iPhone 13 deals: The best UK offers on Apple's 13 pro and max phones for October 2021

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The four new models are all available now (The Independent)

The iPhone 13 is Apple’s latest and greatest family of smartphones. Announced and released in September, the collection is made up of four distinct handsets, called the iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 pro and 13 pro max.

This follows the same structure as last year’s iPhone 12, with the iPhone 13 mini being the smallest and most affordable handset, packing a compact 5.4in display. Above this comes the larger but technically identical iPhone 13; both phones have a more powerful processor than the iPhone 12 and improved cameras too.

Then comes the iPhone 13 pro, which is the same size as the regular iPhone 13 and also has a 6.1in screen, but with a more capable rear camera and premium stainless steel body.

The range is completed by the iPhone 13 pro max, which has the same stainless steel body as the 13 pro, but with a large 6.7in display. All models run the same iOS 15 software from Apple and all feature the company’s MagSafe technology, where the handset can be attached to accessories like chargers and car phone holders using integrated magnets. All four are water-resistant and have 5G and wireless charging, too.

Every model of iPhone 13 is available to buy now, with several colour and storage options offered with each. They can be bought outright from Apple and other retailers, or with many different contract options from all of the biggest mobile phone carriers.

    As well as Apple, the iPhone 13 is also available from:

      As ever, there are deals to be had across the UK’s many phone networks. Here are some of the best we’ve found so far.

      iPhone 13 deals


      The new iPhone 13 is priced from £779 (Apple.com) if you choose to buy it out-right, has a 5.4in display and is available in pink, blue, red, “midnight” (black) and “starlight” (off-white). Storage options are 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.


      It may seem like a lot, but many of today’s iPhone 13 deals include 100GB of monthly data. On the EE network, via Affordable Mobiles, 100GB of data is priced at £49 a month for 24 months, and the 128GB version of the iPhone 13 carries no upfront cost.

      At the other end of the scale – and if you don’t mind paying more upfront – EE, again via Affordable Mobiles, offers the iPhone 13 with 15GB of monthly data for just £23 per month, for 24 months. The upfront cost on this deal is £429 for the 128GB handset.


      Virgin contracts for the iPhone 13 start at £33 a month, but this is for 36 months and includes just 2GB of data, albeit with no upfront fee. The monthly cost increases to £46 when the contract length is cut to 24 months, then increasing the data allowance to 5GB bumps the price to £48 a month.

      For just £3 more, Virgin’s £51 contract includes 24GB of data and there’s still no upfront cost for the handset. An introductory offer available for a limited time includes 160GB of data for £53 a month.


      For those who get through a lot of data, Uswitch is offering the iPhone 13 with a 100GB allowance for £43 per month over 24 months, with a low upfront cost of £49, via Three. This is the iPhone 13 with 128GB of storage, and colour options are midnight, pink, blue, starlight and red.

      If 100GB somehow isn’t enough 5G for you each month, then Three, via Mobile Phones Direct, has an unlimited data plan for £49 with no upfront cost for the 128GB iPhone 13.

      We’ve also spotted a Three deal, via Fonehouse, that has the iPhone 13 at £219.99 upfront then £36 a month for 24 months of unlimited data.


      One of the cheaper iPhone 13 deals out there at the moment, Sky Mobile has the 128GB version of the handset with 10GB of data for £37 and with no upfront cost. However, this is a 36-month contract, so will cost more in total than some of the aforementioned 24-month plans. For those who only need a small amount of data (perhaps you spend most of your time on Wi-Fi), Sky Mobile has a £33 deal with no upfront fee and 3GB of data per month.

      Alternatively, paying for most of the phone upfront (to the tune of £877) means 50GB can be had from Sky Mobile for just £15 a month with a shorter 12-month contract.


      If you don’t mind paying more upfront, the iPhone 13 (with 128GB of storage) can be had on a 30GB plan from Vodafone, via Mobiles.co.uk, for just £26 per month. The upfront cost is £325 and this is a 24-month contract.

      Alternatively, paying just £20 upfront then £43 a month gets you an iPhone 13 with a 100GB monthly data allowance from Vodafone, also via Mobile.co.uk, on a 24-month contract.


      Like Three, O2 also offers, via Mobile Phones Direct, the iPhone 13 with 100GB of monthly data, but the monthly cost is slightly lower, at £41. This is offset by the upfront cost being higher than Three’s, at £99.99.

      Affordable Mobile also has an unlimited data iPhone 13 plan from O2. This is priced at £50 a month for 24 months, and there is no upfront cost for the 128GB version of the Apple handset.

      iPhone 13 mini deals


      The iPhone 13 is identical to the iPhone 13 in every detail apart from its size, owing to the smaller 5.4in display. The handset is priced from £679 (Apple.com) if bought outright. Colour options are pink, blue, red, “midnight” (black) and “starlight” (off-white), and storage options are 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.


      Given its smaller nature, iPhone 13 mini deals are slightly cheaper than those for the full-size handset. Via Affordable Mobile, we’ve spotted an EE deal that includes the iPhone 13 mini, 100GB of data and no upfront cost for £49 a month.

      If you want to spend more upfront but less each month, Affordable Mobiles has an iPhone 13 mini EE contract that costs £33 a month, £189 upfront, and includes 40GB of data.

      Alternatively, we’ve found an EE deal, again via Affordable Mobiles, that costs just £4.99 upfront, then £47 a month for 40GB of data.


      The iPhone 13 mini from Virgin starts at £29 a month on a 36-month contract with no upfront cost and 2GB of data. That might work for some, but 2GB isn’t much data at all, and a 36-month contract is quite long.

      Instead, we recommend spending £45 a month on a 24-month deal that includes 24GB of data with no upfront cost. There’s also a limited-time offer giving 160GB of data for £47 a month.


      For £29 upfront then £39 a month for 24 months, Three offers the iPhone 13 mini with 100GB of data, via Uswitch.

      Increase this to an unlimited data package, and you’ll be looking at a Three contract from Fonehouse that costs £143 upfront then £36 a month.

      Sky Mobile

      If you don’t need a huge amount of data, Sky Mobile offers an iPhone 13 mini with 10GB of monthly data for zero upfront cost and £34 a month over 24 months. Or, you can double this allowance to 20GB a month and still pay £34, but via a longer 36-month contract.

      A Sky Mobile deal with 30GB of data costs £49 upfront for the 128GB version of iPhone 13 mini, then £51 a month for 24 months.

      If you only need 10GB of monthly allowance, the same iPhone from Sky Mobile costs £49 upfront then £46 a month.


      You may have noticed by now that a lot of this year’s iPhone deals include 100GB of monthly data. This is also true of several Vodafone deals, including one from Mobiles.co.uk that is just £15 upfront for the iPhone 13 mini 128GB, then £39 a month for 24 months.

      If you prefer your Vodafone contracts with unlimited data, Mobile Phones Direct has a deal where the iPhone 13 mini costs £49.99 upfront, then £40 a month for 24 months.

      For those who want to pay more upfront and less each month, Mobiles.co.uk also has a Vodafone deal where the iPhone 13 mini is £235, then £26 a month for 30GB of data.


      A couple of O2 deals to catch our eye include a Mobile Phones Direct offer of 80GB for £199.99 upfront then £30 a month, and a contract from Affordable Mobiles that includes 60GB of data for £149.99 upfront then £33 a month.

      If you’d rather pay more upfront and have a smaller data allowance, Mobile Phones Direct has an O2 contract for £359.99 upfront, then £21 a month for 10GB of data.

      iPhone 13 pro deals


      The new iPhone 13 pro has a 6.1in display, and is the same size as the iPhone 13, but features a third rear camera and stainless steel body. The handset is priced from £949 (Apple.com) if bought outright; colour options are blue, silver, gold and graphite, and storage options are 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB – the latter being a first for any model of iPhone.


      Given the iPhone 13 pro’s more premium design and extra features over the regular model, higher retail prices also mean more expensive contracts. Affordable Mobiles has an EE deal that includes 100GB of data for £55 a month, with no upfront cost.

      If you prefer to spend more upfront and less each month, Fonehouse offers 100GB on EE for £375 upfront then £43 a month, while Affordable Mobiles has an EE deal with a £349 upfront fee and £39 a month for 40GB of data.


      Virgin’s 24-month contracts for the iPhone 13 pro start at £55 for 2GB, rising to £57 for 5GB and £60 for 24GB. As with all other Virgin deals, there is no upfront cost for the handset. Increasing the storage of the phone from 128GB to 256GB sees the 24GB deal rise from £60 a month to £67.50, and the 512GB model costs £75 a month.

      Unlimited data from Virgin costs £66 a month for the 128GB version of the iPhone 13 pro, with no upfront cost.


      A deal that caught our eye directly from Three sees the iPhone 13 pro cost £49 upfront, then £51 a month for 100GB of data. Alternatively, Fonehouse has the same handset (with 128GB of storage) for £39 upfront then £51 a month for 100GB of data.

      If you’d rather spend more upfront and less each month, Affordable Mobile also has a Three deal that is £529 upfront then £26 a month for 100GB of data.

      Sky Mobile

      Sky Mobile is offering the iPhone 13 pro for £99 upfront then £62 a month for 50GB of data. Alternatively, if you want an iPhone with more storage, the 256GB model is £99 upfront then £59 a month, but that only includes 3GB of data per month. For a more useful 30GB of monthly data, Sky Mobile charges £99 upfront for the 256GB iPhone 13 pro, then £68 a month.

      If you want a truly massive amount of storage, Sky Mobile sells the 1TB version of the iPhone 13 pro for £99 upfront then £92 a month for 50GB of data.


      We’ve spotted a nice, low-price Vodafone deal from Mobiles.co.uk, which is just £39 a month for 100GB of data, after an upfront cost of £249 for the 128GB version of the iPhone 13 pro. Or, if you’d rather not pay anything upfront, the same phone can be had, again through Mobiles.co.uk, for £55 a month for the same 100GB allowance.

      If 100GB a month somehow isn’t enough for your streaming needs, the same iPhone can be bought for £4.99 up front then £58 a month on a Vodafone contract from Affordable Mobile.

      If you’d like extra storage, the 256GB model is £165 upfront then £47 a month for 100GB from Mobiles.co.uk.


      O2, via Affordable Mobiles, has a good unlimited data deal on the 128GB iPhone 13 pro, with the handset priced at £29.99 upfront then £57 a month for 24 months.

      Alternatively, Mobile Phones Direct has the same phone for £369.99 upfront then £35 a month for 150GB of data. If you prefer no upfront fee, the iPhone 13 pro is £60 a month for unlimited data from Affordable Mobiles. Or, the same retailer has an O2 deal where the phone is £49.99 upfront then £55 a month for unlimited data.

      iPhone 13 pro max deals

      Apple iPhone 13 Pro (left), Apple iPhone 13 Pro (right) (David Phelan)

      The most expensive iPhone available in 2021, the iPhone 13 pro max has a large 6.7in display and the same design as the regular 13 pro. It is offered in the same colours of blue, silver, gold and graphite, and has the same storage options of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. The iPhone 13 pro is priced from £1,049 (Apple.com) if bought outright.


      As you might expect, this is the most expensive iPhone to buy right now, and it is also the largest. For EE, we’ve found a deal from Affordable Mobiles that has an upfront cost of £572.99 then £33 a month for 40GB of data.

      Or, for £234.99 upfront and £55 a month, the data allowance is increased to 100GB. If you prefer to pay less upfront, the iPhone 13 pro max can be had for £16.99 then £69 a month, and that includes 100GB of data.


      Apple’s flagship iPhone is priced from £43 a month with Virgin, on a 36-month contract with 2GB of data and no upfront cost. Changing this to 24 months and increasing the data allowance to 5GB ups the price to £63, and a more usable data package of 24GB is £66, again with no upfront fee.

      Virgin offers unlimited data with the iPhone 13 pro max, with no upfront cost, for £72 a month.


      Switching our attention to Three, and the network itself has an iPhone 13 pro max deal where the handset is £49 upfront then £56 a month for 100GB of data. Or, the phone can be had for zero upfront then £64 a month for unlimited data from Affordable Mobiles.

      Paying more upfront, Fonehouse has a 13 pro max deal that is £291 for the handset then £43 per month for 100GB of data. Or, if you want more storage the 512GB version of the iPhone 13 pro max is £299 upfront then £56 a month for the same 100GB allowance, also from Fonehouse.

      Sky Mobile

      For those who don’t need massive amounts of data, but want lots of storage, Sky Mobile has a 10GB deal where the 1TB version of the iPhone 13 pro max is £99 upfront then £92 a month. Alternatively, the 256GB version with a 30GB allowance is £99 upfront then £75 a month.

      The 128GB model is also £99 upfront then £63 a month for a 20GB data allowance.


      That same phone, the 128GB iPhone 13 pro max, is offered on a 100GB Vodafone contract from Mobiles.co.uk for £250 upfront then £43 a month. If you’d rather pay less upfront, the same deal can be had for £159 then £47 a month.

      For extra storage, Mobiles.co.uk has a Vodafone contract that is £350 upfront for the 256GB iPhone 13 pro max, then £43 a month for 100GB data allowance.


      Finally, Mobile Phones Direct has the 13 pro max on O2 for £99.99 upfront then £57 a month for unlimited data. Or, if you want to double the storage from 128GB to 256GB, the handset is £289.99 upfront then £50 a month, also for unlimited data from O2.

      If you don’t need a lot of data, the same retailer has a 40GB deal from O2 that has a hefty upfront fee of £619.99, followed by a more manageable monthly payment of £26. Falling somewhere in-between, the same phone can be bought for £279.99 then £45 a month for 250GB of data.

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