How to watch Chicago Fire season 10 online and stream every new episode from anywhere

One Chicago parent series Chicago Fire returns to NBC on Wednesdays, with an incendiary season featuring both an epic crossover storyline and a game-changing 200th episode. Fans will have some burning questions after last season’s finale. So, keep reading as we explain how to watch Chicago Fire season 10 online from anywhere.

Watch Chicago Fire season 10

Premiere date: Wednesday, September 22 at 9pm ET / PT

New episodes: released at the same time each week

Stream now: get NBC live with a FREE FuboTV trial | Peacock TV (episodes available after airing)

International Streaming Options: CityTV(CA)| Sky (UK) | Foxtel Now (AU)

Watch anywhere: try the world’s top VPN 100% risk-free

Warning: spoilers for Chicago Fire season 9 lie below. To avoid these, scroll right down to our guide explaining how to watch Chicago Fire.

The season 9 finale had us on the edge of our seats as Lieutenant Kelly Severide and firefighter Joe Cruz fought for breath underwater with little chance of escape. And poor Stella Kidd looked on as her beau and recent fiancé Severide languished, moments away from death.

Chief Wallace Boden, meanwhile – played by British actor Eamonn Walker – might soon be departing the show. He’s been a series stalwart and father figure to the crew of House 51 from season one. But would he ever turn down the incredible offer to become Deputy District Chief? Guess we’ll find out!

It’s guaranteed to be a hugely dramatic season, with showrunner Derek Haas confirming that the 200th episode will usher in “big events, big calls, [and] big, life-changing decisions”, all of which could send the series spinning in a new direction.

Our guide below breaks down how to watch Chicago Fire season 10 online, so you can stream new episodes live wherever you are in the world.

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How to watch Chicago Fire season 10 online in the US

Chicago Wednesdays are back! Those with a cable subscription can watch Chicago Fire season 10 on NBC from September 22 at 9pm ET / PT. And fans of the One Chicago franchise will enjoy three times the drama, as new seasons of spin-off shows Chicago Med and Chicago PD also premiere that same day, with the neighboring timeslots of 8pm and 10pm respectively.

Alternatively, you can stream the show via Peacock, NBC’s online streaming service. Peacock Premium will cost $4.99 per month, or $49.99 for the year. Should you want to watch Chicago Fire without ads, however, then you’ll need to pony up for Peacock Premium Plus at $9.99 per month, or $99.99 a year. Episodes will land after airing.

Other cord-cutting options that provide access to NBC live include Sling TV – whose Sling Blue bundle costs just $10 for your first month and includes NBC in most major metropolitan markets – or the pricey though comprehensive Fubo TV, with plans starting at $64.99. Fubo comes with a 7-day free trial, so you could test out the merits of each one first before making a decision.

How to watch Chicago Fire season 10 online from outside your country

If you’re abroad today but still want to get your fill of Chicago Fire season 10 like you would if you were at home, you’ll need a VPN to do so. This is because of the pesky digital phenomenon known as geo-blocking, which means watching a stream of Chicago Fire from your usual provider might not be possible in certain parts of the world.

However, a Virtual Private Network offers a legal solution to this common internet woe and is remarkably easy to set up and operate. Here’s how it works and where to get started.

Use a VPN to watch Chicago Fire season 10 online from anywhere

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How to watch Chicago Fire: stream season 10 online in Canada

Canadian viewers won’t miss a beat, with CityTV also airing Chicago Fire season 10 from Wednesday September 22, at 9pm ET / PT. Likewise, Chicago Fire will be sandwiched between new seasons of Chicago Med at 8pm and Chicago P.D. at 10pm.

Although some content is available to stream on CityTV free and without signing in, chances are you’ll need your TV provider credentials to watch new Chicago Fire live online or on-demand. That’s certainly the case for seasons 6 through 8, which are currently available on the platform – accessible either through the worldwide web, or the CityTV Now app on iOS and Android devices.

If you’re looking to revisit prior seasons of Chicago Fire, Amazon Prime will provide viewers with seasons 1-5 on a CAD$7.99 subscription plan. You may need to splash out for the recently broadcast season 9, though, whose 16 episodes are available through Apple iTunes at CAD$39.99.

Can’t watch CityTV as usual due to pesky geo-blocking restriction? Watch just like you would at home by using a VPN to magically reappear in Canada and gain access to all the content you would at home.

Can I watch Chicago Fire season 10 online in the UK?

UK fans will have a few months delay before feasting their eyes on season 10. There’s typically three months between the debut of Chicago Fire Stateside, and its eventual arrival over the Atlantic (for example, season 9 debuted in November 2020, and aired in the UK February the following year).

When the time comes, you’ll either want to bag yourself a subscription to Sky TV, where Chicago Fire season 10 will air on the Sky Witness channel, or grab an entertainment pass for £9.99 a month through NOW TV (which is home to the last two seasons right now).

Otherwise, seasons 1-4 can be streamed as part of an Amazon Prime membership for only £5.99 a month, with seasons 5 through 9 available to buy – either per episode or per season – at varying price points.

Away from home? Anyone in the UK from a country where Chicago Fire season 10 is being broadcast can tune into their home coverage with the help of a good VPN.

Can I watch Chicago Fire season 10 in Australia?

Again, expect a short wait for Chicago Fire season 10. Foxtel initially broadcast season 9 through the FOX ONE channel in January 2021, a few months after its US premiere, so we’d guess that the next season will land Down Under around December 2021.

When that happens, a Foxtel Now subscription will provide you with live access to FOX ONE. On top of the $25 Essential base pack, however, you’ll need to purchase the Drama add-on for an additional $10 a month. Though if you’re a new customer, there’s a tasty 10-day free trial to be enjoyed beforehand.

Fans of the show eager to reacquaint themselves with older episodes can catch season 9 on Channel Seven currently, with episodes at 11.10pm ever Wednesday night, and which are added the next day to VOD service 7plus – but only for a brief time.

For older iterations of the show, Amazon Prime (AUS$6.99 per month) is your best bet, home of seasons 1 through 4, and you can buy the first seven seasons via Apple iTunes. However, neither the eighth or ninth season are available to watch anywhere in Australia right now.

Finally, if you’re travelling abroad and normally reside in a country where Chicago Fire season 10 is available, you can tune into their home coverage with the aid of a quality VPN.

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