MAMAMOO's Solar loses 5.1 kg of body fat in two months

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Seoul — Thanks to the special training of trainer Yang Chi Seung, MAMAMOO’s Solar succeeded in shedding 5.1 kg (11.2 lbs) of body fat.

Trainer Yang Chi Seung and Solar went to access their body composition and BMI on the episode of KBS2’s Boss in the Mirror that aired on Aug 8. Solar came to the trainer and got an assessment of her body two months ago, as reported by Allkpop.

It was the first time in two months that she had got a body assessment. Trainer Yang Chi Seung was amazed as soon as the test results were revealed. He stated, “Half of your body fat is gone” and added, “You’re in the best figure ever.”

© The Independent Singapore Solar was trained by trainer Yang Chi Seung. Picture: Instagram

Based on the assessment results, the singer’s body fat had decreased from 10.7 kg to 5.6 kg, losing a total of 5.1 kg. The percentage of her body fat decreased from 22.4% to 13%, losing a total of 9.4%.

The MCs were also amazed as they were able to see a profound change in Solar’s body shape as well after seeing the results. MC Kim Sook said in amazement, “Look at her waist. And her shoulders became wider.”

Solar explained, “When I started working out, my waist was thick, but now I can see my waist became slimmer. I never felt like this before.”

Meanwhile, Solar successfully finished the pictorial with trainer Yang Chi Seung after her successful transformation.

Born Feb 21, 1991, Kim Yong-sun, better known by the stage name Solar (Korean: 솔라), is a South Korean singer and songwriter signed under RBW. She is the leader of girl group Mamamoo. She made her solo debut with the single “Spit it Out” on Apr 23, 2020.

Kim Yong-sun was born in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea, where she lived with her parents and elder sister, Yong-hee. She graduated from Hanyang Women’s University with a major in tourism.

Solar debuted as a member and vocalist of Mamamoo on Jun 18, 2014, along with Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa. /TISG

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