Hue beef noodle soup

Hue’s dishes are famous for their balance of spicy, sour, salty and sweet flavors. Hue beef noodle soup is an example of Hue cuisine.

Hue beef noodle soup(Photo:

A: Welcome to another edition of VOV24/7’s Food Delight where you can find recipes, cooking tips or cuisine suggestions. Today, let’s explore the cuisine in the Central region of Vietnam.

B: Your trip to the Central region is incomplete without trying Hue cuisine. Hue was the Imperial City of Vietnam and its cuisine still has its royal influence which is both sophisticated and refined.

A: Hue’s dishes are famous for their balance of spicy, sour, salty and sweet flavors. Hue beef noodle soup is an example of Hue cuisine.

B: Joining our show today is Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Hue, the chef of Lang Co Beach Resort in Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province. Hue will tell us how she makes Hue beef noodle soup, which is a signature dish in her restaurant.

Hue: The ingredients for Hue beef noodle soup include a trotter, beef, boiled beef blood, mince, and different kinds of herbs such as sliced banana blossom, lettuce, mint, basil, bean sprouts. The typical spices used for this dish are lemongrass, shrimp paste, and spicy chilli oil added later during the cooking process.

B: Two popular kinds of beef used for Hue beef noodle soup are beef tenderloin and beef shank and of course the cooking method for each type is not the same. Beef shank should be stewed for long hours while beef tenderloin will be added later.

A: But the most time-consuming step is making the broth.

B: We have different types of broths for different types of noodles and vermicelli. In each case, pig bones is a must. The broth for Hue beef noodle soup has a combination of different flavors: sour, salty, sweet and spicy. Hue, please share with us the secret to making a perfect broth?

Hue: The trotters are cut into bite-size pieces. Trotters and beef shank are put in a big pot and boiled for 1.5 to 2 hours. Add a little seasoning. Lemongrass and shrimp paste should be put in when the broth is either cold or boiling, otherwise, the broth will have a fishy smell. To have a light sweet flavor, put in an onion and half a pineapple. Add some fish sauce and a little sugar. While simmering the broth, remember to purify the water by taking out the boiled bubbles. Mince is added in the boiling broth.

A: In a bowl of noodles, we add a piece of boiled beef shank, a cube of boiled beef or pig’s blood, mince, and beef tenderloin. The pour the hot broth over it.

Hue beef noodle soup(Photo:

B: Local people often eat Hue beef noodle soup with mixed herbs, including lettuce, mint, basil, sliced banana blossom and bean sprouts.

A: One more thing, to add more flavor and color to your bowl of Hue beef noodle soup, we can’t miss chilli oil.

Hue: Hue beef noodle soup is served with chill oil. All we need are dried chillis and oil. Heat the oil. Pour the dried chillis into the oil and cook them over low heat until they becomes thick. Apart from chilli oil, fresh chilli, limes, and fish sauce are on the side to be added according to one’s different taste.

A: A bowl of Hue beef noodle soup is the combination of meat, the sweet flavor of bone marrow, spicy chilli oil, the freshness of herbs, and the salty flavor of shrimp paste and fish sauce.

B: Now, Hue beef noodle soup stalls are prevalent on the streets of Hanoi, but if you want to enjoy an authentic bowl of Hue beef noodle soup, come to the Central region of Vietnam.

A: Another option is you can try making it at home. The ingredients are easy to find and you can follow the cooking method suggested by Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Hue.

B: VOV24/7’s Food Delight will be back next time with more great regional dishes. Bye bye!

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