Keen to up your fitness levels? These are the best workouts for beginners you can do

keen to up your fitness levels? these are the best workouts for beginners you can do


If you’re looking for workouts for beginners, you might have scoured the web for home workouts or fitness classes to sign up too.

Not sure where to begin? Take it from a qualified pro – simple home workouts are the best way to go when it comes to starting your fitness journey. While you’ll likely see viral videos of professionals doing everything from squats on a moving treadmill to Pilates routines with dumbbells thrown in for good measure, research has proven time and time again that the most effective workouts are the simplest.

If you’re new to this whole getting a sweat on shebang, starting simple is the most surefire way of making sure you enjoy your workout. Overcomplicate it, and anyone risks getting overwhelmed and throwing in the towel.

All of the below are workouts that can be done from your living room – a great option for anyone who doesn’t have the time or money to buy a gym membership. Working out at home not only offers an easy (and free) alternative but takes away many of the barriers to entry that stop people from beginning a workout routine.

They’re also easy to tailor to your ability level, with an expert talking you through every move in real-time as they do the session, too – winner, winner.

I should know – home workouts for beginners were how I got into exercising nearly ten years ago, and I’m now a health and fitness writer and qualified fitness trainer who talks about exercise for a living. The below sweat sessions are ten of the best workouts you can do, in my humble opinion, and there’s something for everyone, including some of the best cardio workouts, best arm workouts, and best home workouts without equipment.

Don’t miss our expert-led guide to how to workout at home and the most effective walking workouts, while you’re here.

Workouts for beginners: 10 best to try

1. 10 minute beginner yoga workout

What? Perfect for the complete beginner, this video is made by hugely popular teacher Yoga with Adrienne who guides you through the basic postures that will get you started on your yoga journey.

Why? Yoga is tough, and learning about the practice is the only way to make it easier.  Plus, if you’ve done one of the more intense strength or HIIT workouts above, you might want to get started with yoga that will help you stretch out.

How long? 10 minutes.

2. Joe Wicks ultimate beginners workout

What? In this workout by Joe Wicks, you’ll do 30 seconds of exercise followed by 30 seconds of rest and repeat for 15 minutes. He talks you through all the moves, including squats and star jumps, as well as how to modify the session to your personal fitness level.

Why? Joe was the king of lockdown, getting even fitness haters to start moving with his daily P.E. classes. We might not be locked at home now, but his tutorials are just as good. Keen to try more? We’ve rounded up all the best Joe Wicks workouts, here.

How long? 15 minutes.

10. 16 minute beginner mobility routine

What? Flexibility is about having muscles that stretch, whereas mobility is about having joints that can safely support those muscles. This routine is about developing that joint strength for loosened shoulders, neck, hips, spine, knees and ankles.

Why? Mobility is needed for you to properly move through all exercises, including squatting, doing a press up and running. Plus, it’s challenging in itself, and shaking out tightness makes you feel great.

How long? 16 minutes.

4. 20 minute beginner fat burning workout

What? If you want to get your heart rate up without jumping around, this low impact HIIT session is for you. The workout includes exercises such as overhead reaches, squats and glute bridges.

Why? MadFit is one of the most popular workout creators on YouTube, so she knows exactly how to instruct a good routine. You have free reign to take this session as easy as you need too, so make sure you listen to your body.

How long? 20 minutes.

5. Happy mood-boosting dance workout

What? If you’ve been putting off HIIT training because the thought of burpees and planks is enough to make you puffed out, we have the solution: dance workouts. Dancing for happiness and throwing some shapes has been scientifically proven to boost fitness and mental health – plus, you’ll have so much fun, you’ll forget you’re even exercising.

Why? Exercise should be all about endorphins – and with this workout, it is. There are dance workouts for every mood. Some will get you sweaty, some will improve your fitness, coordination and even muscle strength, and all of them will leave you feeling amazing.

How long? 25 minutes.

6. 2 mile walking workout

What? We all know walking is good for beginners and advanced exercisers, but we bet you didn’t think about starting with it at home. Enter: Jo, otherwise known as Grow With Jo, the YouTuber who shares walking workouts you can do from your living room.

Why? Walking is so beneficial – it’s low impact, which means it’s great for your joints and it also improves your fitness levels without being too much too fast for your brain and body to keep up with. You’ll be amazed at how sweaty you get with these videos. If you need more persuasion, read our guide to the benefits of walking, here.

How long? 26 minutes.

7. Low impact beginner circuit workout

What? A circuit-based workout (meaning you repeat a few different exercises multiple times) specifically designed for people who are brand new to exercise, coming back from injury, are carrying more weight than they are used to or find other YouTube workouts inaccessible.

Why? You can be sure that Shona Vertue knows what she’s doing when it comes to instructing you, given she fuses her knowledge of physiology and psychology to leave you feeling great.

How long? 30 minutes.

8. Absolute beginner bodyweight workout

What? In this workout, Joannah Soh takes you through a five minute warm up before guiding you through exercises for your lower body, upper body and mid-section.

Why? With expert explanation – including pointers on what not to do – you can learn more about perfecting these exercises safely, taking away knowledge as well as endorphins.

How long? 30 minutes.

10. All standing beginner cardio

What? This workout doesn’t require you throwing your body around the room. Instead, you’ll be stepping and reaching with this standing workout full of good vibes.

Why? The Body Project channel has loads of beginner workouts and the comments are drenched with thanks for the instructors for helping them get fit and fall in love with exercise.

How long? 30 minutes.

10. 45 minute beginner Pilates workout

What? Don’t be overwhelmed by the length of this workout – those minutes aren’t just spent on the mat but also familiarising yourself with the Pilates principles, expert form and guidance from instructor Isa Welly.

Why? If you’ve wanted to get started with Pilates exercises for a while but haven’t known how to get going or felt intimidated, this calm and educational practice is for you.

How long? 45 minutes.

Is 20 minutes of exercise a day enough for beginners?

Short answer – it’ll totally depend on your start point and end goal. The NHS advises aiming for 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week, which roughly translates to five 30-minute workouts.

That said, you might need to build up to this if you haven’t worked out in a while. Remember: every little helps, and each workout is a step towards improving your fitness levels.

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