept an IVec3 interface type


  • Initial APIs are releasing out of beta and will be usable without an experimental flag
  • The first module to release is @minecraft/server as version 1.0.0. The APIs included with this are listed below:
    • Non-beta APIs like those included in the @minecraft/server0.0 module do not require the Beta APIs experiment to be turned on, and will be more stable over time
    • This initial API set is narrow, but we intend to add more APIs into non-beta modules over the coming months
  • @minecraft/server will continue to develop in Beta and those Beta APIs have been incremented in version to 1.1.0-beta; if you wish to continue to use Beta @minecraft/server APIs, manifest.json references will need to be updated to 1.1.0-beta
  • APIs included in the @minecraft/server version 1.0.0 release:
    • System type (Exposed via systemglobal instance)
      • run() – runs a function on the next tick (can be used to maintain a game loop tick over tick)
    • World type (exposed via worldglobal instance)
      • getDimension()
      • getAllPlayers()
    • MinecraftDimensionTypes type
      • nether
      • overworld
      • theEnd
    • Dimension type
      • id
      • runCommandAsync()
    • CommandResult type
      • commandResult
    • Entity type
      • id
      • typeId
      • dimension
      • runCommandAsync()
    • Player type
      • name

Bedrock ver. 1.19.50 is now available to download.

What are you the most excited to see in this update? Dig down to the comments and let us know!

[source feedback.minecraft.net]

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手軽な「ディスプレイオーディオ」が勢力伸ばす!? 純正ナビとの違いはどんなとこ? 最新のカーナビ事情

機能が豊富! 純正カーナビのメリット・デメリットは  クルマで出掛けるときに目的地までの経路案内をしてくれる「カーナビゲーション(カーナビ)」は、いまでは当たり前の装備となりました。    世界初のカーナビは1981年に登場。ホンダが「アコード」と「ビガー」にオプション設定した「エレクトロ・ジャイロケータ」は、地図をプリントしたセルロイドを、エリアを移動するごとに手動で差し替え、現在地も自分でマーキングするというアナログな機械でした。 г‚Їгѓ«гѓћгЃ§дЅїгЃ€г‚‹гѓЉгѓ“г‚Ігѓјг‚·гѓ§гѓіж©џиѓЅгЃ®зЁ®йЎћгЃЊеў—еЉ クルマで使えるナビゲーション機能の種類が増加  その後、地図のデジタルデータ化やGPSによる自車位置の測位、FM電波を利用した渋滞表示機能など絶え間ない進化を続け、今ではカーナビは全車必須のアイテムといえるでしょう。 【画像】ナビ画面がデカすぎ!? 市販車最大の48インチディスプレイが凄い!画像で見る(17枚)  一方で、現在はカーナビ専用機でなくとも、「スマートフォン(スマホ)/タブレット」や「ディスプレイオーディオ」を活用して地図やナビゲーション機能を使うことが可能になりました。  ナビゲーション機能の選択肢が増えたいま、それぞれどんなメリットやデメリットがあるのでしょうか。実際に使っている人に話を聞いてみました。  まずはメーカー純正ナビです。これには、生産ラインで装着されるメーカーオプションのカーナビと、ディーラーで取り付けられるディーラーオプションのカーナビがあります。違いは、前者は車種ごとに専用設計されていることで、後者はどちらかといえば社外品の後付けナビに近い存在です。  メーカーナビを愛用しているSさん(日産車・40代)は、その魅力について次のように話します。 「後付けだとどうしてもインテリアのなかで浮いてしまいますが、メーカー純正だと見た目のマッチングがバッチリだと思います。また、オートライトなどの車両の設定ができたり、コネクティッドサービスとの連携といった現代のクルマらしい機能があるのも嬉しいです」  専用設計ということで、デザイン面でも機能面でもクルマとの親和性の高さは別格。近年は前後のカメラや自動運転、安全運転支援システムなどと統合的に制御することもあって、ますます純正メーカーナビの優位性が高まっているといえそうです。  デメリットは価格の高さや、センターコンソールと一体になっていることで社外ナビなどに交換できないことでしょう。  対するディーラーオプションのカーナビは、メーカー純正ナビほど高額ではなく、メーカーナビ同様に長期間の保証(3年保証が一般的)が付くのが魅力です。かつては一般的なDIN規格の機種が主流で古くなったら社外ナビに交換することも容易でしたが、最近は車種専用やメーカー専用の機種もあります。 「社外ナビ(市販ナビ)」はその名の通り自動車メーカー以外の企業が作るカーナビのことで、カー用品店やネット通販などで販売されています。  この社外ナビには「据え置き型」と「ポータブル型」があり、前者はセンタークラスターに収める「インダッシュ」と、ディプレイをセンタークラスターに重ねて配置することで浮いているように見える「フローティング」があります。後者はダッシュボード上に設置する「オンダッシュ」を採用し、必要に応じて取り外せるようになっています。  メリットは価格が安いこと。メーカーを問わなければ、ポータブル型は1万5000円程度から購入可能です。据え置き型はもう少し高いのですが、それでも5万円からと純正ナビよりも安価で手に入れられます。  据え置き型の社外ナビを利用するYさん(トヨタ車・50代)は、その性能の高さに満足しているといいます。 「老眼もあってとにかく見やすさを追求したカーナビを選んだのですが、フローティングの画面は大きく高精細でとても見やすくて良いんです。  社外ナビはラインナップが豊富で、お手頃かつシンプルなモデルから高額な多機能モデルまで、いろいろ選べるのが魅力です。コネクティッドサービスや安全運転支援まで対応しているモデルもありますから」  社外ナビは毎年新しいモデルが発売され、性能も機能も日々進化しています。例えば新しく速いCPUを搭載しているカーナビは処理能力が高く、動作が軽快でサクサク動きますし、有機ELを採用するナビはキレイな映像が魅力でしょう。  もちろん最新・多機能なモデルは高額ですが、それでもメーカー純正ナビと比べれば安く、コストパフォーマンスに優れています。  取り外しもしやすく、古くなったら交換もできますし、クルマを乗り換えるときにナビを外して次のクルマに付け替えることができるのも大きなメリット。  ポータブル型の取り付けは、シガーソケットの電源で車両とのつなげるだけと脱着が簡単なのですが、車速パルスなどが使えないことから自車位置の測位精度が低いといったデメリットがあります。  据え置き型・ポータブル型の双方にいえるデメリットは保証期間が短いことと、インテリアデザインではメーカー純正ナビほど統一性がないこともデメリットといえそうです。 ディスプレイオーディオやスマホ/タブレットはどう使う? ... Read more »
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