Is the Halo TV show's Silver Timeline canon? It's complicated

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The Halo Silver Timeline isnÔÇÖt officially canon within the Halo universe ÔÇô but it will co-exist alongside, and potentially add to, the franchiseÔÇÖs main timeline.

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ThatÔÇÖs according to Frank OÔÇÖConnor, HaloÔÇÖs Franchise Development Director, who has attempted to clarify how the upcoming Halo TV show fits into the seriesÔÇÖ established lore.

OÔÇÖConnor, who also serves as an executive producer Paramount PlusÔÇÖs TV adaptation of the beloved FPS series, was interviewed by the Halo Waypoint team to explain how the TV showÔÇÖs narrative fits into the wider Halo universe.

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Asked if he could simplify where the Silver Timelines fits into the history of the franchise, OÔÇÖConnor begun by stating that the Halo TV series is built on seriesÔÇÖ ÔÇťcore canonÔÇŁ.

What is the Silver Timeline of #HaloTheSeries, and how does it fall into the greater canon? Find out in this discussion with @HaloÔÇÖs Head of Transmedia, @k_wolfkill, and Franchise Creative Director, @franklez. ­čô░ 26, 2022

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ÔÇťOne of the first things we realizedÔÇŽ was that there were some real dangers of mapping a totally different medium ÔÇô games ÔÇô to a linear narrative format, TV or movie for that matter,ÔÇŁ he said.

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ÔÇťHaloÔÇÖs core canon is extremely important to us and our fans, and we wanted to think of the simplest and most productive way to make sure we didnÔÇÖt ÔÇśbreakÔÇÖ either medium by trying to force square pegs into round holes. The idea of the ÔÇśSilver TimelineÔÇÖ kept resurfacing throughout that process.

ÔÇťWe wanted to use the existing Halo lore, history, canon, and characters wherever they make sense for a linear narrative, but also separate the two [timelines] distinctly so that we donÔÇÖt invalidate the core canon.ÔÇŁ

So how does the Halo Silver Timeline actually fit into the extended universe? OÔÇÖConnor stressed that the TV adaptation wonÔÇÖt retcon any of HaloÔÇÖs pre-existing history, instead suggesting that itÔÇÖll live alongside the main timeline already established in the games and novels.

Honestly the best approach! Reminds me of watching The Expanse after reading the books. A lot will be familiar, but there are still surprises. Hope this show will be as amazing as that one.January 26, 2022

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ÔÇťTo be clear: these will be two parallel, very similar, but ultimately separate timelines whose main events and characters will intersect and align throughout their very different cadences,ÔÇŁ he revealed. ÔÇťThe TV show timeline ÔÇô the ÔÇśSilver TimelineÔÇÖ ÔÇô is grounded in the universe, characters and events of whatÔÇÖs been established in core canon.

ÔÇťBut [they] will differ in subtle and not so subtle ways in order to tell a grounded, human story, set in the profoundly established Halo universe. Where differences and branches arise, they will do so in ways that make sense for the show, meaning that while many events, origins, character arcs, and outcomes will map to the Halo story fans know, there will be surprises, differences, and twists that will run parallel, but not identically to core canon.ÔÇŁ

In other Halo TV series related news, we recently learned when the showÔÇÖs official trailer will be released. And check out why we think HaloÔÇÖs TV adaptation takes its cues from Star Wars series The Mandalorian, as well as how we think itÔÇÖll build on John-117ÔÇÖs backstory.

Analysis: A Halo story full of Silver linings

(Image credit: Paramount Plus/Amblin Television)

As with any movie or TV adaptation, diehard Halo fans were (and still are) naturally apprehensive about the prospect of a Halo TV series. This is an iconic and beloved gaming franchise, after all, so why would anyone want to tarnish its reputation and potentially retcon its canon with a TV adaptation?

Based on OÔÇÖConnorÔÇÖs comments, though, fans should be resting a little easier now.

Yes, ParamountÔÇÖs Halo TV show will take plenty of cues from the games and novels, and itÔÇÖs likely to retell key events in the Halo universe, albeit with a unique television-based spin.

Given that OÔÇÖConnor has confirmed there could be crossovers between the Silver Timeline and core canon ÔÇô ÔÇťAbsolutely ÔÇô and ideally both waysÔÇŽ story differences create great opportunities to make new things that could potentially feature in future gamesÔÇŁ ÔÇô some fans may still have reservations about how the TV show will impact the already established Halo universe.

But the key takeaway here is that the Halo TV show will exist on its own timeline. As such, itÔÇÖs unlikely to have any major impacts on the overarching narrative thatÔÇÖs come before in the games and books. Think of other recent TV adaptations, such as The Expanse on Prime Video or NetflixÔÇÖs The Umbrella Academy, and youÔÇÖll catch our drift.

If anything, we suspect that the TV series will expand on key story material where some puzzle pieces have been missing. And it may introduce newcomers to the wider Halo universe, too, and entice them to play the games or read the books, which developer 343 Industries and various Halo authors will only see as a good thing.

So is Halo on Paramount Plus actually canon? No. Sure, OÔÇÖConnorÔÇÖs long-winded answers ÔÇô the whole interview is well worth a read if you require further clarity ÔÇô leave things open to interpretation in some instances. But, for the most part, the Halo TV show is a separate entity to whatÔÇÖs come before, and that should make hardcore Halo fans breathe a sigh of relief.

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Avrupa'da elektrikli otomobil sat─▒┼člar─▒ y├╝zde 53,4 artt─▒

Avrupa Birli─či’nde (AB), bu y─▒l─▒n ilk ├žeyre─činde elektrikli otomobillerin toplam pazardaki pay─▒ y├╝zde 10’a ula┼čt─▒. Avrupa Otomobil ├ťreticileri Birli─či (ACEA), AB ├╝lkelerinde 2022 y─▒l─▒n─▒n ilk ├žeyre─činde yak─▒t t├╝rlerine g├Âre yeni ... Read more ┬╗

─░ngiltere, Galler ve ─░sko├žya'da halk yerel se├žimler i├žin sand─▒k ba┼č─▒nda

─░ngiltere, Galler ve ─░sko├žya’da halk yerel y├Ânetimler, Kuzey ─░rlanda’da da parlamento se├žimleri i├žin sand─▒k ba┼č─▒na gitti. Se├žmenler, 4 y─▒ll─▒─č─▒na yeni belediye meclis ├╝yelerini belirleyecek.┬á─░ngiltere’de yerel se├žimler, Ba┼čbakan Jonhson i├žin karne ... Read more ┬╗

Enflasyon nisanda y├╝zde 7,25 artt─▒, y─▒ll─▒k bazda ise y├╝zde 69,97 oldu

T├╝ketici Fiyat Endeksi (T├ťFE) nisanda ayl─▒k bazda y├╝zde 7,25, Yurt ─░├ži ├ťretici Fiyat Endeksi (Y─░-├ťFE) y├╝zde 7,67 art─▒┼č g├Âsterdi. Y─▒ll─▒k enflasyon t├╝ketici fiyatlar─▒nda y├╝zde 69,97, yurt i├ži ├╝retici fiyatlar─▒nda y├╝zde ... Read more ┬╗

Kolombiya'n─▒n 'yeni Escobar'─▒ uyu┼čturucu baronu 'Otoniel', ABD'ye iade edildi

Kolombiya, uyu┼čturucu ka├žak├ž─▒s─▒ “Otoniel” lakapl─▒ Dairo Antonio Usuga’nu ABD’ye iade etti.┬á Kolombiya’da onlarca cinayet, adam ka├ž─▒rma, su├ž ├Ârg├╝t├╝ kurma, uyu┼čturucu ka├žak├ž─▒l─▒─č─▒ dahil 120 su├žtan yarg─▒lanan su├ž ├Ârg├╝t├╝ Clan del Golfo’nun ... Read more ┬╗

Kazakistan: 'Anayasa'da Nazarbayev'in kurucu cumhurba┼čkan─▒ stat├╝s├╝ne gerek yok'

KazakistanÔÇÖda AnayasaÔÇÖda yap─▒lacak de─či┼čiklikler kapsam─▒nda Nursultan NazarbayevÔÇÖin “kurucu cumhurba┼čkan─▒” stat├╝s├╝n├╝n belirtilmesine gerek olmad─▒─č─▒ bildirildi. Kazakistan Devlet Sekreteri Yerlan Karin, Telegram kanal─▒ndan yapt─▒─č─▒ a├ž─▒klamada, Anayasa Konseyinin Cumhurba┼čkan─▒ Kas─▒m C├Âmert TokayevÔÇÖin AnayasaÔÇÖda ... Read more ┬╗

Avrupa Parlamentosu, Frontex'in b├╝t├žesini 'geri itmelerdeki rol├╝' nedeniyle onaylamad─▒

Avrupa Parlamentosu (AP), Avrupa Birli─či’nin (AB) d─▒┼č s─▒n─▒rlardan sorumlu kurumu Frontex’in b├╝t├že harcamalar─▒na, geri itmelerdeki rol├╝ ve y├Ânetim sorunlar─▒ gibi nedenlerle onay vermedi. AP’den yap─▒lan a├ž─▒klamaya g├Âre, Strazburg’da ger├žekle┼čtirilen Genel ... Read more ┬╗

Maradona'n─▒n 'Tanr─▒'n─▒n Eli' gol├╝n├╝ att─▒─č─▒ ma├žtaki formas─▒ a├ž─▒k art─▒rmada rekor fiyata al─▒c─▒ buldu

Arjantinli efsanevi futbolcu Diego Maradona’n─▒n 1986 D├╝nya Kupas─▒ ├žeyrek finalinde ─░ngiltere’ye kar┼č─▒ “Tanr─▒’n─▒n Eli” olarak tarihe ge├žen gol├╝ att─▒─č─▒ ma├žta giydi─či forma a├ž─▒k artt─▒rmada 7.1 milyon sterline (9,3 milyon dolara) ... Read more ┬╗

Afganistan'da sel felaketi: En az 18 ki┼či hayat─▒n─▒ kaybetti

Afganistan’─▒n 10 vilayetinde etkili olan a┼č─▒r─▒ ya─č─▒┼člar─▒n yol a├žt─▒─č─▒ seller nedeniyle en az 18 ki┼či ya┼čam─▒n─▒ yitirdi. Taliban y├Ânetiminin Do─čal Afetlerle M├╝cadele Devlet Bakan─▒ Yard─▒mc─▒s─▒ Mevlevi ┼×erafeddin M├╝slim, ├╝lkede meydana ... Read more ┬╗

Airbnb, Paris'in ├╝nl├╝ kabaresi Moulin Rouge'da 1 euroya konaklama imkan─▒ sunacak

Konaklama platformu Airbnb, haziran ay─▒nda Paris’in ├╝nl├╝ kabaresi Moulin Rouge ├žat─▒s─▒ alt─▒nda 3 gece sembolik bir fiyata konaklama imkan─▒ sa─člayacak. Moulin Rouge ile i┼č birli─či yapan Airbnb, normal zamanlarda depo ... Read more ┬╗

AB'nin yapt─▒r─▒m teklifi sonras─▒ brent petrol├╝n varil fiyat─▒ 109 dolar─▒ a┼čt─▒

Avrupa Birli─či’nin (AB) Rusya’ya y├Ânelik petrol ambargosu ├Ânerisi sonras─▒ brent petrol fiyatlar─▒ y├╝kseli┼če ge├žti. Brent petrol├╝n varili, uluslararas─▒ piyasalarda ├žar┼čamba g├╝n├╝ itibar─▒yla 109,13 dolardan i┼člem g├Âr├╝yor. D├╝n 108,31 dolara kadar ... Read more ┬╗

Rus milletvekili: AB Rus petrol├╝n├╝ 3. ├╝lkeler arac─▒l─▒─č─▒yla daha pahal─▒ya alacak

Avrupa Birli─či’nin (AB) Rusya’ya kar┼č─▒ petrol ambargosu ├Âng├Âren yapt─▒r─▒m paketini a├ž─▒klamas─▒ sonras─▒ Rus milletvekili┬áVladimir Dzhabarov, AB’nin Rus petrol├╝n├╝ ├╝├ž├╝nc├╝ ├╝lkeler arac─▒l─▒─č─▒yla almaya devam edece─čini s├Âyledi. Avrupa Komisyonu Ba┼čkan─▒ Ursula von ... Read more ┬╗

Kuzey Kore: Kurakl─▒kla m├╝cadele i├žin h├╝k├╝met ├žal─▒┼čanlar─▒ ├žift├žilere yard─▒ma g├Ânderildi

Kuzey Kore’de┬áuzun s├╝reli g─▒da k─▒tl─▒─č─▒ endi┼česi nedeniyle h├╝k├╝met ├žal─▒┼čanlar─▒ ve fabrika i┼č├žileri kurakl─▒kla m├╝cadeleye kat─▒lmak i├žin ├╝lkenin d├Ârt bir yan─▒ndaki tar─▒m b├Âlgelerine g├Ânderildi. Rodong Sinmun gazetesi,┬á“Kamu bilincini art─▒rmak ve kurakl─▒ktan ... Read more ┬╗