LoL Arcane: Easter Eggs you may have missed in Act 3

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It’s been over a week since the explosive release of the final act of Arcane, the League of Legends (LoL) animated series on Netflix. Even after the show's first season has concluded, we still can’t get enough of Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Jayce, Viktor, and the rest of the colorful cast.

From little details referencing some LoL champions to theories finally getting confirmed, there’s still much more to unravel from this animated masterpiece.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from Episodes 7-9 of Arcane. Proceed with caution.

What’s happening in Arcane Act 3?

Act 3 starts with Caitlyn and Vi as captives of the Firelights. Vi was taken to their leader — and yes, we guessed it right last week!

The leader of the Firelights was Ekko! After a brief reunion, Vi, Caitlyn, and Ekko came up with a plan to return the Hex Crystal to Piltover.

There is so much character development in Act 3, from Jayce’s realization that Piltover is not fit to rule Zaun, to Viktor facing the consequences of experimenting with the Hex Core.

But one of its major highlights is the completion of Jinx’s arc, after she finally abandons Powder, a victim of circumstance, to fully embrace the mentally unstable, violence-driven, and trigger-happy Jinx persona.

With so many things happening in the season’s final act, we’ll try to uncover the most critical pieces related to the main characters and minute details that may point to other champions.

Here are the details that you may have missed in Act 3:

Ekko, the Z- Drive and Plushies

At the beginning of Episode 7, we are greeted with stylized 2D frames of the Firelights and a graffiti of an angular hourglass shape.

Notice how it first formed the letter 'Z' before it is completed. This likely symbolizes Ekko’s Z-Drive, an invention he made and uses in the Summoner’s Rift in LoL.

He shows the crystal’s container to Vi at the beginning of the episode while he interrogates her. We believe this might be an early prototype or an unfinished casing of Ekko’s invention.

Z-Drive Graffiti, an early prototype in Arcane carrying the hex crystal, and the Z-Drive in Ekko’s lore. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)

Fun fact: in the Firelights base, we can also find plushies of Vander and Teemo by the memorial wall while Ekko talks to Vi and Caitlyn. Of course, we know that Teemo is quite the adorable champion, so it's understandable why he’s present again in Act 3.

A Teemo plushie sits on the shelf on the left. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)

Viktor’s Experimentation

In Episode 7, Viktor seeks out Singed, an old mentor of his. Here we see Singed give Viktor a vial of Shimmer to help Viktor make a breakthrough with the Hex Core and his deteriorating condition.

As he reaches out to the Hex Core, we are given a clear view of the runes on it. Sharp-eyed LoL fans have pointed out that the runes are the LoL Runes in the game: Precision, Domination, Sorcery, and Resolve.

Note that the rune “Inspiration” is missing.

The mysterious runes on the Hex Core are the same ones you will see in the League of Legends game itself. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)

Here, he starts to transform with the combination of his blood, Shimmer, and the Hex Core. First, he gets a strong, functional mechanical leg; then, his hand becomes metal when he experiments on it a second time. Sadly, this was the time when his friend Sky also perished trying to save Viktor from the already morphing, unrecognizable Hex Core.

We will most likely see him transform further into The Machine Herald we know in the future.

Arcane shows Viktor’s slow and steady transformation into the Machine Herald. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)

Singed’s Connections to LoL Champions

Speaking of Singed, some fans were concerned that Arcane retconned parts of Singed’s original lore.

However, in Episode 7, Singed mentioned that he parted ways with Heimerdinger because of Shimmer, proving that he was once a Piltovan inventor just like in his original lore.

Singed also mentioned to Silco that he once had a daughter. And when we get a glimpse of the locket near the end of the last episode, his daughter looks suspiciously like the champion Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork.

In her lore, Orianna’s father was a great inventor who made mechanical limbs, and he created mechanical organs for her when her original ones failed.

Singed and Orianna. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)

While Singed’s real name has not been revealed yet, Episode 6 showed Singed’s interest in Viktor’s motorized boat, showing the former's talent in machinery.

This may also be the reason behind Singed’s experiments and his exile from Piltover: to extend his daughter’s life.

After gazing at his daughter’s locket, he looks up at his experiment. The subject had long claws, and his face shape looked much like Vander’s, which pretty much confirms everyone’s theory that Vander is Warwick.

The obvious finally confirmed: Vander IS Warwick. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)

Mel, Noxus, and the Solari

At the beginning of episode 8, we see a young Mel talk to her mother.

Here we have several realizations: First, Mel is originally from Noxus, and while she is part of the Medarda clan, her appearance and clothing have symbols similar to that of the Solari, like the champion Leona.

This means that Mel might also originally be a Solari from the region of Shurima.

Mel, a Solari? (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)

And if we are right, there’s a significance to the golden symbol glowing on Mel’s back before the rocket hit Piltover.

Because it’s embedded on her back and not part of her clothing, some say that it might be the Locket of the Iron Solari, an item in LoL that provides a shield.

We took a closer look at that scene, and it seems different from the said locket, but if Mel is indeed Solari, the golden symbol may have similar powers.

We can only hope, as we await to see if she survives in Season 2.

Jinx’s Transformation

This is the most important highlight in the final act of Arcane.

We finally find out how Jinx’s eyes turned purple — Singed pumped Shimmer into her body, not as an experiment, but rather as an attempt to save Jinx’s life at the request of Silco.

Unfortunately, Jinx’s trauma causes her to hallucinate more during the process, magnifying her jealousy against Caitlyn, Vi’s presumable love interest.

When Silco reaches for the gun to shoot Vi, Jinx’s instinctively shoots Silco, thus showing that she still loves her sister.

Powder is gone, only Jinx remains. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)

But as Silco dies, she realizes what she has done, and we can see all the pain and exhaustion in her eyes.

As Powder, the child, she accidentally kills most of her family: Mylo, Claggor, and Vander, her then father figure. This time around, as an adult, her instincts caused her to kill Silco, her current father figure.

When she sits down on the chair with the name Jinx, it’s a sign that Powder has died. She’s accepted who she is, a jinx that only brings pain and death to the people she loves the most.

Fishbones the Rocket Launcher, the signature weapon of Jinx. (Photos: Riot Games/Netflix)

She then takes the hex crystal and reveals Fishbones, the rocket launcher she uses for her ultimate ability in LoL, and fires at Piltover’s tower where the council is meeting. When the rocket breaks the glass, the final episode ends.

There are more details to uncover about this. To read more fan theories for Season 2, click here. And yes, there will be a Season 2 of Arcane that we can all look forward to.

Anna is a freelance writer and photographer. She is a gamer who loves RPGs and platformers, and is a League of Legends geek. She's also a food enthusiast who loves a good cup of black coffee.

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