A foreigner arouses interests for mistaking lychee shells for “mystery” eggshells

A Facebook account has sparked interest among Vietnamese netizens after posting photos of spiny lychees shells on a bird lovers group, aksing which eggshells they are.  Read more »

Nom, nom, Vietnam – Episode 49: Crab soup with black eggs

Black eggs are eggs preserved in clay, ash, salt, quicklime and rice hulls, giving them a black colour and jelly-like texture. Pair them with crab soup and you get a popular HCM City afternoon street snacks loved by students and office workers! Read more »

“Dust knight” American teacher spends four years collecting garbage on Hannoi streets

An American loves Vietnam too much that he has decided to spend four years in the country working as an English teacher during day time but bestowing everyday night with his team to collect garbage across streets in Hanoi. Read more »

Vietnam resumes international aviation services to selected Asian countries mid-July 

The Vietnamese government had approved to reopen air services to some Asian countries starting mid-July. The approval is based on the review and evaluation of the COVID-19 fight of each country/ territories and in Vietnam.  Read more »

Project aims to improve intellectual property protection

A newly-launched project by VICAS and the British Council will support the development of the arts and culture in Việt Nam. Photo Kinergie Studio HÀ NỘI — The Việt Nam National Institute for Culture and Arts Studies (VICAS) and the British Council will work together on a project to strengthen intellectual property enforcement in Việt […] Read more »

Live concert encourages composer to fight cancer

Singer Tùng Dương performs with the dancing crew. HÀ NỘI — The stunning live concert honouring composer Phó Đức Phương on Friday night left the audience and participating artists emotional. From his hospital bed where he is being treated for cancer, Phương said music and people’s love encouraged him to beat the disease. “Many people […] Read more »

Vietnamese in Australia face upheavel as lockdown returns

With a lockdown imposed on Melbourne to prevent a second Covid-19 outbreak, Vietnamese in the metropolis worry about their future. Read more »

New tourism project kicks off in Mộc Châu

MỘC CHÂU — Local authorities in the northern province of Sơn La have kicked off a new tourism project in the capital town, Mộc Châu, aiming to promote local tourism potential and enhance the community’s role in offering tourism services to improve income among locals, especially women. The “Mộc Châu Inclusive Tourism Destination Management” project […] Read more »

Miss Vietnam in Australia allegedly caught in US$30,000 prostitution ring crackdown in HCM City

Ho Chi Minh City Police has cracked a ring of high-class prostitution featuring models and actresses who charge around US$18,000- US$30,000 per time, Vietnamnet reported. Read more »

Hoi An retains in the list of Asia’s best cities

In two consecutive years of 2019 and 2020, Hoi An maintains the 1st position in top 15 Asia’s best cities by the prestigious US-based Travel and Leisure Newspaper. Read more »

Curved oasis resonates mountain, ocean current in Nha Trang

A sea-side abode in central Nha Trang Town blends effortlessly with its flowing landscape thanks to its curvaceous design. Read more »

Hanoi French Hospital offers cardio screening package

by Dr. George Cloatre & Dr. Ngô Chí Hiếu* Việt Nam has done a far better job than most countries in managing the COVID pandemic, but we are well advised to stay alert. Việt Nam is now safe as we all resume our normal life. We are once again busy, immersing ourselves in social and […] Read more »