Marvel’s Avengers welcomes Jane Foster: The Mighty Thor next week

Marvel’s Avengers welcomes Jane Foster: The Mighty Thor next week

Crystal Dynamics has announced that Jane Foster: The Mighty Thor will join the heroes of Marvel’s Avengers next week.

As teased back in April, the Jane Foster version of the character will debut in the game’s next update. She’ll be a free addition, and will be a full new character complete with new voice lines, her own gear and some of her own bespoke abilities. A new design blog reveals that she’ll have a fierce warrior like design, with her default design taking inspiration from the 2014 Thor #1 comic book.

While she’ll share some DNA with the existing Thor Odinson in the game, she’ll also have some unique abilities. These include a new Intrinsic called All Mother’s Blessing and new Overcharge ability God Tempest. She’ll also have a brand new Ultimate called All-Weapon. While of course she’ll wield Mjölnir, players will also be able to use Undrjarn. That’s the weapon Foster used in her comic run as her iteration of Valkyrie.

Jane won’t be the only new addition in the new update. There’s also set to be two new challenges including a villain focused Warzone and the long-awaited AIM Cloning Labs. The latter will then become new end-game content rewarding players with powerful gear from exotic sets.

In the meantime, you can check out an introduction to Marvel’s Avengers take on The Mighty Thor in the animated trailer below. She lands in Marvel’s Avengers, along with the 2.5 update, on June 28.

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