Jackass Forever: Jonny Knoxville, Steve O, ‘Wee' man and ‘Poopies' reunite for fifth film

The Jackass boys are back — albeit a little older, greyer and somehow wilder than before.

Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Jason “Wee Man” Acuna, Chris Pontius and Sean “Poopies” McInerney have returned for their fifth film in the Jackass franchise, that spawned from the massively popular US cult classic reality TV show.

Knoxville and his band of brothers rose to fame in the early 2000s for their wild antics — and being some of the only people in Hollywood willing to risk their lives for ridiculous pranks and stunts.

The series also controversially inspired a legion of fans to try their own backyard manoeuvres.

Now the daredevils have returned for a nostalgic fifth instalment — Jackass Forever — with the wild trailer dropping this morning.

Jackass Forever: Jonny Knoxville, Steve O, ‘Wee’ man and ‘Poopies’ reunite for fifth film

Camera IconJohnny Knoxville, Ehren McGhehey, Preston Lacy, Sean ‘Poopies’ McInerny, Steve-O, Dave England, Wee Man, Dark Shark, Chris Pontius, Jasper and Nick Merlino in jackass forever from Paramount Pictures and MTV Entertainment Studios. Credit: Sean Cliver

Opening with a montage of black and white footage from their earlier prankster days, the trailer titles read “when was the last time you got together with old friends to laugh your asses off?”.

It then shows a scene of Pontius saying “some people ask, what will jackass be like when we are older? Will it get more mature?” Before cutting to a new prank that sees a man cycle straight into a fake wall.

It seems the crew may be older, but no wiser.

Here are some of the wildest stunts from the two minute long trailer.

Johnny Knoxville gets levelled by a bull

Jackass Forever: Jonny Knoxville, Steve O, ‘Wee’ man and ‘Poopies’ reunite for fifth film

Camera IconJohnny Knoxville in jackass forever from Paramount Pictures and MTV Entertainment Studios. Credit: Sean Cliver

Easily the most shocking part of the trailer is when Johnny Knoxville finds himself in front of a charging bull — then on the floor after it charges into him.

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel Live about the incident, Knoxville said he spent a weekend in hospital afterwards with “a broken wrist, broken rib and a concussion, but the footage turned out great so it was a win-win”.

Jackass Forever: Jonny Knoxville, Steve O, ‘Wee’ man and ‘Poopies’ reunite for fifth film

Camera IconJohnny Knoxville being levelled by a charging bull. Credit: YouTube

Just before audiences hear the impact of Knoxville’s body hitting the angry bull, Steve-O poetically points out “concussions aren’t great, but as long as you have them before you’re 50, and Knoxville’s 49, so we’re good”.

Sean “Poopies” McInerney gets bitten by a snake AS WELL AS a shark

Earlier this month “Poopies” made headlines for being bitten by a shark during a Jackass stunt gone wrong, where he attempted to wakeboard over shark infested waters — for the second time. Unsurprisingly, he fell off and was bitten on the hand by a shark, before being rushed to hospital.

Jackass Forever: Jonny Knoxville, Steve O, ‘Wee’ man and ‘Poopies’ reunite for fifth film

Camera IconJohnny Knoxville, Sean “Poopies” McInerny, Rachel Wolfson and Steve-O in jackass forever from Paramount Pictures and MTV Entertainment Studios. Credit: Sean Cliver

This time, Poopies takes on a snake. And once again, it doesn’t end well. The trailer shows him being attacked by the reptile and blood dripping down his face. Now that’s wild.

Jackass Forever: Jonny Knoxville, Steve O, ‘Wee’ man and ‘Poopies’ reunite for fifth film

Camera IconAnother scene saw a snake attacking a man dressed as a theatre performer. Credit: YouTube

Machine Gun Kelly gets slapped by a giant hand

Jackass Forever: Jonny Knoxville, Steve O, ‘Wee’ man and ‘Poopies’ reunite for fifth film

Camera IconMachine Gun Kelly made an appearance in the trailer. Credit: YouTube

Megan Fox’s new squeeze, rapper and punk rocker Machine Gun Kelly, makes a surprise celebrity appearance early on, taking part in a challenge with another cast member that saw him pedalling for his life.

The faster they pedalled, the faster a giant hand would be pulled back and slapped against the other guy.

Despite his six foot four frame, Kelly wasn’t able to keep up and was slapped so hard, he catapulted back into the pool behind him.

“You said it wasn't gonna feel like anything!” the rapper exclaimed.

Jackass Forever: Jonny Knoxville, Steve O, ‘Wee’ man and ‘Poopies’ reunite for fifth film

Camera IconMachine Gun Kelly, who is currently dating Megan Fox, was slapped into a pool by a giant hand. Credit: YouTube

Jackass Forever will hit cinemas exclusively on October 21.

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