Letters to the Editor — March 19, 2023

The Post's Rich Lowry wrote about how Shakespeare is now facing new criticism.

The Post’s Rich Lowry wrote about how Shakespeare is now facing new criticism. SWNS

Defending the Bard

These woke accusations against Shakespeare are obscene (“Badly Bashing the Bard,” Rich Lowry, PostOpinion, March 14).

Othello was black. He was perhaps Shakespeare’s most heroic and tragic rendering.

Aaron from Titus Andronicus was black as well as the Moroccan Prince, a funny minor player in The Merchant of Venice.

These progressive deconstructionists will stop at nothing.

To quote Polonius, who was not black, “Though this be madness, yet there is method in it.”

Gabriel Pompe

Yorktown Heights

Carter’s service

New York City’s Department of Homeless Services Administrator Joslyn Carter is a dedicated public servant who has always conducted herself with integrity and transparency (“Someone on the inn-side,” March 6).

That includes recusing herself from any involvement with the nonprofit shelter provider her sister Valerie Smith works at, despite The Post’s implication of misconduct.

From the moment Carter was confirmed as the DHS leader, she was upfront and candid about the fact that her sister was employed by a nonprofit that had contracts with the city.

Carter is in full compliance with the city’s Conflicts of Interest Law, and absolutely no improprieties have occurred.

The Department of Homeless Services has been scrupulous in following the conflicts of interest law when it developed these safeguards, and New Yorkers can be sure that the highest legal standards apply here and throughout city government.

As The Post points out, there is always the potential for corruption in city government.

But unless there are serious allegations backed up by evidence, implying corruption where there is none is deeply unfair to two women who have devoted their professional lives to helping house New Yorkers in need.

Anne Williams-Isom, Deputy Mayor


Campus culture

I was struck by Daniel McCarthy’s “The ‘Diversity’ Gap” (PostOpinion, March 13).

I’m a student at NYU, a school that is notoriously liberal.

I grew up in a small town with a large Hispanic immigrant population, where I was fortunate to get a well-rounded public school education that was focused on real issues.

This has enabled me to notice how out-of-touch many educational institutions are to real-world problems.

At NYU, any nuance in opinion is silently discouraged. If you do speak up, you risk being shunned by both professors and classmates.

I have a hard time finding places on campus where I can have a civilized conversation with anyone.

What’s most upsetting for me is that the college experience I dreamed of is near-impossible to find on campus.

I wanted to learn how to debate, learn different ideologies and be comfortable discussing hard subjects.

However, the woke brainwashing on campus has diminished nearly all of that.

Lucy Smith


Colin’s goals

Once again, Adam Coleman has hit the nail right on the head (“Colin’s Fetish,” PostOpinion, March 13).

If Colin Kaepernick and his ilk really wanted to help people of color, they could do something constructive.

For starters, how about fighting for better education, instead of what a great deal of children are receiving now?

A good start would be screaming for more charter schools that have proved time and time again to be successful — a great opportunity for those who can’t afford private school.

But doing that would not line their pockets or benefit them in any way.

P. Fletcher


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