How to Tame Parasaur in ARK: Survival Evolve

how to tame parasaur in ark: survival evolve

In ARK: Survival Evolved, the Parasaur is probably the first dinosaur that players will attempt to tame. We know it was ours! Fortunately, the Parasaur is relatively easy to tame, in comparison with its peers. Here is how you can tame the Parasaur in ARK Survival Evolved.

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How to Knock Out Parasaur in ARK: Survival Evolved

how to tame parasaur in ark: survival evolve

Getting the Bola ready for action

To get a Parasur, players will first need to knock it out. There are two clear ways in which you can knock out and tame a Parasaur in ARK Survival Evolved:

  • Attack it while it’s trapped.
  • Use a bola (or something similar).

The Parasaur is difficult to knock down since, if assaulted, can flee considerably faster than you. You can get the dinosaur wedged between some rocks or trees and just punch it. This is one of the simplest tactics. Once you knocked it out, take care to avoid damaging it. Players can easily kill it if they go overboard.

A Parasaur may also be defeated using a different technique that involves immobilizing it with bolas. By using this tool, it becomes immobile. You can now punch it till it’s down. Using this method you will quickly knock the monster unconscious.

Another strategy is to close the dinosaur in a pen or simple building. Trap it in a structure where it can’t escape. Using a foundation and four-door frames is usually the easiest way.

Parasaur’s Saddle

Luckily, players can tame and mount ARK’s Parasaur at level 9. With the help of 80 Hide, 50 Fiber, and 15 Wood, you can craft a Parasaur Saddle and equip it on your already tamed dinosaur.

Parasaur’s Favorite Food for Taming

how to tame parasaur in ark: survival evolve

A happily fed Parasaur

It might be challenging to tame this beast, but, with the appropriate food, it can be a simple task. The player will typically want to use Kibble when taming most herbivore dinosaurs.

For the Parasaur, Kibble is especially efficient. It will take about eight Basic Kibbles to fully turn it to your side. ARK’s Parasaur can usually be tamed with this food in less than seven minutes.

However, players would be better off seeking berries, since Basic Kibble isn’t that easy to acquire. Look for 100 Mejoberries. With the help of these great food, the Parasaur will be yours in no time. Well, 30 minutes, to be more exact. Make sure to feed it some Narcoberries or Narcotics as well to keep it asleep.

And now you know all there is to know about how to tame a Parasaur in ARK Survival Evolved. But there are many more creatures in ARK for you to discover and tame. So here are guides for some of them:

How to Tame Gacha in ARK: Survival Evolved | How to Tame a Compy in ARK: Survival Evolved | How to Tame Carbonemys in ARK: Survival Evolved

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