Kenny G Ordered To Pay Ex-Wife $250k To Help Fight Him In Court Over $40k-Per-Month Divorce Payments

kenny g ordered to pay ex-wife $250k to help fight him in court over $40k-per-month divorce payments


Legendary musician Kenny G has been ordered to pay his ex-wife $250k to help her pay her lawyers as part of their nasty divorce battle, has learned.

According to court documents obtained by, this week, a hearing was held in Kenny and his ex-Lyndie’s divorce.

kenny g ordered to pay ex-wife $250k to help fight him in court over $40k-per-month divorce payments


The two divorced in 2013 after 21 years of marriage. The two share adult kids, Max and Noah.

As first reported, the two are battling over $40k-per-month payments Kenny agreed to in the divorce settlement. He claimed his income has dropped drastically since the support order was entered.

kenny g ordered to pay ex-wife $250k to help fight him in court over $40k-per-month divorce payments

Further, he pointed out he has paid Lyndie over $4 million in the past 9 years. His lawyer said he cannot continue to make the payments claiming, “for the last 2-3 years Kenny’s touring opportunities, where he earns the most income, have not only declined but his percentage of earnings from the tours have also declined.”

The attorney said, “Kenny’s income has substantially declined steadily since 2018.” Kenny had a net worth of $50 million at the time of the divorce.

・Kenny G’s Ex-Wife Accuses Him Of ‘Intentionally Hiding His Significant Income’ In Fight Over $40k-A-Month Divorce Payments

“Lyndie is 57 years old, and, as far as Kenny knows, in good health,” Kenny’s attorney wrote before noting Lyndie has not held a job in 10 years.

“Kenny should not have to continue to bear the burden of her refusal to do so,” his lawyer wrote.

kenny g ordered to pay ex-wife $250k to help fight him in court over $40k-per-month divorce payments


Prior to Kenny’s request, Lyndie had accused Kenny of intentionally hiding his significant income. She accused him of filing misleading financial reports with the court and believed his income had increased NOT decreased.

Lyndie said she believed Kenny was not filing the correct information because he feared she would seek an increase in support.

kenny g ordered to pay ex-wife $250k to help fight him in court over $40k-per-month divorce payments


Lyndie said Kenny stopped making the monthly payments in 2022 despite his “contractual obligation to do so.” She said she has been forced to rely on savings to fund her defense and pleaded for the court to order Kenny to cough up money for her lawyers.

In her filing, she said, “that Kenny was engaging in abusive litigation strategy is bad enough, but it is made far worse when one considers that he was simultaneously lying about, and obfuscating his actual income in connection with multiple Income and Expense Declarations.”

A hearing was held this week on the matter and the judge sided with Lyndie. The order stated Kenny not only receives music income but $600k per month in rental income with “very negligible expense.”

The judge said Kenny’s income is substantially higher than Lyndie’s income. As a result, he awarded her $175k for past legal fees and another $75k for future legal fees.

The war over the $40k-per-month payments will continue on.

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