SCIC plans to divest all state capital in Trapharco and 4 traffic giants

State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) has announced to the Ministry of Transport about the sale of state capital in enterprises represented by SCIC in 2020. SCIC also asked the Ministry of Transport to direct relevant departments and agencies shall coordinate and support the sale of state capital in accordance with the plan and effectively. Accordingly, […] Read more »

Vietnam Airlines divested from Cambodia Angkor Air, sold 5 aircraft

Vietnam Airlines consolidated financial statements after auditing had no significant change in business results compared to the independent report. In 2019, the company recorded net revenue of VND 98,228 billion and profit after tax of VND 2,537 billion, a slight increase compared to the independent report. Total assets of Vietnam Airlines as of December 31, […] Read more »

SCIC will auction 45 million shares at Hai Phong Thermal Power

On April 22, the State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) will auction the whole lot to divest 45 million shares of ownership at Hai Phong Thermal Power Joint Stock Company (HND) at the Stock Exchange. Stock Exchange (HNX). Accordingly, the share lot is worth 450 billion dong at face value, accounting for 9% of HND’s charter […] Read more »

Chairman of LDG Investment continues to buy 6 million shares

Transactions are conducted by agreement and / or order matching method, expected from April 8 to May 7, 2020. Earlier, on April 1, Mr. Khanh Hung sold nearly 5.8 million LDG shares by the order-matching method. After the transaction, Mr. Hung holds 22.37 million LDG shares, corresponding to the ownership rate of 9.31%. Mr. Hung […] Read more »