Letters to the Editor — Sept. 29, 2021

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US.Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas claims that the southern border is closed to illegal migrants. REUTERS

The Issue: Miranda Devine’s column on the Biden administration’s claim that the southern border is closed.

This is getting old (“WH lies a matter of life & death,” Miranda Devine, Sept. 27).

All the lying about the number of people from Haiti and where they went, the issues with the agents on horses and just the overall distress along the border makes me sick.

We have an open border, and anyone who can read can understand that, regardless of what we are being told by this administration.

How can Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris tell the American people that the border is closed?

The strain that all of this nonsense is putting on the border states and the agents who continually try to protect the rest of us is alarming and unnecessary. We need some common sense to prevail.

Joe Marco

Hatboro, Pa.

I have lived through the terms of 14 presidents, and I have never seen the likes of our current president and his administration, especially Mayorkas, who has lied so many times about the crisis at the southern border that I have lost count.

Mayorkas’ lies about the constant flow of illegal immigrants are not just to hide his total incompetence, but to cover the awful decision by Biden to open the border to everyone.

His statement that the border is closed has been debunked by The Post’s and Fox News’ coverage.

This has got to end soon. Former President Donald Trump’s policies should be reinstated to secure the border, and Mayorkas should be fired.

Richard A. Ketay

Newark, NJ

Devine is right: Biden has gotten away his entire career with bending the truth and taking people for fools.

So many lies are coming from Biden and his administration, it’s hard to keep up with them all.

Mayorkas is a liar. Rep. Nancy Pelosi is a liar, and the Squad members are liars and anti-Semites.

I’m no fool. As Devine said, politicians who underestimate the intelligence of the electorate do so at their peril.

Imelda De Martin

Red Bank, NJ

The Biden administration and elected Democratic officials as a whole seem to think that US citizens are ignorant rubes and incapable of thinking for themselves.

We see what is going on at the border. We know what is being done to control the narrative. We are completely aware that deflection and chaos are part of the plan to divert attention and culpability for unprecedented failures.

There is not enough lipstick in the free world to put on this pig. How do these people sleep at night?

Theresa O’Brien


The Issue: A 15-year-old with previous charges who was arrested for allegedly stabbing a 17-year-old.

New York City has been allowed to go wild, and it’s moving fast in the wrong direction (“Fury of murdered teen’s kin,” Sept. 28).

Thanks to the mayor, a failed mental-health program and judges and prosecutors who just don’t get it, chaos is running amuck.

Another life unfulfilled due to an act of pure evil by a 15-year-old is unacceptable. How many cues do woke politicians need to realize there is a real problem?

The policy needs to change from coddling and useless kid-gloves to criminals being prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Doc Ludemann

Bridgeport, Conn.

Children are killing other children — and adults, too.

These bail reforms have only emboldened these criminals because they are immediately released to commit more serious crimes. Enough is enough.

Kim Cody


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