Leaked Diablo 4 screenshots hint at the campaign being optional

You might be able to skip Diablo 4's campaign

Leaked Diablo 4 screenshots hint at the campaign being optional

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Diablo 4 screenshots have leaked online, seemingly confirming that you can skip the game’s campaign after beating it once.

Over the past weekend, the Twitter user below uploaded four images, reportedly of Diablo 4. The photos have since been taken down off Twitter thanks to copyright requests, as you can see in the initial tweet below, but that hasn’t stopped the Twitter user from simply re-uploading the same screenshots in a follow-up tweet.

pic.twitter.com/YKjDoWLpC3October 2, 2022

What’s perhaps the most attention-grabbing detail from the Diablo 4 images above is that you can apparently skip the game’s campaign. It’s tough to determine whether this feature allows first-time players to skip the campaign entirely, or whether this option is limited to those who have already beaten Diablo 4’s campaign once.

If the latter option is the case, this would remedy a feature fans didn’t exactly love in Diablo 3. The last game required users to beat the full campaign again with each new character they created, so if Diablo 4 lets veterans on their second character skip content they’ve already played, that could be a big win for fans.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen unannounced information about Blizzard’s new game leak online. Earlier this year in August, a series of Diablo 4 info made its way onto Reddit, and Blizzard was incredibly swift with the takedown notices, as they have been again with this new leak. At the time, players wouldn’t be punished outside of a possible Battle.net suspension for leaking information, although this might be different for the new leak.

Blizzard previously announced Diablo 4 would be supported for “years to come” with large-scale story expansions, and more.

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