How to start romances in Two Point Campus

How to start romances in Two Point Campus
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Two Point Campus is a simulation game for PC and Xbox where you get to create your very own college campuses and help them grow to success. You are in charge of all operations, building classrooms, organizing classes for students, and decorating comfortable facilities for them. Students need a safe and positive space to learn and be happy. You can help give them that by providing them with activities and items that entertain them but also assisting them in making friendships and relationships. Love and support are great motivators for their journey in learning, so here’s how to build romantic connections!

How to start romances in Two Point Campus

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If you click on any student and navigate over to the chat bubble icon, you can find a list of their relationships. Students will gain relationships with others while attending classes, sharing a dorm, or completing other activities together. The more time spent together, the more their relationships grow and increase levels of friendship and beyond. Once they reach the Good Friends level with another character, they are capable of developing a romance.

How to start romances in Two Point Campus

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Sometimes when this happens, you will receive a message from the student requesting an item be placed on the campus that will help develop the relationship into romance. Even if you don’t receive a message, good friendships can eventually evolve into a romance when you have romantic items placed around.

What items develop romances in Two Point Campus?

How to start romances in Two Point Campus

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When placing down items, hover over them to check how they assist your campus. Things that list Develop Romances will grow your students’ relationships. They are usually pretty apparent since they are adorned with hearts or other love-themed styles––a lot of them are exterior decorations. The more items you have around your campus, the more likely your students will develop more serious relationships with each other.

What can romances do in Two Point Campus?

Students in romances or relationships that are developing into romance will sit, interact, and enjoy each other’s company on any of the romance items you place on your campus. You will be able to see hearts around them as they are near their loved ones. They will be happier having someone in a relationship with them and will actually do better in their classes. However, if their romance isn’t maintained, it can have the reverse effect, leading to diminished happiness and a break-up.

Romance can be the key to happiness for your Two Point campuses, leading to excelled learning and an overall better experience for your students. Place enough romantic items, and you can blossom the relationships and spread the love!

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