'I Did Gal Gadot's "Wonder Woman" Workouts For A Week & Barely Survived'

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When I think of Wonder Woman, I think of all the #WHstrong qualities—confidence, bravery, poise…but physical strength most of all. And the on-screen warrior doesn't get her strength from CGI and special effects. Nope, Gal Gadot, who assumed the famous role in 2017, puts in alllll the sweat sessions to become Diana, a.k.a. Wonder Woman, again and again.

Curious if a mere mortal like me could handle the rigours of wondrous workouts, I tapped her trainer, Magnus Lygdback, for his tips and expertise before embarking on a week of his tailor-made Wonder Woman workouts.

Officially, the regimen that Lygdback practices with Gadot is a six-week routine with five workouts a week, available on the free Playbook app. 'This is all about making someone look a certain way efficiently,' Lygdback told me. 'To shred fat, build maximum amounts of muscle mass, and shape the body, high-intensity interval training combined with strength training is best.'

I dove into the first two weeks with Lygdback's help modifying movements to match the home gym equipment I had, and I lived to tell the tale (barely, though!). Here's how my week training like Wonder Woman herself went.

Day 1: Cardio And Legs

I kicked off my first sweat session with sprints, per Lygdback's instructions. Given that I didn't have a treadmill in my home gym, I swapped indoor sprints for outdoor sprints (five minutes running, plus three 30-second shorter speed bursts) at a nearby track and whizzed through the intervals. Sprints haven't been in my regular rotation since marathon training in 2019, so I didn't break any records, but I was definitely warm and ready when the last timer rang.

Once I popped back inside, I wished I brought my band and dumbbell with me to the park. The rest of the workout could easily be crushed al fresco.

I started with front squats with dumbbells and walking lunges. Next up: a mini band circuit with a curtsy step and lateral walk on each side. The first few steps lulled me into a false sense of security that the moves would be easy for me the whole time, but by the last few reps my outer thighs were on fire.

The first workout wrapped with skaters for one more cardio burst, and windmills for abs. I modified the hanging windmill by doing leg lifts starting from lying on your back from another day in the routine.

Cardio And Legs Workout (Sets x Reps)

  • Warm-up: treadmill run (5 minutes) and HIIT sprints (3 x 30 seconds each, with 30-second rest in between each sprint)

  • Front squats with dumbbells (3 x 12)

  • Walking lunges (3 x 20)

  • Curtsy steps (3 x 20) and lateral walks (3 x 15) with mini band

  • Skaters (3 x 20)

  • Windmills or dragon kicks (3 x 20) (Not familiar? Try one of these killer abs alternatives.)

Day 2: Back, Chest, And Core

I knew I'd been slacking on arm strength workouts this winter, focusing instead on snowboarding and more time on the slopes than in the weight room. I didn't realize how much I'd been neglecting them until after my first upper body day. So, I warmed up with cardio bursts on the stationary bike before grabbing the dumbbells.

Each movement (think lat pulldowns, eccentric push-ups, dumbbell rows, and flys) was straightforward, but by the end of the repetitions, my muscles were on fire. Later that day, very specific fibres in my shoulders and chest were screaming at me. Talking to Lygdback, I learned that's exactly how it should feel. 'The last two or three reps, you should be struggling,' he told me. 'It should be really, really hard.'

I also quickly learned core finishers are *key* to training like a superhero. This day included an oblique killer superset of crossover mountain climbers followed by rotational twists with leg kicks. Both are easy to say – not so easy to do.

Back, Chest, And Core Workout

Trainer tip: A superset means you move from one set of the first exercise to a set of the next without taking a break between the two.

Day 3: HIIT And Arms

After my alarm jolted me out of bed, I saw arms were on the schedule again. Yes, it was painful to pick up my phone and water bottle, so I was less than eager to grab a dumbbell. But incredibly, the new muscle groups (triceps, biceps, and shoulders) all seemed to have some oomph remaining.

I warmed up with five minutes on a stationary bike (still my swap in place of the assault bike). It didn't work my upper body as much, but still got the blood pumping. The real work started with alternating biceps curls and triceps skull crushers. Talking to Lygdback, I learned the number of reps is an estimate that you can adjust based on your abilities; the goal is to exhaust the muscle group and reach failure with each set, which came quicker with each move.

I also subbed a heavy resistance band hooked to a door for cable biceps curls and triceps push-downs. The real doozy was a superset of double bicep curls (yes, MORE) with a flat back and lateral raises. The hollow hold finisher had me staring at the seconds ticking down on my phone before collapsing back on the mat.

HIIT And Arms Workout

  • Warm-up: assault bike (5 minutes)

  • Alternating biceps curls (3 x 15)

  • Triceps skull crushers (3 x 12)

  • Cable biceps curls (3 x 12)

  • Triceps push-downs (3 x 12)

  • Superset: double bicep curls with a flat back (3 x 10) and lateral raises (3 X 12)

  • Hollow hold (3 x 45 seconds)

Day 4: HIIT, Legs, And Core

Leg day didn't seem as daunting the second time around. Instead of resistance band work, this lower-body routine included more weighted moves targeting the quads and hamstrings, and I felt extra motivated. If you have a full gym, you can get your treadmill sprints on to warm up and then load up the leg press. I went back to the park for al fresco sprints, on a hill this time for extra resistance.

In place of the leg press machine, I grabbed my heaviest weights and swapped in squats, which felt just as tough. Then, I went straight to Bulgarian split squats, alternating which leg was elevated on a chair. (No bench, no problem.)

The lower-body routine also held some surprises: not one but two supersets to burn out the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. The first included knee tucks on a stability ball, which looked deceptively easy, and side-to-side hops using a chair. I lost count of how many times I nearly toppled over from the very unstable ball. Superset number two used the stability ball for hamstring curls, and hip thrusts on a bench, which went much smoother.

The ab finisher, a hands-to-feet stability ball pass, got so tough so fast I double-checked the reps. No question about it, I hit my failure point multiple times.

HIIT, Legs, and Core Workout

Day 5: Chest, Back, And Core

I warmed up on the stationary bike, upping my resistance to kick my heart rate into working mode in five minutes flat. Then, it was all about chest and back supersets.

The first superset focused on strengthening the back with close grip pull-downs (3 x 12) and side shoulder raises. Again, I used a heavy resistance band with handles to mimic the cable machine and quickly dropped my dumbbell weight down to make it through the shoulder raise reps. Superset number two targeted all the upper body with dumbbell rows plus oblique twists and incline push-ups on a bench. Yes, I worried my arms would legit fall off halfway through. I pushed through to the third superset with straight arm pulldowns and dumbbell straight arm raises.

My arms were toast, but you can't become a superhero without multiple supersets, amiright?!

The final core crusher included accurately named dragon kicks (3 x 15). I did feel like a dragon was breathing fire through my abs.

Chest, Back, And Core Workout

Rest Days

Yes, Wonder Woman gets rest days, hallelujah! On my two very-needed off days, I opted for active recovery (walks and some snowboarding). I'll admit I went a bit heavier on the active than the recovery side, but I couldn't resist the slopes. Lygdback encouraged real-deal rest days, as in lie on the couch and watch Wonder Woman, to max out your benefits from the tough program. 'You're totally fine with laying on the couch,' Lygdback said. 'If you follow that program, five days a week. Trust me, you're going to need it.' I second that.

He explained why: 'You should never work through your muscles more than twice a week. You should work each muscle group between one to two times per week. It's that perfect balance between really targeting and stressing every muscle group as much as it can and then allowing you to rest.'

My Biggest Takeaways

I knew one week wasn't enough time to actually transform into a superhero. However, that was plenty of time to feel stronger. My wimpy arms were pushing through more reps by the second week, and I was sprinting faster and farther on the HIIT days. It took a while, but I did begin to embrace rest days.

I also became more mindful of my nutrition. Lygdback stressed the importance of eating a post-workout snack or meal of carbs and protein within 30 minutes of every sweat sesh. This is key to muscle recovery and real results. The last thing I wanted to do was derail my hard work by not feeding my muscles right.

Did I become an actual Wonder Woman in a week? Maybe not—but I did feel that much closer to superhero status and was inspired to continue Lygdback's *full* program and see what a few more weeks could do to my body.

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