Michelle Chong's slimming success: How the actress dropped 7kg and regained her confidence with London Weight Management

London Weight Management

Faced with weight gain and a decreasing metabolism, TV host and actress Michelle Chong turned to the slimming experts at London Weight Management. PHOTO: LONDON WEIGHT MANAGEMENT

TV personality Michelle Chong is known for many things: She’s an actress, producer, director, founder of an artiste talent management agency and, of course, the face behind iconic characters like Lulu, Ah Lian and Summerella.

But you might not know that she’s also a foodie and supper lover.

The candid artiste admits that she loves checking out new restaurants and can’t resist snacking on fried cuttlefish and tofu fries. She also credits her weight gain to her father – known affectionately to her followers as Papa Chong – an avid cook who regularly dishes out vinegar pig trotters among other signature dishes.

Due to her long working hours and a hectic schedule, Michelle’s meal times are often irregular, and she often rewards herself at the end of the day with suppers in bed.

As a result, she saw her once-svelte 50kg figure changing in recent years. While some of her social media followers and friends noticed the inevitable weight gain due to her aging metabolism and lifestyle, Michelle jokes that most people did not notice the extra 10kg she had piled on, thanks to her “small face” and smart fashion sense.

Michelle confesses, “I have very little self-control and definitely no discipline. That’s why I needed professional help.”

Professional help came to her in the form of the ezSlim™ treatment at London Weight Management.

Michelle decided it was time to learn how to take better care of her health with a personalised weight loss and nutrition plan. Watch the video below!

Michelle Chong’s Weight Loss Journey | London Weight Management

link youtube: https://www.youtube.com/embed/eZILtEByud8?feature=oembed

An easy, effective complement to your slimming journey

As its name suggests, ezSlim™ is a fast, effective and easy treatment for busy women with varied weight concerns – ranging from mothers struggling with post-natal weight loss to older women facing an ageing metabolism due to menopause and working professionals with stressful and busy lifestyles.

London Weight Management

Every ezSlim™ session begins with a computerised Body Fat Analysis to better understand your body and identify any possible health risks. PHOTO: LONDON WEIGHT MANAGEMENT

But don’t mistake ezSlim™ for being a generic slimming treatment. It is designed to complement one’s weight loss journey with customisable solutions to help target stubborn fat, firm up your figure or reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. No crash diets, invasive procedures or pills are used at any time during the ezSlim™ treatment.

A typical ezSlim™ session begins with a computerised Body Fat Analysis for the consultant to better understand your body goals and health concerns. During Michelle’s body fat analysis, it was revealed that her body fat percentage was slightly above 38 per cent, which would have placed her in the obese range. The Body Fat Analysis is useful in identifying possible health risks present even in seemingly slender people, such as Michelle.

London Weight Management

ezSlim™’s revolutionary technology works to optimise absorption of the ampoule, firm, sculpt and dissolve stimulated fat cells, and help eliminate stubborn fat. PHOTO: LONDON WEIGHT MANAGEMENT

Next, London Weight Management’s in-house experts will recommend customised ampoules for each customer. These ampoules include ezCleanse to help with bloating and water retention, ezBoost to help burn stubborn fat, and ezFirm to improve the skin’s suppleness, firmness and elasticity so that you achieve a more defined overall body shape.

Simply lie back and relax as the treatment uses a revolutionary technology to begin your slimming journey. The first step of the treatment is the Bio-Delivery System that optimises absorption of the ampoule to maximise its benefits. Next, the Bio 3D-S step firms, sculpts and dissolves stimulated fat cells, while Bio-Boost stimulates the release of triglycerides to help eliminate stubborn fat. The ezSlim™ treatment ends with a Matcha Slimming Drink to ease bloating and a take home ampoule to prolong fat burning efforts, from the comfort of your own home.

There is generally no pain after your treatment, though some customers may experience slight body aches similar to those post-exercise.

In addition to the ezSlim™ Body Contouring Treatment, Michelle also opted in on the BioDetox™ Slimming Treatment to further enhance her wellness journey. The BioDetox™ treatment uses advanced technology to activate the lymphatic system to clear toxins, lymphatic blockage, whilst boosting blood circulation and metabolism. It includes a customisable body mask to optimise the treatment benefits.

London Weight Management

Michelle also opted for the BioDetox™ Slimming Treatment, which works activate the lymphatic system to clear toxins and lymphatic blockage, while boosting blood circulation and metabolism. PHOTO: LONDON WEIGHT MANAGEMENT

London Weight Management also has a team of in-house nutritionists who will tailor a personalised dietary plan so that you can stay on track to attaining your body and weight loss goals.

As for Michelle, she has shed 7kg and 43.5cm after three months of undergoing ezSlim™ treatments. Not only is she happy that her followers now notice that she has slimmed down, she also says she feels “more confident in front of the camera”.

“I don’t have to suck in my stomach all the time, I don’t have to wear Spanx under my clothes and I can wear all my old jeans.”

To find out more about ezSlim™ or to get started on your weight loss journey, visit londonweight.com.sg

London Weight Management

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