Shortage of empty containers challenges exporters

VCN - Enterprises are in a peak season for export but are facing difficulties due to the shortage of empty containers by shipping lines to deliver to exporters for... Read more »

Additional Vietnamese dairy firm licensed to export to China

The Chinese General Administration of Customs (GAC) announced that it has granted transaction codes to permit a Vietnamese company and factory to export their dairy products to the Chinese market,... Read more »

EU investors keen to build US$1 billion logistics centre in Phu My

Several major financiers from the EU have proposed pouring approximately US$1 billion into a logistics centre project in Phu My of the southern province of Ba Ria - Vung Tau,... Read more »

Huge export surplus contains many potential concerns

VCN - Talking to reporters from Customs News, Prof. Le Quoc Phuong, former Deputy Director of the Industrial and Commercial Center (Ministry of Industry and Trade), said that the trade... Read more »

Vietnamese tea proves popular in Pakistan

Vietnam exported a total of 137,000 tonnes of tea worth US$220 million throughout 2020, representing a decline of 0.4% in volume and 6.8% in value compared to the previous year,... Read more »

2021- Waiting for businesses to recover from the shock

VCN- The year 2020 wasfull of challenges with the pandemicand natural disasters causing economic difficulties. Vietnamese enterprises have tried their best to not only recover but also recover strongly. Opportunities... Read more »

Vietnam’s record export surplus

VCN - In 2020, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam maintained its export surplus momentum and reached the highest trade surplus ever to date. The export results in 2021 are expected... Read more »

Take advantages of FTA, textile export grows rapidly for many years

VCN - In 2016, textile export turnover was only US$28.1 billion, but by 2019 it reached US$38.9 billion, with average growth of 9.55%. In particular, the trade surplus has outstanding... Read more »

The adaptability and resilience of the economy have been much better

VCN - Dr. Le Duy Binh, Managing Director of Economica Vietnam (an organisation that operates in the fields of development consulting, economic research, policy analysis and project management) spoke to... Read more »

Shrimp exporters eye over US$4 billion in export in 2021

Following the implementation of several free trade agreements (FTAs), shrimp exports in 2021 are anticipated to increase by 15% compared to last year, to reach over US$4 billion in revenue,... Read more »

Actions to turn around a difficult situation

VCN- The Covid-19 pandemic has become a traumatic issuefor businesses, but in the context of blocked trade around the world, many Vietnamese companies have acted quickly to turn the situation... Read more »

Enterprises must take steps to develop sustainably

VCN- Talking to Customs News, Mr. Nguyen Van Than, Chairman of Vietnam Small and Medium Enterprises Association, said that the current context poses many "lessons" for enterprises to change to... Read more »