How to Unlock and Switch Weapons in Rollerdrome

How to Unlock and Switch Weapons in Rollerdrome

When you first start playing Rollerdrome, you have to fight your enemies with a pair of pistols.

They get the job done, putting lots of holes in your opponents in just a short amount of time. As more formidable opponents show up, however, you’ll want some weapons with a bit more oomph. And so how do you unlock new weapons in Rollerdrome? And once you have them, how do you switch between them?

To unlock new weapons in Rollerdrome, you simply need to play through the game’s campaign. First you’ll unlock the shotgun, which does more damage if you time your shots correctly. Then you unlock the powerful grenade launcher. And lastly, you unlock an energy weapon that does more damage when charged.

Once you have two or more weapons available in Rollerdrome, you can switch between them by using the d-pad. Press up to equip your dual pistols, right for the shotgun, left for the grenade launcher and down for the energy gun. You can even switch between them while you’re in mid-air.

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